Piggin entries in 1871 Census


Census taken in England and Wales on 2 April 1871

Public Records Office collection RG10

piece/folio/schedule or page

Name, surnameRelationCondAgeOccupationWhere Born

Billesdon registration district

Number 403
Cold Newton 3227/
Thomas PIGGIN head M 40 ag(ricultural) lab(ourer) Hungarton LEI
Lydia PIGGIN wife M 40 lab(ourer')s wife Cold Newton LEI
Joseph PIGGIN step son U 18 ag(ricultural) lab(ourer) Cold Newton LEI
Elizabeth A PIGGIN dau U 10 mth Cold Newton LEI
Billesdon 3227/a
Simmond PIGGIN
William???? boarder U 17 flower pot maker Billesdon LEI
Billesdon 3227/b
George PIGGIN head W 43 ag(ricultural) lab(ourer) Skeffington LEI
Lucy PIGGIN dau U 15 Billesdon LEI
Lydia PIGGIN dau U 10 Billesdon LEI
George PIGGIN son U 7 Billesdon LEI
Eliza PIGGIN dau U 5 Billesdon LEI
Elizabeth PIGGIN dau U 3 Billesdon LEI
Billesdon 3227/c
Mary TOMBLIN head W 70 farmer employing 3 men Ashby Folville LEI
Charles PIGGIN serv U 18 farm servant Skeffington LEI
Maria SMITH serv U 15 general servant Skeffington LEI
Skeffington 3228/
Louisa PIGGIN serv U 14 servant domestic Leicester
Samuel PIGGIN head M 45 shepherd Skeffington LEI
Mary PIGGIN wife M 42 launderess Tilton LEI
next door to Skeffington Hall 3228/a
William PIGGIN head M 40 ag(ricultural) lab(ourer) Skeffington LEI
Mary PIGGIN wife M 47 Skeffington LEI
Geo Willm PIGGIN son U 12 scholar Skeffington LEI
Samuel PIGGIN son U 10 scholar Skeffington LEI
Alfred PIGGIN son U 8 scholar Skeffington LEI
Lucy Catherine PIGGIN dau U 5 scholar Skeffington LEI
William PIGGIN W 77 annuitant Skeffington LEI
Scraptoft 3229/
Ann PIGGEN head U 57 Beeby LEI

Barrow-on-Soar registration district

Number 409
Church Lane, Rearsby 3267/
William PIGGINS head M 46 ag(ricultural) lab(ourer) Hungarton LEI
Mary PIGGINS wife M 47 ag(ricultural) lab(ourer) Rearsby LEI
Charlotte PIGGINS dau U 17 domestic servant Rearsby LEI
William PIGGINS son U 11 scholar Rearsby LEI
6 Brickyard House P.T.
William WALKER head M 72 brickmaker Rutland. Langham
Miriam WALKER wife M 79 Rearsby LEI
Thomas PIGGINS grandson/lodger U 23 brickmaker Rearsby LEI

Melton Mowbray registration district

Number 411
The Hill Lodge, Hose, Leicestershire 3296/107/9
William head U 55 landowner Arnold, Notts.
Mary A. MORTON servant 41 housekeeper Mansfield, Notts.
Edward HALLAM servant 13 gen. servant Clawson, Leics.

Bourne registration district

Number 415
Folkingham 3313/24

Spalding registration district

Number 416
Gosberton 3320/31
Gosberton 3320/33
Spalding 3323/70

Holbeach registration district

Number 417
Long Sutton 3328/35
The Cock and Magpie, Sutton St Nicholas (Lutton) m~gedney.htm 3329/27
Thomas PIGGINS head 24 publican Long Sutton LIN
Sarah PIGGINS wife 23 Dersingham NFK
Elizabeth PIGGINS dau 2 Lutton LIN
Sarah PIGGINS dau 9 wk Lutton LIN
Eliza ASKEW servant 17 general servant Lutton LIN
Gedney 3329/66
Whaplode 3332/43

Boston registration district

Number 418
Boston 3340/106
Boston 3341/81
Skirbeck 3344/6
Dogdyke 3346/55

Sleaford registration district

Number 419
Timberland & Thorpe Tilney 3348/64

Grantham registration district

Number 420
Grantham 3358/73

Basford registration district

Number 431 /1
Hatnell Chaucott, Greasley parish 3477/66v/6
Robert ANNABLE 58 farmer of 208 acres
Emma PIGGIN servant 20 houseservant Nottinghamshire
Number 431 /2
Bulwell 3490/47r/90
Henry SMALLEY head
Charlotte PIGEON boarder U 52 housekeeper Basford
Number 431
George Street, Basford bulwell.htm 3486/38r/60
John R. PIGGIN head W 59 gentleman (N.B. no servants!) Red Hill NTT
High Street, Hucknall bulwell.htm 3491/41/79
John PIGGIN head W 75 butcher Brinsley
James PIGGIN son M 47 butcher Hucknall
Elizabeth Eminson PIGGIN wife M 35 Scotter, Lincs.
John West PIGGIN grandson U 20 butcher Hucknall NTT
Elizabeth C. PIGGIN granddau U 18 Hucknall NTT
Alice PIGGIN granddau U 16 Hucknall NTT
William PIGGIN grandson 14 Hucknall NTT
Hannah M. PIGGIN granddau 13 Hucknall NTT
Eleanor W. PIGGIN granddau 11 Hucknall NTT
Henry A. PIGGIN grandson 3 Hucknall NTT
Amos BROWN servant 20 general servant Papplewick
Cumming, Hucknall: one household bulwell.htm 3491/7v/51
Thomas PIGGIN head U 63 framework knitter Sheffield, Yorks.
Orchard Street, Hucknall Torkard bulwell.htm 3491/87v/198
Henry H.(?) PIGGIN head M 28 coalminer Hucknall Torkard
Hannah PIGGIN wife M 24 fellsticker (wool)
Mary Ann PIGGIN dau 4
Jane PIGGIN dau 2
George ALLEN boarder U 26 general labourer
Wilford: one house bulwell.htm 3498/84-85/135
James R. head M 23 annuitant Lenton
Sarah A. wife M 22 Whitmore, Notts
Ada dau∑∑∑∑∑ 3 Nottingham

Radford registration district

Number 432
Lenton Lane, Lenton bulwell.htm 3500/26r/68
Thomas Stanley head M 35 estate agent Alfreton, Derby.
Fanny wife M 23 no occupation Gedling
Sarah Ann SMITH servant 11 domestic servant
Aspley Terrace bulwell.htm 3503/7r/37
Stirtevant head M 63 owner of houses and land Arnold, Notts.
Sarah wife M 62 NB: no servants Basford

Nottingham registration district

Number 433
33 Long Row 3506/20r/218
John G. HICKLING head lace manufacturer
John PARIS head assistant draper
Hu PIGGINS apprentice U 16 apprentice draper Gedney Marsh, Lincs.
Alexandra Park, St. Mary's Nottingham bulwell.htm 3517/16v/3
George WOODRUFF head M 37 lace manufacturer Nottingham
Elizabeth Redgate PIGGIN wife M 25 Derbyshire
Annie Redgate PIGGIN wife's sister U 21 Nottingham
Edwin FLOWER servant U 16 stable boy nr. Nottingham
Maria BALL servant U 17 maidservant Loughborough, Leics.

Shardlow registration district

Number 437
Chapel Street, Stapleford bulwell.htm 3554/41v/52
Frederick PIGGIN head M 52 butcher, farmer of 60 acres employing 3 men and boy Hucknall Torkard, Notts.
Ann PIGGIN wife M 53 Sandiacre, Derbys.
Margaret PIGGIN dau U 27 Stapleford, Notts.
Elizabeth PIGGIN dau U 24 Stapleford, Notts.
John PIGGIN son U 22 farmer's son Stapleford, Notts.
Ann BARSBY servant 11 farmer's servant Sandiacre, Derbys.
Elvaston parish c~thulst.htm J.P.1
William RADFORD head
John PIGGIN servant U 16 Thulston
Elvaston parish c~thulst.htm J.P.2
Thomas SLACK head M 29
Hannah SLACK wife M 28
Mary Ann PIGGIN nurse child 1 Shardlow
Elvaston parish c~thulst.htm J.P.3
Joseph PIGGIN head M 50 labourer Thulston
Mary PIGGIN wife M 51 Thulston
Arthur PIGGIN son U 28 shoemaker Thulston
Amelia PIGGIN dau U 7 Elvaston
Fanny PIGGIN dau U 5 Elvaston
Shardlow Union Workhouse, London Road c~thulst.htm J.P.4
Hannah PIGGIN inmate 39 Shardlow
Joseph PIGGIN vagrant 9 scholar Shardlow
Chapel Terrace?, Alvaston c~thulst.htm J.P.5
James PIGGIN head M 73 agricultural labourer Thulston
Sarah PIGGIN wife M 77 Rolleston, Staffs.
Mary PIGGIN dau U 39 net mender Alvaston DBY
Joseph PIGGIN grandson U 11 Alvaston DBY
Ann HARRIS granddau 5 Alvaston DBY
Chapel Terrace, Alvaston c~thulst.htm J.P.6
William PIGGIN head M 41 labourer in ironworks Alvaston DBY
Phoebe Ann PIGGIN wife U 40 Alvaston DBY
Thomas ROBINSON wife's son U 22 labourer in ironworks Alvaston DBY
John PIGGIN son U 17 labourer in ironworks Alvaston DBY
William PIGGIN son U 12 labourer in ironworks
Phoebe Ann PIGGIN dau U 9 scholar Alvaston DBY
Sarah PIGGIN dau U 7 scholar Alvaston DBY
Ellen PIGGIN dau U 4 Alvaston DBY
George PIGGIN son U 3mo Alvaston DBY

Belper registration district

Number 439
Crich b~crich.htm 3587/31/7/35
John PIGGIN head M 43 rural postmaster & shoemaker Crich DBY
Ann PIGGIN wife M 43 postmanís wife Nottingham NTT
George PIGGIN son 11 scholar Crich DBY
Mary Elizabeth PIGGIN dau 9 scholar Crich DBY
Ann PIGGIN dau 7 scholar Crich DBY
Sarah PIGGIN dau 2 Crich DBY
John ABBOTT father-in-law M 79 retired framework knitter Horseley DBY
Mary ABBOTT mother-in-law M 72 Milford DBY

The page references above are unfortunately inconsistent. In many cases I have noted whether the front or back of the folio is meant (r=recto, v=verso) and then given the schedule number of the household. In other cases indexers have appended to the folio number a page number rather than the schedule number.

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