Piggin entries in 1861 Census


Census taken in England and Wales on 7 April 1861

Public Records Office collection RG9

piece/folio/schedule or page

Name, surnameRelationCondAgeOccupationWhere Born

W Flegg registration district

Number 229/2
Back Church Lane, Martham, Norfolk qflegg.htm 1196/21r/18
Hannah WATSON head W 78 Sutton
James WATSON son U 42 Potter Heigham NFK
Harriet PIGGINS dau M 39 dressmaker Potter Heigham NFK
Robert W. PIGGINS grandson 6 scholar Martham NFK

Norwich registration district

Number 234/14
Long Row, St. George Colegate, Norwich 1 house 1211/125v/170
Emily PIGGIN head W 84 weaver St. Pauls NFK
Ann WILDON kinswoman U 34 quiltweaver St. Clements NFK
Barnes Yard, Coslany (St. Augustine), Norwich 1211/83v/93
Joseph PIGGIN head M 73 cotton weaver Norwich NFK
Rebecca PIGGIN wife M 74 Norwich NFK
Matilda ALLEN granddau U 8 scholar Norwich NFK
Number 234/23
The Osier Carr, Heigham Causeway, Norwich 1 house 1220/103/119
Robert PIGGIN head M 58 gardener Norwich NFK
Hannah PIGGIN wife M 42 laundress Worstead NFK
Robert PIGGIN son U 20 wood planer (cooper) Worstead NFK
Sarah Ann PIGGIN dau U 18 laundress Norwich NFK
Hannah PIGGIN dau U 15 Norwich NFK
Christian PIGGIN dau U 12 Norwich NFK
Thomas PIGGIN son U 7 Norwich NFK
Leah HOWES lodger U 24 dressmaker Worstead NFK
Number 234
Gildengate Street, Norwich 1211/28v/87
Samuel L. PIGG head M 67 merchant
Frances PIGG wife M 63
Anne PIGGIN wife's sister U 66 visitor South Walsham NFK
White Horse Yard, Barrack St, Norwich p~halhul.htm unknown
Millis PIGGIN head M 68 silkweaver Norwich NFK
Martha PIGGIN wife M 69 silkweaver Norwich NFK
Joseph PIGGIN grandson 15 shoemaker apprentice Norwich NFK

Freebridge Lynn registration district

Number 245
West Newton B.D.
Richard PIGGINS head M 40 shepherd West Newton NFK
Elizabeth PIGGINS wife M 41 Congham NFK
Emma PIGGINS dau U 16 Flitcham NFK
Robert PIGGINS son U 14 Ingoldsthorpe
Eliza PIGGINS dau U 9 Dersingham NFK
Thomas PIGGINS son U 8 Dersingham NFK
William PIGGINS son U 5 Dersingham NFK

Billesdon registration district

Number 410
Hungarton 2253
Ann PIGGIN head W 64 charwoman Melton Mowbray LEI
Daniel PIGGIN son U 30 ag lab Houghton LEI
Cold Newton 2253-
Thomas PIGGIN head M 31 labourer Houghton LEI
Lydia PIGGIN wife M 31 lab(ourer')s wife Cold Newton LEI
Joseph JOHNSON step son U 8 scholar Cold Newton LEI
Billesdon 2253/
George PIGGIN head M 31 ag. lab Skeffington LEI
Sarah PIGGIN wife M 32 Blaston LEI
Charles PIGGIN son U 8 Billesdon LEI
William PIGGIN son U 7 Billesdon LEI
Lucy PIGGIN dau U 5 Billesdon LEI
Lydia PIGGIN dau U 3m Billesdon LEI
Scraptoft 2253\
Ann PIGGIN head W 79 Thrussington LEI
Ann PIGGIN dau U 47 nurse Beeby LEI
Skeffington 2254-
Mary FOX head W 73 Tugby LEI
William PIGGIN son/law M 30 ag(ricultural) lab(ourer) Skeffington LEI
Mary PIGGIN dau M 37 Skeffington LEI
Mary L PIGGIN grandau U 4 Skeffington LEI
George M PIGGIN gran son U 2 Skeffington LEI
Samuel PIGGIN gran son U 3mo Skeffington LEI
Skeffington 2254/
Samuel PIGGIN head M 35 carter Skeffington LEI
Mary PIGGIN wife M 33 Tilton LEI
Skeffington 2254\
William PIGGIN(S) head M 67 shepherd Skeffington LEI

Barrow-on-Soar registration district

Number 416
9 Brickyard, Cossington Lane, Sileby 2279/
William WALKER head M 60 brick burner Langham RUT
Medinan WALKER wife M 69 Barsby LEI
Thomas PIGGINS grandson U 13 scholar Rearsby LEI
William SMITH nephew M 24 gardener Barleythorpe RUT
Rearsby 2282/
William PIGGINS head M 36 labouring Hungarton LEI
Mary PIGGINS wife M 37 labs. wife Rotherby LEI
Joseph PIGGINS son U 10 labs. son Rearsby LEI
Charlotte Ann PIGGINS dau U 7 labs. dau Rearsby LEI
Eliza PIGGINS dau U 4 labs. dau Rearsby LEI
William PIGGINS son U 1 labs. son Rearsby LEI

Bourne registration district

Number 422
Folkingham 2316/73
George PIGGINS head M 44 stonemason Folkingham LIN
Alice PIGGINS wife M 41 Folkingham LIN
Catherine PIGGINS dau U 12 scholar Folkingham LIN
William PIGGINS son U 9 scholar Folkingham LIN
Mary Ann PIGGINS dau U 6 scholar Folkingham LIN

Spalding registration district

Number 423
Duke Street, Gosberton 2322/22 ...or 2322/30
John OXMAN head W 62 master tailor Gosberton LIN
Ann PIGGINS housekeeper W 69 housekeeper Addlethorpe
Richard PIGGINS housekeeper's son U 35 ag. lab. North Kyme LIN
Gosberton 2322/22 or 2322/30
Thomas PIGGINS head M 60 ag. lab. Folkingham LIN
Ann PIGGINS wife M 56 Gosberton LIN
William STEVENSON lodger U 60 late servant Gosberton LIN
Spalding 2323/116
Spalding 2324/49

Holbeach registration district

Number 424
Sutton St Mary, Long Sutton 2327/95
Gedney 2328/45
Gedney 2328/69

Grantham registration district

Number 427
Little Gonerby cum Manthorpe 2351/50
Spittlegate 2352/12

Basford registration district

Number 438
Main Street South, Hucknall Torkard 2442/17r/133
John PIGGIN head W 66 butcher Brinsley NTT
James PIGGIN son M 37 son Hucknall DBY
Betty PIGGIN dau-in-law M 42 Ilkeston DBY
John N. PIGGIN grandson 10 scholar Hucknall NTT
Elizabeth G. PIGGIN granddau 8 scholar Hucknall NTT
Alice PIGGIN granddau 6 scholar Hucknall NTT
William N. PIGGIN grandson 4 scholar Hucknall NTT
Hannah N. PIGGIN granddau 3 Hucknall NTT
Eleanor N. PIGGIN granddau 1 Hucknall NTT
Ann PINCKLR? servant 20
Hazel Grove, Hucknall Torkard 2442/70v/167
John R. PIGGIN head W 47 proprietor of houses Arnold NTT
James R. PIGGIN son 13 scholar Lenton
Ann R. PIGGIN daughter 11 scholar Sneinton NTT
Elizabeth NEWMAN servant 23 housekeeper
438 Front Street, Arnold 2443/29v/21
Thomas PIGGIN head M 52 framesmith-knitter Sheffield YKS
Mary Ann PIGGIN wife M 50 seamer Nottingham NTT
Emma PIGGIN daughter 8 scholar Hinkley or Hitchley DBY
Papplewick 2444/97r/14
Samuel MELLORS head farmer's son
Henry PIGGIN servant U 18 carter Basford NTT
Beeston 2445/l8r/151
William PIGGIN head U 45 landed-proprietor Arnold NTT
Harriet TURTLE servant 17

Nottingham registration district

Number 440
Hookard House, Shakespeare Street 2453/91v/2
Thomas THEAKER head M 32 schoolmaster
John PIGGIN M 12 boarder Nottingham NTT
34 Broad Street 2461/6v/35
Stirtevant PIGGIN head U 53 property-owner Arnold NTT
Hannah CARR servant 63
Darkers Court, St Peter's, Nottingham 2466/31v/119
Mary Ann LAWCOCK M 44 bootbinder
Ellen C. PIGGINS niece 14 glove caster Gedney LIN

Shardlow registration district

Number 444/3
Chapel Street, Stapleford 2491/87r/25
Fredric PIGGIN head M 41 butcher/farmer of 77 acres employing four agricultural labourers and one boy Hucknall Torkard
Ann PIGGIN wife M 44 butcher's wife Sandiacre DBY
Margaret PIGGIN U 17 Stapleford NTT
Richard S. PIGGIN son U 16 butcher and farmer's son Stapleford NTT
Elizabeth PIGGIN daughter 14 scholar Stapleford NTT
Ann PIGGIN daughter 7 scholar Stapleford NTT
Mary A. BENNETT servant 20 domestic servant
Alvaston J.P.
William PIGGIN head M
Phoebe PIGGIN wife M
John PIGGIN 7? Alvaston DBY
Elizabeth PIGGIN 6? Alvaston DBY
Mary PIGGIN 4? Alvaston DBY
William Allen PIGGIN 2? Alvaston DBY
Alvaston J.P.2
James PIGGIN head M 65 labourer Thulston DBY
Sarah PIGGIN wife M 66 Rolleston
Mary PIGGIN dau 28 net mender Alvaston DBY
Christina HARRIS granddau U 16 net mender Alvaston DBY
Joseph PIGGIN grandson 1 Alvaston DBY
Number 444/6
Alvaston Street, Alvaston (1 house) 2490/88v/38
Thomas ROBINSON head W 78 infirm, late labourer Alvaston DBY
William PIGGIN son-in-law M 30 ag. labourer Alvaston DBY
Phebe PIGGIN dau M 27 Alvaston DBY
Thomas ROBINSON grandson 12 farmer's serv. Alvaston DBY
John PIGGIN grandson 8 scholar Alvaston DBY
Elizabeth PIGGIN granddau 6 scholar Alvaston DBY
Mary PIGGIN granddau 4 scholar Alvaston DBY
William PIGGIN son U 3 Alvaston DBY
Alvaston Street, Alvaston 2490/90v/57
James PIGGIN head M 65 labourer Thulston DBY
Sarah PIGGIN wife M 66 Realston DBY
Mary PIGGIN dau U 28 netmender Alvaston DBY
Christina HARRIS granddau U 16 netmender Alvaston DBY
Joseph PIGGIN grandson U 1 Alvaston DBY

Derby registration district

Number 445
St Werburgh's/Litchurch J.P.
Samuel OULDS head innkeeper
Arthur PIGGIN servant U 18 Thulston DBY
The Wellington, Litchurch J.P.2
Thomas PIGGIN head M 51 innkeeper Derby DBY
Hannah PIGGIN wife M 52 Normanton
Emma PIGGIN dau U 22 servant Derby DBY
Mary PIGGIN dau U 21 servant Derby DBY
Thomas PIGGIN son U 17 servant Derby DBY
Lydia PIGGIN dau U 13 scholar Derby DBY
Mary BARNES sister-in-law 46
Joseph BERRY brother 35
Frances Rose PIGGIN granddau 7 (visitor)

Sheffield registration district

Number 508
Scotland Street, Sheffield 3484/28/11
Hannah ROBINSON head W 68 rope twister Derby DBY
Mary A. PIGON daughter M 34 confectioner Derby DBY
Jos. P. ROBINSON son M 28 sugar boiler Chesterfield DBY
Ann ROBINSON daughter-in-law M 23 servant Sheffield YKS

The page references above are unfortunately inconsistent. In many cases I have noted whether the front or back of the folio is meant (r=recto, v=verso) and then given the schedule number of the household. In other cases indexers have appended to the folio number a page number rather than the schedule number.

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