Flegg Area: Piggin Antecedents

Descendants of Robert and Sarah Piggin
Thomas Dawson Piggin, bricklayer
~ 1794/11/02 Filby
% Sarah Ann Wright (1794-1867) on 1817/11/03 at Ormesby St. Michael (he is described as Thomas Piggon from Hoveton St Peter, she as Sarah Wright)
+ 1880d in Flegg district aged 88

1841 census:
He and Sarah in their 40s
At home: Sarah, 15, Ann, 10, Thomas 8.

1851 census:
His and Sarah's ages given as 55, his birthplace as Filby.
Daughter Sarah has left home, but Ann Elizabeth, 20, and Thomas, 18 are still there.
~ 1817/12/15 (son of Thomas and Sarah Piggins) at Ormesby St. Michael
he lived at Martham or Rollesby
% Elizabeth --- (in 1841 a John Piggin, married to an Elizabeth (both in their 20s), was living with a daughter Ann, 2, next to Thomas (left))
% Harriet Bessey (c1822- ) 1848a (of Potter Heigham?) at Flegg ("Piggins")
JP's year of death unknown

In the 1861 census we find Harriett Piggins, dressmaker, 39, living with her parents, James and Hannah Watson (why is the name not Bessey?), as well as the grandchild Robert W. Piggins, 6. It is not clear where the husband was: if he was a bricklayer, he may have worked elsewhere.
* circa 1838
In 1841 she is a 2-year-old living with her father John
In 1851 she is a 12-year-old ("Ann Elizabeth", birthplace Fulham!) living with her grandfather Thomas
* 1848d, Fleggs (had an unnamed male twin that probably died)
In 1851 census he was 2-year-old child, born Martham, living with grandfather Thomas.
% --- --- 1867, Yarmouth ("Piggins")
+ ?
Georgiana Matilda
* 1850b, Fleggs
children of Benjamin or Robert Watson below: D. Harriet May
* 1886d, Flegg
% --- Shreeve?
E. Annie Susan
* 1891d, Flegg
% --- NUNN, 1912 Flegg
+ ? (widow by 1965)
F. John William
* 2 September 1894,Flegg
% --- WEYMOUTH? 1919?
+ 1980b, Great Yarmouth
G. Alice Gladys
* 1897d, Flegg
% --- BRUNSON, 1921 Flegg ("Gladys A.")
H. Albert Edward
* 1900c, Flegg
% Maud May MITCHELL, 1919 Flegg;
lived at Stubb Road, Hickling, Smallburgh on
north side of The Broads
+ 1966a Feb 12, Wayland Hospital
(southwest of Norwich)
J. Elsie May
* 1903b, Flegg
% --- Mitchell, 1923 Yarmouth ("Elisie M. PIGGEN")
K. Grace Lilian
* 1909a, Flegg
% --- MOSS, 1934
George, slater
so named at both marriages of son at right, but nothing further is known of him: perhaps he was the man who went to Australia (below)
Robert Watson, fisherman, later farmer at Rollesby nr Gt Yarmouth? (Kelly's Norfolk Directory 1912)
* 1855a, Martham, Flegg
% Hannah Amiss 1878/01/08 (probably 1860-1884), Flegg
% Annie Sarah Stammers (1868-1965), 1885/12/25. At death, her will: 997 pounds

market gardener at Ormesby St Michael in 1927
+ 1931a February 4, Yarmouth: St Michael Ormesby grave transcript gives date as 6th.
His will: 200 pounds
A. James Robert A., machinist
* 1878d, Flegg
% Eliza Jane Woolston, 1907/01/01 Ormesby St. Margaret, Flegg district, as "Piggins"

(Apparently had a spell in the United States. See below)
+ ?
B. George Jabez
* 1880d, Flegg
% --- ("James Jauze" Piggin married 1902 at Flegg: no birth or death for this name)
+ 1952b, Acle (on Norfolk-Yarmouth road)
C. Robert Watson
* 1883c, Flegg, "Piggen"
% --- NARBURGH 1907, Flegg
+ 1917 as gunner in RG Artillery
Mary Ann
~ 1820/05/29 (daughter of Thomas and Sarah Piggins) at Ormesby St Michael
~ 1825/10/06 (daughter of Thomas and Sarah Piggins) at Ormesby St Michael
% Findley Blyth, tailor 1846/12/14 at Ormesby ("Sarah Ann")
* circa 1830
* circa 1833

George and Elizabeth Piggin, according to the son's Australian death certificate, but Ormesby St Michael records give the parents' names as Thomas and Sarah Piggins. George Piggins of Norfolk, bricklayer and builder
~ 1823/07/08 Ormesby St Michael (Australian records indicate birth in 1823, at Yarmouth, according to Betty)
apparently same as the George Piggin, 27, builder, born Little Ormesby, wife Harriet, 27,
who was living at 3 Norfolk Terrace, Great Yarmouth, at time of 1851 census
emigrated to Australia on "White Star" ex Liverpool 20 April 1855
arr. Port Philip 19 July 1855, settled in Kyneton, VIC
he had ten children in Australia by Margaret HEYLETT or HAYLETT (1830/3- ) of Potter Heigham, The Broads
but Betty believes they were never in fact married: Margaret, described as a spinster, married James Parton before George's death
George died at Malvern, Melbourne, 26 August 1887
buried in St Kilda Cemetery (stone raised by Matilda seen 1998)
I. Mary Anne
* c. 1850-55, Yarmouth
% --- Castles, who started big furniture shop in Warragul, VIC (Mary Ann Haylett Piggins ), 1872
+ ?
A. Albert George Piggings
* 1872, Kyneton VIC (mother: "Mary Anne Piggings")
possibly the same person as "Harry Piggings" below
II. Rosina Matilda Haylett Piggin
* 1856, Kyneton (mother former Margaret Johnson )
% William Castles, 1873 (Rosina Matilda Victoria Piggins)
A. Harry Piggings, son of Rose Piggings
* 1872 Melbourne
% Eveline Cecilia (some sources have "Celia"> Smith (1876-1901) at Fitzroy (abbrev. JP?)
+ 1904, Fitzroy VIC (abbrev. JP?), aged 32 (son of "John Piggin and Rose Beasley")
III. George Joseph Haylett
* c 1858, Kyneton
% Esther Reynolds, 1882 (George Joseph Haylett Piggins)
% Ada Maryann Murfett, Launceston, 1892.09.09
+ 1937 at G'ham, aged 78
A. Edith Esther Jes. Piggins
* 1883, Richmond VIC
IV. Albert George Haylett Piggins
* c1860, Kyneton
+ 1869 Baynton
V. Matilda Haylett Piggins
* 1864, Kyneton
% John Timothy Serong, 1891/07/15; 1 ch, Ellen + aged 3
+ 1930, Northcote VIC
VI. John George Haylett Piggins
* 1866, Baynton VIC
% Ellen Simpson, Launceston, 1887.07.25
VII. Belinda Margaret Haylett Piggins
* 1868, Baynton or Kyneton
% Arthur Andrew Sutton , 1890, Baynton (one source has him as "Anthony Andrew")
VIII. Margaret Haylett Piggins
* 1872, Kyneton
% Charles Henry Daw (Thomas Henry Daws?), 1904
IX. Reginald Piggins
* 1875, Kyneton
X. Elizabeth Emily Piggins
* 1878, Kyneton
Thomas PIGGINS of Norfolk, George's brother
* 1834, place unknown
emigrated to Australia leaving Liverpool 20 April 1855
fate unknown
Ellan Piggin
* c.1864
+ 1905, Richmond VIC
(ch of Saul Piggin and Eleanor Watts)

Somehow connected to the above, but even the following arrangement is largely guesswork
Ancestry unclear George PIGGINS
born circa 1850 in Martham, Norfolk, according to census;
he migrated to Lanchester, County Durham, in the mid 1870s
I. Thomas William
* 1870a Yarmouth ("Piggin")
% Mary Evans 1895c, Lanchester ("Piggin")
+ 1903c Lanchester "aged 33"
A. Thomas Owen
* 1895d, Lanchester
% --- HARRIS, 1918 Castle Ward
+ 1964a "aged 68"
B. Ellen Jane
* 1896d, Lanchester
C. Mary Elizabeth
* 1898a, Lanchester
D. George Benjamin
* 25 April 1899 Lanchester
% --- WALKER, 1935 at Bradford
+ 1977a, Bradford
E. Maud Engelina (twin of Eleanor)
* 1901b, Lanchester
F. Eleanor (twin of Maud E.)
* 1901b, Lanchester
II. Benjamin Francis
* 1872a Yarmouth ("Piggin")
+ 1932a Lanchester ("Benjamin F. PIGGINS")
III. Charles Edwin
* 1874c Yarmouth ("Piggins")
+ ?
IV. John Arthur
* 1879a, Gateshead ("Piggins")
+ 1944d, aged 65, Durham NW
V. George Augustus ("Piggins")
* 1881d, Lanchester
% --- 1906 Lanchester: (perhaps wife was Margaret J. --- (1881-1914)) (EVANS? see below)
+ 1924a, Lanchester "aged 42"
A. John George
* 14 December 1907 Lanchester
% Catherine ALMOND, 1927
+ June 1984, Durham North
VI. Robert Herbert (father or uncle of Robert Herbert below?)
* 1885a, Lanchester
+ 1958
children of one of I.-VI. above: Following additional children died in infancy:
  • John George 1902-1903
  • Robert Herbert 1902-03
  • George Arthur 1905-09
  • Eleanor Derrick 1906-07
  • Mary Annie 1906-07
A. Thomas Owen
* 1907d Lanchester
% Gwendoline A. COOMBE, 1930: "Thomas D. Piggins"
+ 1966 Durham NW
B. Robert William
* 1910b Lanchester
% --- ASKEW, 1931
C. Charles Benjamin
* 1911b Lanchester
% --- MIDDLETON, 1940, Durham NW
lived at Newcastle
+ 1978

A wide range of information about Flegg and its former residents can be found on John Brown's excellent Flegg Island website.

Note the arrival in New York on the Oceanic 1907/02/17 ex Liverpool of:
Piggin, James Robert, 27
Piggin, Eliza Jane, 20 (overwritten: wife)
both English, no destination given, no original residence.
Wrongly entered in Ellis Island database as "Peggin" and as U.S. citizens.

1915 Census:
Piggins, James 35 Head England Farm Lbr. D2-p 13
Lila 28 Wife England Housework
Ralph 7 Son USA School
Helen 4 Dau USA
Woolston, Hilda 20 Sis/law England Housework.

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