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This website was born of a moment several years ago when I discovered that a Piggin relative had spent a day or more at the Family Records Centre copying out civil registration index entries that had already been extracted by me some years earlier. There is so much to do that we can neither afford to duplicate work nor deny anyone the pleasure of exploring virgin territory. So it was decided to set up a public master file of what had been extracted and what had not been. Despite a certain amount of Internet joshing, this one-name study falls well short of completeness. There have been some massive efforts to help so far, but there is a huge amount still to be done. If you are interested in contributing research, here are some of the areas in which the study is still weakest.

1. Gaps in the Study

2. Further research needed

In all genealogical research, it is vital to see the original parish registers (or images of them) rather than rely on published indexes. The reason is that all indexers make transcription errors, skip data that does not fit in the prescribed data fields and miss illegible entries. In addition, very few of the burial entries from the English parish registers have ever been indexed. For this reason, major work is still required to check the accuracy of the vital data on this website, most of which is drawn from indexes rather than sources. Full transcriptions (rather than mere indexes) are listed on the Transcribers page.

3. Thoroughly checked

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