Pre-1858 Piggin Wills


Norwich Consistory Court and Norfolk Archdeaconries

Norfolk Probate Indexes 1751 to 1858

1724 - 1725 James Piggin, yeoman Belaugh, Norfolk DN/INV76A/29
1754/5 James Piggin Norwich ANW admon 28
1757 Mary Piggin Norwich ANW will 23/392
1768 James Piggin Bawburgh ANF will 100/144
1769 Thomas Piggin Saxlingham ANF 39/223
1773 John Piggin Norwich ANW will 59/100
1780 John Piggin Salhouse ANW will 15/23
1818 John Piggin Hoveton St. Johnyeoman NCC will 276
1829-31 Benjamin Piggin Thorpe NCC admon (no ref)
1831 Benjamin Piggin Thorpetoll bar keeper NCC will 430
1843 Robert Piggin ANF will 74/378
1849 Stevens Piggin the elder Great Yarmouth NCC will 545
1853 John Piggin Norwichgent NCC will 168
1856 John Piggin Norwichwatchmaker NCC will 665
1855/6 John Piggin Norwich NCC admon (no ref)

ANF = Archdeaconry of Norfolk
ANW = Archdeaconry of Norwich
NCC = Norfolk Consistory Court

extracted by Neil Adams 1999/08

John Piggin Salhouse Will 1772 blacksmith
son John Piggin
[Signature 1772-01-30]

extracted by Neil Adams 1999/08

Lichfield Consistory Court

(from Tina Negus)

A. Elvaston and Ockbrook

Interleaved with the Elvaston and Ockbrook land documents.

B. Heanor/Codnor/Loscoe

Oliver Pyggen Heanor (Codnor) Will 1578
April 7 [I have photocopy]
In the name of God Amen I Oliver Pyggen of Codnor in the parish of Heynor in the County of Derby am sick in body but of perfect mynde and remembrance. I thank God the-... this my present testament conveying ... my last will in ma.. and forme followinge... I give and bequeath my sole to almyghty God my maker and redeemer and my body to the ... in the parish churchyarde of Heynor. Item I give and beque.. unto my sester
Overseers Rob. Sutton, Ric. Bonsall
Lawrence Broke vicar Heynor, Rob Sutton, Ric. Bonsall
[Inventory £82:4:7d]
lxxxij li. iiij b. vij d
Francis Tantum Loscoe Will 1612
by Richard Piggen and others
See transcripts/will_francis_loscoe_1611.htm
Eliz Piggin Heanor Inv 1758
Oct 13
Eliz Piggin of Codnor, parish of Heynor, widow
[Inventory £30:0:3d]
by Tho. Boswell, Richard Bonsall, Rob. Sutton
total xxx li iijd
John Ludlam alias Piggin Morton, DBY Will 1641
nuncupative will [See also: Phillimore Calendar, page 463]
Lawrence Cowper alias Brigham, William Smith etc.
to Marie .... Ludlam alias Smith
John Piggin Codnor Will 1708
April 23, yeoman
  • wife Eliz
  • son John Piggin
  • daughter Sarah wife of Christopher Coleclough of Langley, butcher
John Coleclough Heanor Will 1694
April 30, butcher
late of Langley
wife and daughter
[Inventory £162:4:4d]
Christopher Coleclough Heanor Will 1715
April 5, husbandman of Shipley, parish of Heanor
John C., Vincent Wild, Tho. C (X)
[Signature 1715-04-05]
signed CC
[Inventory £149:0:0d]
Christopher Coleclough Heanor/Codnor Will 1754
May 14, yeoman of Codnor Castle [N.B. owns farms or lands in Bagthorpe, parish of Selston, Notts. and also in Heanor, Codnor, Milnhay, Ripley, Stanley, Loscoe
Nehemiah Pynegar Newport, Salop Will 1718
(no Piggin)
Nehemiah Pynegar Smalley Will 1724
Thomas Critchley, Geo. Allsop, Tho. Martin
John Linney Morley Will 1687
(no Piggin)
Thomas Linney Derby Will 1698
(no Piggin, but includes surname Oldknow)
Edward White Codnor Park Will 1687
(no Piggin)

C. Crich, South Wingfield

John Piggin Crich Adm. 1702
April 4, butcher
[Grant 1702-04-04]
Letters of administration to Elizabeth Piggin, widow
[Inventory £17:0:3d]
by John Piggin, butcher of Crich
Elizabeth Piggin Crich Will 1716
23rd November 1714 ... I, Elizabeth Piggin of Crich ... vid. ... give
all the rest I give to my son Thomas Piggin - executor
[Signature 1714-11-23]
Elizabeth Piggin + her mark
Richard Ufton, John Lavarack, Edward Wood (Hood?)
[Probate 1716-04-05]
Elizabeth Piggin of Crich, widow, grant 5 April 1716 to Thomas Piggin, executor.
[Inventory £12:14:10d]
From the Lichfield consistory court (at Lichfield record office) [Tina has photocopy]
Joseph Piggin Crich Will 1739
I, Joseph Piggin of Crich, feltmonger ... give
[Signature 1737-08-25]
this 25th August 1737. Joseph Piggin + his mark
Francis Browne, Joseph Mather
[Probate 1739-11-02]
Joseph Piggin of Crich, fellmonger, grant 2 November 1739 to executrix Judith Piggin, the wife
[Inventory £7.08.04d]
by Jacob Boomer, Thomas Woodhouse, Richard Ufton
Lichfield consistory court (at Lichfield record office)
Judith Piggin Crich Will 1757
widow of Joseph Piggin:
30th July in the 15th year of the reign of ... George the Second ... I, Judith Piggin of Crich ... widow and relict of Joseph Piggin ... do give ...
son John Piggin
[Signature 17xx-07-30]
Judith Piggin + her mark
Thomas Woodhouse, Sarah Woodhouse, Henry Flint
[Probate 1757-04-27]
Judith Piggin, grant 27 April 1757 to son John Piggin, executor
Lichfield Consistory Court (at Lichfield Record Office)
Thomas Piggin South Wingfield Will 1709
April 27
overseers: "brother" John Beardsley, "cousin" John Newball
John Newball senior, Jane Iveson, John Newball
[Inventory £4:0:4d]


The following three were not listed by Negus, but do appear in the Phillimore Calendar of Derbyshire Wills (Index Library):

Robert Piggin   Adm 1604
Phillimore page 312, record 154
William Piggen   Adm 1613
Phillimore page 314, record 13
John Piggen   Adm 1625
Phillimore page 475, record 10

Smedley Wills

Nycholas Smedley Elvaston Admon 1635
Of Thurlaston, psh of Elvaston, Co. Derby.
[Grant 1635/6-03-01]
at Lichfield to John Smedley the son, of Thurlaston, weaver, John Penn of Thurlaston, husbandman
[Inventory £17:2:8.]
(no date) by Willm Osborne, Richd Piggin, Willm Piggin, Richard Pimme
Smedley, Samuel Lightfoot, Genealogy of the Smedley Family (Pennsylvania, Wickersham Printing Company, 1901), page 934.
Aston Smedley Elvaston Will 1665
Nuncupative Will of Aston Smedley of Elvaston, Co. Derby, husbandman, Dated 20 September 1664.
In presence of Wm. Piggin, John Bacon, Sarah Piggin and others
[Inventory £76:8:6d]
20 December 1665, by John Baynbrigg, Wm. Piggin and John Bacon

Debts, owing to:
[Probate 1665-02-20]
at Lichfield 20 Feb?? 1665, by the ex'ix
Smedley, Samuel Lightfoot, Genealogy of the Smedley Family (Pennsylvania, Wickersham Printing Company, 1901), page 935.
Robert Smedley Spondon Will 1681
of Spoondon, Co. Derby
To be buried in the Church or Churchyard of Spondon.
Executrix, said wife Anne
[Signature 1673-10-25]
John Dethick, Jun., Anne Wright, Thos. Bowers
[Inventory £11:2:6d]
10 October 1681, by John Piggin, John Hudson, Tho: Cumin
[Probate 1681/2-05-24]
at Lichfield by the executrix
Smedley, Samuel Lightfoot, Genealogy of the Smedley Family (Pennsylvania, Wickersham Printing Company, 1901), page 937.
Anne Smedley Spondon Will 1684
of Spoondon, Co. Derby, widow
also residue, and appoint them [Sarah Commin and Katharine Hudson] executrices
Overseer, my good friend John Anthill
[Signature 1684-08-04]
Robt. Otolford, Wm. Muglaston, Robt. Archer
[Inventory £8:2:8d]
8 August 1684, by John Piggin, James Cowper & George Redshaw
[Probate 1684-10-16]
at Lichfield by the executrices
Smedley, Samuel Lightfoot, Genealogy of the Smedley Family (Pennsylvania, Wickersham Printing Company, 1901), page 937.
Michael Smedley Barrow-on-Trent Will 1681
of Barrow on Trent, Co. Derby, blacksmith
Residue to my daughter Anne Martin of Chaddesden and Esther Hornbuckle of West Bridgforth and appoint them executors
[Signature 1681-04-21]
Robert Piggin, Robt. Piggin, Jun., Wm. Briggs and Wm. Bennett.
Smedley, Samuel Lightfoot, Genealogy of the Smedley Family (Pennsylvania, Wickersham Printing Company, 1901), page 937.
Robert Smedley Ockbrook Will 1685
Will of Robert Smedley of Ockbrooke, Co. Derby, Yeoman. Dated 11 June 1685.
Residue to son Robert and appoint him executor
Overseers, my brother in law Thomas Pattrick and my kinsman John Bostock
Willm. Cook, Joan Soare, Richd Smedley and Will Bennett
Thos. Pattrick, of Ockbrooke, and John Boston, of Chilwell, Co. Nottingham, Yeoman.
[Inventory £220:7:6d]
10 Sept. 1685, by Robt. Piggin, William Statham and Robert Walker
[Probate 1685-10-29]
at Lichfield by Thos. Pattrick and John Boston, guardians of Robt. Smedley, executor, a minor
Smedley, Samuel Lightfoot, Genealogy of the Smedley Family (Pennsylvania, Wickersham Printing Company, 1901), page 938.
Francis Smedley Derby Admon. 1695
[Grant 1695-04-26]
Admon. Francis Smedley of Derby, granted at Lichfield to Elizabeth Smedley, the relict
Elizabeth Smedley of Derby, Widow, Abraham Crompton of Derby, weaver, and Anne Piggin
[Inventory £27:0:5d]
24 April 1695, by Jos. Parker
Smedley, Samuel Lightfoot, Genealogy of the Smedley Family (Pennsylvania, Wickersham Printing Company, 1901), page 938.

Lincoln Consistory Court

D. Stamford

Firmin Piggins Stamford Will 1617
Rest to John Parker of Stamford
[Tina has photocopy]
John Piggins Stamford Will 1614
rest to Catherine my wife - executor
Supervisors: Francis Cole and Leonard Cole of Stamford
[Tina has photocopy]
Thomas Piggin Stamford Inv and Adm 1611
[Grant 1611]
Adm to Joan Piggin widow
[Tina has photocopy]
William Piggin Stamford Inv and Adm. 1603
hatter and haberdasher
[Grant 1603]
Adm to Jane Piggin widow
very long inventory

[Tina has photocopy]
Robert PIGGIN Stamford, Lincs Will 1702
rest ... to Mary my beloved wife - exec.
[Signature 1697-01-18]
Robert Piggin
Tom Neale X, Georg. Skinner, Edw. Staunton

Leicester Consistory Court

E. Bottesford, Long Bennington

(from Tina Negus)

Thomas Pigins Long Bennington Will 1786
Rest etc. to nephew Thomas Pigins of Bottesford, sole executor
[Signature 1783-08-28]
T.P. X
Edm. Guy, John Rimmington,Wm. Wilson

Preserved at Leicestershire Archives: abstracted but not photocopied by Tina Negus.

William Piggins Long Bennington Will 1786
Residue Tho. Pigins of Bottesford, nephew - exec
William Piggins Bottesford Will 1777
fellmonger [Tina has photocopy]

F. Good wills

John Good Bottesford Will 1669
(no Piggin)
James Good Bottesford Will 1682
(no Piggin)
Anthony Good Croxton Kerrial Will 1743
(no Piggin)

G. Lamb wills

Daniel Lamb Bottesford Will 1745
grandson John Piggin - executor
[Tina has photocopy]
Francis Lamb Bottesford Will 1746
(no Piggin)
[Tina has photocopy]
William Lamb Bottesford Will 1681
(no Piggin)
[Tina has photocopy]
Matthew Arnold Bottesford Will 1680
(no Piggin)
[Tina has photocopy]

H. Skeffington

William Piggin Skeffington Will 1755
January 29
wife Eliz. Piggin - executor
[Tina has photocopy]
Elizabeth Piggin Skeffington Adm 1755
[Grant 1755-07-21]
to Thomas Piggin son
(X) Thomas Piggin, (X) John Piggin
[Tina has photocopy]

Nottingham Consistory Court

Thos. Walker Hucknall Torkard Will c.1850
shopkeeper and farmer
[Signature 1844-05-18]
Not seen, but existence inferred from a copy (number 159/16, made circa 1850) referred to in the collection of deeds (Nottinghamshire Records Office reference DD.PF) formerly belonging to Perry, Parr & Ford, solicitors, Nottingham. The two items below are documents 17 and 18 in the same collection of deeds.
[Related land document: Indenture, mortgage ]
  • John Piggin of Hucknall Torkard, butcher. Sam. Simpson of Oxton, farmer.
  • Mary Walker of Hucknall Torkard, grocer.

Reciting will of Thos. Walker to pay legacies to Eliz. Walker and Eliz., wife of Chas. Smith of Bulwell (nee Mellows), the only surviving legatees, for £205 (1) to (2) 2 Dam Flatts in Hucknall Torkard.

Sig. and seal of J.P.

1852, August 4

Endorsed reconveyance. (2) to (1) premises as above. Sig. and seal of (2) 1875 November 8

[Related land document: Draft indenture, sale of minerals]
  • Mary Ann Walker of Hucknall Torkard, spin.
  • Ann Mellows of Hucknall Torkard, widow
  • Jas. Hanlon of Liverpool (La.), excise officer, and wife Eliz.
  • John Piggin of Hucknall Torkard, farmer and butcher
  • Herbert Byng Paget of Loughborough (Le.) gent. Edward Shipley, Alfred Ellis of Leicester, gents. Wm. Walker of Bulwell, gent. Hucknall Torkard Colliery Co.

Reciting as above, etc. now for £205 to (1) in discharge of mortgage, and £484 11s. 3d. to (1), (2) and (3), (1), (2), (3) and (4) to (5) top hard coal and comb coal under 2 Dam Flatts Closes in Hucknall Torkard.
1875 November 6

Worcester Consistory Court

John Pyggyn Kidderminster Will 1564
Not seen, but listed in The Index Library, Worcester Wills and Administrations, page 194: will and inventory

London Consistory Court

John Stansby Clements Inn, Middlesex Will 1680
From Derbyshire Family History Magazine Sept 2000, extracted by Paul Taylor (paul (at)

Prerogative Court of York

Jonathan Stirtevant Piggin Nottingham Will 1852
[Signature 1852-02-11]
John Redgate Piggin, William Piggin, his brothers
[Probate 1852-05-14]
Bond is referred to in the Book of Abstracts PR.NV 14f 98v in Nottinghamshire Record Office:
The 6th day of March. The last Will and Testament of Jonathan Stirtevant Piggin late of the Town of Nottingham Gentleman deceased Dated 11th February 1852 was proved by the Oaths of John Redgate Piggin (in the Bill written John Piggin) of Snenton in the County of Nottingham, Gentleman, and William Piggin of the Town of Nottingham aforesaid, Gentleman, his Brothers, the Executors therein named. Died 16th February 1852. Grant dated 14th May 1852. Fo 7. Oath under £1500. Prerogative.
The actual will and inventory should be in the Borthwick Institute, York, and these have yet to be inspected.

Prerogative Court of Canterbury

John Pygeon Great Yarmouth Will 1520
of grete Yermouth (sic)
30 Ayloffe
in: Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills vol. II 1383-1558
see: Index Library, volume 11, p. 430
noted 1989/01/31. N.B. Pigeon is a Great Yarmouth surname, see for example the IGI
John Piggin Kethermyster Will 1570
of Kethermyster, Worcester
31 Lyon
in section 1558-1583 of
Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills
see: Index Library volume 18
noted 1989/01/31 Auckland
Thomas Piggin Hereford Will 1593
1593 HER
Piggin, Thomas, gent., suburbes of the citye of Hereford
69 Nevell
Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, vol. IV 1584-1604
see Index Library, volume 25 (with Pigeon)
extracted 1989/01/31
John Pigen London Will 1594
Pigen, John, citizen and grocer, of London, parish of St. Saviour, Sowthwarke (sic), Lyngfeild, Surrey
86 Dixy
in Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills vol IV, 1584-1604
see: Index Library volume 25 (categorized with Pigeon)
noted 1989/01/31
William Piggen St. Vedast Will 1598
cittizen and plaisterer of London, parish of St. Vedast
Will 1592/10/13, Probate 1592/11, De bonis non grant (following death of both executors) 1598/02/07

The thirteenth day of October one thousande five hundred ninetie two do I, Willim Piggen, cittizen and plaisterer of London, ordaine and make this my laste will:

Franciss Roper to be my supervisor and overseer of this same my present testament and last will. Sealed and delivered, in the presence of [X?] John Murcer ..., Thomas Johnson and Elias Collins (appren.)? ...

78 Harrington
from Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills 1584-1604
see: Index Library, volume 25
index extracted 1989/01/31, original downloaded and transcribed 2007/12
Thomas Piggens Stepney Will 1653
1653 MDX
mar. Stepney, Middlesex
but dying in East India
Folio 241
Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills vol III, 1653-1656
see Index Library, volume 54
Text: Piggins, Thomas, of p[arish] Stepney, Middx., mariner, Oct. 11, 1649. Admon w. Will [241 Brent] Ap. 26 to rel. Mary Phettiplace alias P. N.E.
extracted 1989/01/31
Copy available on (PROB 11/229; Brent Quire Numbers: 218-268: Name indexed as Piggins, date 1653/04/26)
Thomas Piggins Will 1744
Gentleman, Purser of His Majesty's Ship the Ludlow Castle of ...
[Probate 1744-02-25]
PROB 11/732
Will Registers
Anstis Quire Numbers: 50-97
Located on PROcat search 2003/02/12: image can be purchased at
William Piggin Markfield, LEI Administration 1801
June 21, grazier and bachelor
Administration letter of William Piggin, Grazier and Bachelor of Markfield, Leicestershire
Location of ecclesiastical court not yet established. Nor do we know what family this man belonged to.
The National Archives: Abstracts of administrations and probates of wills; reference IR 26/372
Edward Piggon Aylsham Will 1805
Gentleman of Aylsham, Norfolk
[Probate 1805-06-15]
PROB 11/1427
Will Registers
Nelson Quire Numbers: 426-483
Located on PROcat search 2003/02/12: image can be purchased. See also the printed works page for this man's (or his father's) 1737 subscription to a printed book.
William Piggin Saint Mary Newington Will 1837
Letter Carrier of Saint Mary Newington, Surrey
[Probate 1837-04-13]
PROB 11/1877
Will Registers
Norwich Quire Numbers: 301-350
Located on PROcat search 2003/02/12; a subsequent search 2003/05/14 gave the reference as PROB 11/732, Anstis Quire Numbers: 50-97: image can be purchased.
William Piggins Sutton Will 1849
gentleman of Sutton Saint Nicholas otherwise Lutton, Lincolnshire
[Probate 1849-11-05]
PROB 11/2103
Will Registers
Piece Volume number: 18 Quire numbers: 851-900
Located on PROcat search 2002/04/02: image (4 pages) can be purchased
Samuel Piggin Braintree Will 1850
Samuel Piggin, innkeeper and baker of Braintree, Essex
Names the following as his children:
wife Rebecca, sons Samuel and Joseph, and Hofgard Shoebridge (?), baker of Witham
[Signature 1849-05-05]
[Probate 1850-07-17]
PROB 11/2116
Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers
Piece Volume number: 11 Quire numbers: 501-550
Located on PROcat search 2002/04/02: image (4 pages) purchased by GC


Elizabeth Piggens Linlithgow Will 1688
Date of recording: 1688 August 16
relict of Archibald Leitch, weaver, burgess of Linlithgow
Court of Registry: Edinburgh
Image available from website:

U.S. state of Virginia

Robert Kirkpatrick Will Congregation of Providence in Augusta County, VA 1780
Will made 20 Oct 1777
Named in the will were: Signed: Robert Kirkpatrick (X) his mark
teste: John Kirkpatrick
Alexr. Walker
John Campbell
Proven 7 Nov 1780
Posting to:
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000
From: Roger Hillhouse (rhillhouse (at) (source not stated).

U.S. state of Maryland

John Piggen Dorchester Will 1739
Dorchester County, Maryland
Testator in will of 1739/11/27
To wife -- extx., dwelling plantation and personal estate
To son John Henry, tract "Nue Branford"
in Maryland Calendar of Wills, volume 8

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