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Ockbrook's church was subsidiary to that of Elvaston, and Ockbrook and.Elvaston were closely tied until the early 17th century, according to J W Harman, writing of medieval Ockbrook. This must have held true for the Piggin family itself. There was a John Piggin of Ockbrook, who died in 1594, and a John Piggin of Elvaston, who died in 1591. It is assumed they were cousins of some degree, and the affairs of their families were plainly linked, for example in the trust board created by the 1621 will of William Piggin.

According to his will, the Elvaston John had four sons: William, Elias, Thomas and Richard. Final identification of them in other documents can only be conjectural. However it would seem that two of the sons, Elias and William, moved to London to make their fortunes as plasterers, perhaps after being apprenticed to a relation, William Piggin of London. It is probable that only Thomas and Richard continued to farm in the Elvaston area. Thomas died without leaving a valid will in 1625.

John Pigen Elvaston Will 1591
September 10 [See also Phillimore Calendar, page 308: record 2]
Overseer: Richard, son
[Inventory £38:15:0d]
38 li. 15 s.
Lichfield Record Office
Thomas Piggen Elvaston Inv 1625
[Grant 1625-06-04]
[Inventory £36:17:0d]
by John Richardson and William Piggin,
xxxvj li xvij b
Lichfield Record Office [Presumably same as that referred to in Phillimore Calendar, page 475 (Thomas Piggin, administration 1625, record 295)]

Richard Piggin -1639 of Thulston

Richard, who had been described in 1591 as having four children, and who owned land in one of the Elvaston villages, Thulston, was probably the longest-lived of the sons. He was sufficiently well off in 1637, two years before he died, to expand his own landholdings.

Richard Piggin Thurlaston Will 1640
[Signature 1639-09-17]
[Probate 1640-12-11]
Lichfield Record Office [Tina has a photocopy. See also Phillimore calendar, page 479]
Will of Thomas Piggen of Elvaston, inventory by John Richardson and William Piggin
Bargain and sale by John Richardson, senior, of Thulston, gent., and John Richardson, junior, to Richard Piggin, elder, of Thulston, yeoman, for £60, of the Flatte Close at Bellitonfoote, in Elvaston High meadow including Fourteene Reddy Swathes, 3 roods [rods] arable in Greeneway field, land in Gotte field, Atrathorne field, Bellytonfeild [abuttals given]
Deed of exchange between (1) John Richardson of Thulston, gent., and Edward and Thomas, his brothers, and (2) William Turner of Derby, Richard Brookes of Ellvaston, gents, and Richard Piggin of Thulston, yeoman. For consideration of £24 Richardson gives Smalley Crofte, Elvaston, to Turner and Brookes, who give him seven lands, warranted by Piggin
Will of Richard Piggin of Thurlaston, owner of Smalley Croft alias Elvaston Close, names sons William (with Frances his wife and Richard, Ellis and John, his sons), Richard (occupying land at Loscoe) and Thomas

William Piggin I

The line of several men named William Piggins at Elvaston appears to have been descended from Richard. William Piggin I inventorized his uncle Thomas's estate in 1625 and died himself in 1647, with William II listed as administrator of the estate of William I.

William Piggin Elvaston Adm 1647
[Grant 1647-05-28]
administration to Frances Piggin de Thurlaston, wid. d. Willm. Piggin.
Marked by Frances and Wm. Piggin
[Inventory £140]
by Edw. Potter, Edw. Tonge, Wm. Piggin
Lichfield Record Office [See also Phillimore Calendar, page 480]
Comparative table of William Piggen's land according to various deeds and surveys, 1623/4 - 1730

William Piggin II and his brother Elias Piggin

Early Elvaston appears to have been a prosperous farming community. Charles Cox's Three Centuries of Derbyshire Annals (1890) contains an interesting account (volume II, page 275), based on 60 now-lost documents in the old Derbyshire record room, of the "court leets" of the three manors in Elvaston parish in the period 1687-1697. William Piggin is listed by Cox as a juror of the court leet of April 13, 1695. Cox did not reproduce the rolls of all 76 freeholders, but stated that they had been preserved for 1687-1692 and 1694-1696, and it is presumed that the Piggin name was on these documents.

Free and Voluntary Present (a tax) of 1661: Elvaston payers:
William Piggin: 1 shilling and sixpence
Covenant by William Piggen, elder (presumably William II), of Elvaston, yeoman, with Edward Ward of Thulston, gent., and Elias Piggen of Thulston, yeoman, in consideration of marriage between William Piggen, eldest son of William Piggen elder, and Elizabeth, daughter of James Jennings yeoman, of Foston, and of £60 from William to William senior, to stand seised of Smalley Croft with barn, Foofin flatt, Little bostacks, the Hardisses (2 clo.), 3 acres in High Meadow, 3 acres arable in Goty field and Hathorne tree field, 2½ acres land in Bellington field, and ½ acre in Breachfield, to uses: one moiety to William Piggen elder, for life remainder to his wife Sarah for life, remainder to William Piggen younger and legitimate male heirs, remainders to elder William's 2nd, 3rd and 4th sons, John Richard, and Thomas; second moiety to younger William for life, remainder to wife Elizabeth for life, remainders to legitimate heirs and then as first moiety. [Two copies]
Sarah Piggin Elvaston/Thulston Will 1691
Residue to son Richard Piggin - sole executor
Overseers: Wm. Osborne of Derby, clerk, Edw. Robbins, Jacob Osborne of Elvaston
[Signature 1690-01-22]
Lichfield Record Office
John Piggin Derby Will 1695
April 26, baker
property in Derby St Mary Gate
[Inventory £130]
Lichfield Record Office
Ellis Piggin Elvaston Adm. 1698
[Grant 1698-10-21]
to Anne his widow
[Inventory £160]
(about) by Rob. Johnson and Wm. Gregg
Lichfield Record Office
Terrier and survey of one moiety of inclosed land in Elvaston and Thurlston belonging to Anne Piggin and Samuel Fox of Derby
Anne Piggin Thurlston Will 1719
April 7, widow
Lichfield Record Office
Probate of will (5 May 1705) of Anne Piggin of Thulstone, widow, leaving messuage and lands in Thulstone to daughters Sarah Johnson and Rachell Gregg, each half to be divided among their children after their death; Sarah and Rachell each to pay £50 as verbally directed by Anne. Copy (1729) of counsel's opinion (1719)
Lease and release by John, second son of Robert Johnson of Burrowash, to Robert's eldest son Joseph, yeoman, and wife Sarah, for £35, of third of moiety inherited under Anne Piggin's will
Mortgage by lease and release by Joseph of Burrowash, yeoman to Samuel Robinson of Nottingham, baker, for £120, of moiety of messuage in Thulston in Anne Piggin's will (16, 17 Jan 1722/3). Lease and release of messuage by Johnson and Robinson to Thomas Stanhope of Elvaston, esq., for £120 to Robinson and £367 10s to Johnson (23, 24 Dec 1723)
Lease and release by Robert Johnson of Borrowash, yeoman, wife Sarah and youngest son Francis, chandler, to Joseph, their eldest son, of one third of moiety of Thulston messuage claimed under Anne Piggin's will
Deed to lead the uses of a fine from Isaac Borrow and Dorothy Allat to Hugh Bateman for the use of Anne Piggen, of the manor of Litchurch,
Release [lease missing] of a messuage in the Market Place in Derby, near Leather Lane, the executors of the will of Anne Piggin to the Mayor and Burgesses of the Borough of Derby, 28 Sep 1731
Lease and release confirming the above conveyance by Anne Piggin's granddaughters (now of age and having received their legacies), 4-5 Oct 1738
Anne Piggin Derby Will 1727
April 5, widow
trustees John Bloodworth the elder, John Noten of Derby framework knitter, Bery: Bilson/Wilson of Derby maltster - also executors
John Higgs, Joseph Colvert, John Hipes
Lichfield Record Office

William Piggin III

Lease and release by John Stanhope of Elvaston, esq., to Edmund son of Edmund Jaques of Elvaston, gent deceased, William son of William Piggin of Elvaston, yeoman, Edward Robbin of Elvaston, yeoman, William son of William Holland of Elvaston, yeoman, Jacob, second son of James Osborne of Elvaston, yeoman, John son of Ellys Piggin of Thulston, yeoman, William Soare of Ambaston, yeoman, William, a son of John Trowell of Ambaston, yeoman, in consideration of £100 from Dame Anne Ellys of Wyham (Lincolnshire), widow, daughter of Sir John Stanhope of Elvaston, deceased, of Endow Flatt, meadow and pasture, in Elvaston, on trust to pay schoolmistress in Elvaston to teach six girls to read and work. Mistress and pupils to be nominated by Alexander Stanhope of Derby for life, then by John Stanhope and heirs, but by minister and churchwardens if no nomination within three weeks
Probate of will of William Piggin of Elvaston, yeoman; leaving Smalley croft close with barn, orchard and yard to wife Ruth for life, remainder to eldest son William; all other Elvaston property to William charged with £26 each to son Thomas and daughters Sarah and Hannah; one third of personal estate to Ruth, £29 to Thomas, £25 to son John, £19 to Sarah, £14 to Hannah, residue to William
William Piggin Elvaston Will 1729
April 22, yeoman [N.B. possession of Smalley Croft - in will of Richard Piggin 1640 Elvaston]
W Turner, John Severn, Elizabeth Steesn
[Inventory £39.3.8]
by Rob. Rolleston and John Coxon
Lichfield Record Office

William Piggin IV

Mortgage by demise for 1000 years of two Hardhurst closes (6 acres 30 perches), Fowfin Flatt (2 acres, 2 roods [rods]) Little Bostock (3 roods [rods]) Smalley croft and barn (1 acre, 2 roods [rods] and 20 perches) and lands in Elvaston fields by William Piggin of Elvaston, yeoman to William Turner of Derby, gent. for £140 at 7% (9 May 1729); by Piggin to Charles Stanhope of Elvaston, esq., for £150 (25 Sep 1730); lease and release to make tenant to precipe and declare uses of recovery of lands, for £160 5s in addition to £165 mortgage debt of Piggin to Stanhope, to Stanhope, except for Smalley croft to Piggin widow, mother of William, for life, remaider to Stanhope (7, 8 Sep 1732)
The location of the above property may be shown on a very early Elvaston map (DRO D4996/6/66 (link broken!)) in Derbyshire Record Office, which shows the Stanhope estates in about 1776. Jean Eckersley says an older map is hanging on a resident's dining room wall which may date from before 1765. For some views of modern Elvaston, see Garth Newton's Ilkeston Cam pages.

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