Genealogy Workflow




input of data using a word processor, spreadsheet, SpeedBMD or similar tool


drag-and-drop tabulation of the data using a spreadsheet program -  export in CSV format


combination of the databases, cross-linking of entries, grouping into possible families


export of a single family as gedcom file


add images, integrate with a pre-existing gedcom using the merge functions of  a genealogy program


publication of charts on paper or in HTML

transfer of (tabulated) Internet data using a web browser and the operating system's clipboard



check back with original documents referenced in the indexes


faithful recording of original documents in ready-made templates


publication of indexes, e.g. in FreeBMD


compare sources, e.g. updated phone directories

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


How a one-name study proceeds

Compare this with a much more elaborate diagram devised by the U.S. study group Gentech. See:

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