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David Piggins • City University
Professor David Piggins died in 2000 (see below) -- Last checked: 25.06.01

James Piggin • Guildford
A graduate of the Royal Grammar School Guildford's year of '98 goes on to study automotive engineering design at Coventry -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Jane Piggin • Warwick University
History student Jane Piggin of the 1970 intake has not been heard of since leaving Warwick University, officials claim -- Last checked: 17.04.03

Janese Piggin • Rotary Exchanges
A former Rotary exchange student from New Zealand in Denmark -- Last checked: 08.02.02

unnamed Piggins • Purbrook Park School
An interview with this former pupil who seems to have been universally known as plain "Piggins". This school is in England -- Last checked: 01.07.03

Yvonne Piggin • Southwark Street School
Includes a class photograph of Yvonne as a schoolgirl in Nottingham -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Arts & Books

Carol Ann Piggins • Author
The most commonly cited books by educationist Carol Ann Piggins are A Multicultural Portrait of the Civil War and Dinosaur Hunt. Teaching work she has done is mentioned in this discussion -- Last checked: 25.06.01

Christopher Piggins • Actor
Actor and sound technician Christopher Piggins (brother of Alun) works on low-budget horror films in Canada. His latest appearance was in the gory Subconscious Cruelty. He also acted in a movie called Lady of the Lake and did sound work in Canadian low-budgets called La Route and Life Without Death. -- Last checked: 11.07.01

Desmond Piggin • Poet
A selection of poems by the New Zealand poet (1923-2001) -- Last checked: 26.07.03

Janet, Paul and Cathryn Piggin • Bellringers
In Derby Diocesan Association of Church Bellringers' Book of Millennium Bellringers, June 2000. -- Last checked: 17.04.03

John Redvers Piggins • Artist
A noted British artist whose work can be found in the National Portrait Gallery in London -- Last checked: 04.01.02

Julia Remine Piggin • Author
Julia Piggin specializes in mystery stories for intermediate-school-year children. Several of her books are in print -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Philip Piggin • Choreographer
A teacher at National Capital Ballet School in Canberra, Philip Piggin has more than twenty years experience in community dance both in Australia and in Britain. -- Last checked: 17.04.03

Shirley Skeels-Piggins • Theatre Company Hairdresser
The elaborate hairdos for a March 2001production of Moliere's The Bourgeois Nobleman at Wedmore Village Hall were done by Shirley Skeels-Piggins -- Last checked: 15.06.01


Greg Piggin • Wistful
This message celebrates a thwarted romance on an Internet message service -- Last checked: 15.06.01

John Piggin • Better Baker
Baker John Piggin received a special commission in 1682: to feed the prisoners in Cornmarket Gaol proper bread -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Judith Piggins • Mission to Outer Space
She (and Tom D. Piggins) have their names among 1 million recorded by NASA on the STARDUST spacecraft visiting Comet Wild 2 in 2004. -- Last checked: 01.07.03

Sharod Piggin • Strange Sight
The alleged sighting of a two-metre-long feline animal in Kettering, England in 1997 -- Last checked: 13.06.02

Personal Websites

Alun Piggins • Musician
Undoubtedly the most sophisticated of all Piggins websites, this is jokily devoted to the alleged failures and incompetence of Alun (a son of the late Professor David Piggins). There are many Canadian news and shop sites on which this successful musician is mentioned: try searching for "Alun Piggins" on the Google search engine. Alun seeks attention with a studiously self-effacing style -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Bill Piggins • Illustrator
Samples of Bill's illustrations are shown here, along with details of how he works. For information about his books and other work, consult either the online public-access catalogue of the British Library or search for the name "Bill Piggins" on the Google search engine -- Last checked: 15.06.01

David Piggin • Insurance Sales
An Australian supplier of insurance policies -- Last checked: 11.07.01

Mike Piggin • Stamp Dealer
A British dealer in old postal records including envelopes, other covers and stamps -- Last checked: 11.07.01

Stuart Piggin • Historian
Starting out from this personal home page on the Macquarie Christian Studies Institute website, one can find another photo of Dr. Stuart Piggin at the Robert Menzies College site. For a listing of his many publications, search Google with the search term "Stuart Piggin" -- Last checked: 17.04.03

Talan Skeels-Piggins • Post-Accident
Includes his courageous diary after he was paralysed from the chest down in a 2003 motorbike accident and spent months in a spinal-injuries clinic at Salisbury, and details of fund-raising to help him -- Last checked: 01.07.03

William Piggins • Motorcycle Vendor
This website describes how Bill Piggins' motorcycle, jetski and snowmobile business was founded and prospered. This home page has since been superseded by a new website which gives rather less information about Bill himself -- Last checked: 15.06.01


Alma Jean "AJ" Crum Piggins • Lively Personality
At the funeral, her brothers describe this vivacious lady -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Edward Piggins • Politician
This page provides some brief details of Edward Piggins' political career. -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Public Affairs

Alexander Augustus Piggin • Australia (1893)
Events in Australian history. Also described in a Word document. -- Last checked: 18.04.03

Anthony Piggin • Australia (Victoria)
Anthony, who sits on the Murray Catchment Board, also assisted in the Victorian Wind Monitoring Study. -- Last checked: 15.06.01

James Barrow Piggin • Treeton, Yorkshire (1917)
A 1915-1917 chairman of the Treeton Parish Council in Yorkshire -- Last checked: 17.04.03

Mike Piggins • Canada
Winner of award for barn design and siting in Niagara Escarpment of Canada -- Last checked: 01.06.03


Celia Piggins • Anglican
Organizes a course on Christian belief at Jesmond Parish Church, Eskdale Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne -- Last checked: 12.07.03

Deborah Hanwell Piggins • YWCA activist (Episcopalian)
As an activist in the YWCA, she sits on the board of New Jersey Citizen Action. An article she penned appears in Rutgers Focus. See below under Staff -- Last checked: 15.06.01

F.S. Piggin • Protestant Theologian
The author of this article (a Protestant perspective on the Counter-Reformation) in the Elwell Evangelical Dictionary appears to be Stuart Piggin. Several other articles in the dictionary are also by him. -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Felicity Piggin • Catholic Activist
Details dating from about 1990 of an organization headed by Arthur and Felicity Skinner that promotes the Fatima message. -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Science and Technology

Colin Piggin • Plant Biologist
The work of Australian crop scientist Dr. Colin Piggin is mentioned on many scientific sites (enter his name in Google). -- Last checked: 15.06.01

David Piggins • Fish Biologist
Director of the Salmon Research Trust at Newport, County Mayo in Ireland, Dr. David Piggins did major research on salmon breeding. His name can also be found in Web bibliographies -- Last checked: 15.06.01

David Piggins • Psychologist
The late Professor David Piggins of the University in Guelph in Canada was an optometrist who became a distinguished researcher in psychology. See also Alumni (above). Many other references can be found to him via Google -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Hugh Piggins • Medical Researcher
Dr Piggins (son of the late David Piggins) is an expert in neuronal networks -- Last checked: 11.07.01

Ian Piggin • Meteorologist
A 1994 scientific paper by I.G. Piggin in an Indian meteorology journal which is available for download. The author of this as well as a 1982 paper is conjectured to be Ian Piggin of Australia -- Last checked: 25.06.01

Judith Piggins • Researcher on Computers in Medicine
Judith Piggins studies how computer workstations can be used by doctors to eliminate paperwork -- Last checked: 27.06.01

L. Piggin • English Teacher
A 1993 article by L Piggin appeared in the short-lived journal The Teaching of English -- Last checked: 25.06.01

Lawrence Piggins • Engineering (Robot)
Student building a robot at Lawrence Technological University in Michigan -- Last checked: 26.07.03

M J Piggins • Chemist
Has been a licentiate of the Royal Society of Chemistry since 1984 -- Last checked: 25.06.01

Nick Piggin • Computer Programmer
Interview with a student, 21, in Canberra, Australia who attracted world attention when he discovered a bug in Linux in November 2002 and designed an important improvement to the operating system in January 2003. -- Last checked: 01.06.03

Paul Piggin • Radio Frequency Researcher
An expert on the IEEE 802.16 standard, the exciting technology being used to create wireless networks in homes and offices -- Last checked: 12.07.03

Richard Piggin • Automation Researcher
Dr. Richard Piggin is an engineer who specializes in automation issues. He has been a senior research fellow at the University of Warwick. Search his publications here -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Stirtevant Piggin • Alpine Plant Collector
Catalogue of slides includes saxifrage pictures by "Stert Piggin". Stirtevant Piggin was an enthusiast for alpine flowers and left both his plants and a large sum of money to the Alpine Garden Society. -- Last checked: 17.04.03

Vince Piggins • Automotive Engineer
The story of the Chevrolet Camaro and Vince Piggins' role in its creation is told on this website -- Last checked: 15.06.01


George Piggins • Rugby League
There are a huge number of news reports in the Internet about George Piggins and the Rabbitohs, his fight with Rupert Murdoch and the club's return to national competition. This collection of Sydney Morning Herald stories is a good place to start into the story. See his case. -- Last checked: 17.04.03

Hugh Piggin • Sailing (the real thing)
This news story describes Hugh Piggin's latest adventure as a yacht crewsman (but misspells his surname) -- Last checked: 27.06.03

Hugh Piggins • Motor Racing
A vice president (and former chairman) of Kings Lynn & District Motor Club -- Last checked: 12.07.03

Jean-Baptiste Piggin • Athletics/Running
As a crewman, Jean-Baptiste took part in a regatta from Kiel to Gothenburg in 1997. There is also a picture showing him, back to the camera, at the wheel of the Aber Hallo -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Kim Piggin • Athletics/
She placed 716th in this four-mile run/walk in San Diego on June 11, 2000 -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Linda Piggin • Athletics
Competed in 2001 triathlon event in Kamloops, BC, Canada -- Last checked: 15.07.03

Lionel Piggin • Soccer
Lionel Piggin, ex Nottingham, played football for Brighton & Hove Albion in 1912 -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Oliver Piggin • Athletics
New Zealand triathlete describes his 2002 Dunedin marathon. -- Last checked: 17.04.03

Peter Piggin • Aeronautics
A pilot member of Leicestershire Aero Club -- Last checked: 17.04.03

Shaun Piggin • Sailing
Australian deckhand aboard a replica ship -- Last checked: 02.11.01

Steve Piggins • Motor Racing
Steve Piggins races Grand Prix Midget cars in England -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Ted Piggins • American Football
Teenage linebacker in California -- Last checked: 01.07.03

Victoria Piggin • Athletics
Victoria Piggin-Denney has had a successful career as both a runner and a long jumper in Sydney. -- Last checked: 15.06.01


Alan Piggin • Project Manager
Alan Piggin works at Shortech, a firm that manages a Queensland government programme, the Technology Diffusion Centre, to bring the fruits of research into use in that state's industry. -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Andrew Piggin • Civil Engineer
Andrew Piggin spoke in Adelaide on decontamination of an industrial site -- Last checked: 27.06.01

Ashley Piggins • Academic
Describes Ashley Piggins' work at Queen's University Belfast -- Last checked: 01.07.03

Chris Piggin • Police Constable
A police education officer in Yorkshire describes a competition he held for children. -- Last checked: 13.11.02

Dave Piggin • Forest Health Technician
Mr. Dave Piggin of the British Columbia Ministry of Forests -- Last checked: 16.07.01

Frederica Skeels-Piggins • Teacher
Freddie Skeels-Piggins, who joined the staff at Parc Eglos School in 1968, was honoured at the BT South West Teaching Awards ceremony shortly before her retirement -- Last checked: 30.03.02

I Piggin • Publican of Britannia Inn
Mr Piggin, a pub manager at Newark, Nottinghamshire, and his staff contribute to charity -- Last checked: 04.04.02

Ian Piggin • Legal Author
Author of a 2002 article on U.S. private equity imports in the journal International Company & Commercial Law Review. He works at the Birmingham law firm Wragge & Co. -- Last checked: 12.07.03

James Barrow Piggin • Mine Manager 1938
Manager of Treeton Colliery -- Last checked: 17.04.03

Janet Piggin • Council Staff
Informant on school glass recycling competition -- Last checked: 13.11.02

Janet Piggins • Berkley YMCA
It is not clear what classes she teaches at this Californian YMCA -- Last checked: 01.07.03

Jennifer L. Piggins • Museum Promoter
Jennifer Piggins, who is manager of programs and promotions at the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum in Milwaukee, writes here on a furniture designer -- Last checked: 12.07.03

Joe Piggin • Physical Education Teacher
Physical Education Assistant at a New Zealand university -- Last checked: 11.07.01

John Piggin • Engineering
John Piggin is a structural engineer for the London Borough of Hillingdon -- Last checked: 15.06.01

John Piggin • Teacher
As a teacher at the Royal Russell School, John Piggin heads a model U.N. programme in which pupils act out United Nations roles -- Last checked: 15.06.01

John Piggins • Local Body Property Manager
This corporate property manager works at Dumfries and Galloway Council in Scotland -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Jonathan Hadley-Piggin • Lawyer
Jonathan Hadley-Piggin is a lawyer specializing in maritime law. With full career details and a photograph -- Last checked: 08.03.02

Jonathan Piggins • Sales Executive
Marketing manager Jonathan Piggins explains what call-centre software can achieve -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Julia Piggin • Teacher
This Sydney school records when Mrs Julia Piggin was engaged to teach music. See also figures in a later newsletter. -- Last checked: 15.06.01

Maria Piggin • Lawyer
Former staff member at Lawrence Graham law firm in London -- Last checked: 15.07.03

Maria Piggin • Teacher
New Zealand author of project to stop children mislaying things at school -- Last checked: 15.07.03

Mike Piggin • Gas Transportation Specialist
Consultant to the EconoMatters company. -- Last checked: 17.04.03

Nance Piggins • Award Judge
Described as a VP, copy supervisor at the Campbell-Ewald agency in Warren, MI, she was a judge in the 2002 Direct Marketing awards -- Last checked: 12.07.03

Rachel Piggin • Tourism Manager
Profiles Rachel Piggin who is now tourism officer in Rotorua. With photo. -- Last checked: 16.04.03

Ron Piggin • Regional Manager
Associate of the International Ship Electrical and Engineering Service Association (I.S.E.S.) Ltd -- Last checked: 13.06.02

Sarah Piggin • Industry yacht crew
She works aboard yachts that can be chartered by businesspeople. -- Last checked: 30.07.01

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