Piggin Land Documents


Norfolk Records Office

Stephen Piggins 1846 Haddiscoe, NFK

A conveyance of 3 acres called "Further Downings Marsh" by Thomas Brightwell, Henry Grimmer and others to Stephen Piggins 1846 with a memorandum that John Rowell, acting trustee and executor of Piggins' will, sold part of this land to Halesworth, Beccles and Haddiscoe Railway Company ?1854; memorandum of agreement between John Rowell, executor of Piggins' will, and Henry Grimmer, to convey part of a marsh called "Downings Marsh" consisting of 3 acres, 1853; conveyance of a piece of marsh land by John Rowell to John Grimmer, Rev, G. F. Nicholas and others feoffees, 1854.

This presumably relates to the 1849 will of the "Stevens Piggin" of Great Yarmouth on the wills page.

Records of Haddiscoe parish: Charities: Bundle of deeds regarding Town lands - ref. PD 208/141 See

Hackney Archives

Joseph Piggin 1861 Hackney ESS

Lessor of land

Thomas George Corbett to Joseph Piggin, licensed victualler. Premises: No 6 Tower Street and outbuildings. Agreement includes repairs and schedule of work to be carried out room by room. Dated 22 April 1861. - ref. M4404/4 - date: 1861


Corby Tithe Awards

William Piggins circa 1835 Corby LIN

Owner or lessor of land

  1. land at north end of High St. in position marked "Miss Boyer" on later map (and probable site of Boyer's Row), H.Y.G. and Close no. 1 occupied by William Boyer and John Weaver; 1 acre 35 perches (tithe 6/4d)
  2. Pasture Close (meadow) no. 156; 5 acres, 35 perches (tithe 1/7¼d)
  3. Bull Inn H.Y.G. no. 37; 1 rood, 4 perches (tithe 1/5½d) [both (2) and (3) occupied by William Boyer, Pasture Close was south of the Irnham Road, due east of the church. Bull Inn in the market place.]
  4. Dryhills Close (arable) no. 123; 11 acres, 3 roods, 30 perches (tithe 16/7¼d) occupied by T. Watchorn [along Swinstead Lane, to north of road.]
Extracted by Tina Negus [T.N. presumes that "Piggins Yard" was also built or owned by him. Steel's A Lincolnshire Village states that Piggin rented Cherry Hill Close on Corby Acres from the Ancaster Estate in 1832, but we did not confirm this.
[T.N. also presumes that this William Piggins is William Piggins of Lutton Marsh/Long Sutton and (brother?) to Ann Piggins who married William Boyer, or possibly his son William who married Elizabeth Memmack and was living at Lutton around 1841.]

Ancaster Estate Records

Thomas Piggins 1779 Rippingdale LIN

Rents due from Rippingdale

1779 Nov 23 Tuesday - one year's rent due Lady Day

Thos. Piggins ........ K ........ £18.6.0 [K may refer to Kirkby Underwood]

Extracted by Tina Negus [T.N. comments: obviously son of William PIGGINS at nearby Folkingham. Only figured for one year.]

Nottinghamshire Archives

William Piggen 1574 Derby

Not yet identified. Witness to deed by a Derby vendor:

Assignment of lease at 3.13.4 rent: for 35: Henrye Draycote of Derby, gent. to John Curson of Nottingham, draper:-- close called Lytchurche Leyze alias the Crossleyze and 5 ac. in Lytchurch Meadowe, occupied by Richard Warde of Derby--: For 21 years from the death of Anne, wife of Anthony Tarrall, esq. and late wife of George Babyngton, gent. Recites original lease by Henry Babyngton of Dethick, esq. (brother of G.B.) to H.D. Witnesses: Willm. Jackson, scrivener, John Matthews, Willm. Piggen. 1 Aug. 1574

Manuscript index volume, Portland of Welbeck (1st Deposit): Deeds and Estate Papers, reference 157 DDP 85/41, in Nottinghamshire Archives.
Thomas Stanley Piggin 1875 Nottingham NTT
estate agent, lived 1835-1913
Nottinghamshire Archives, reference not taken, documents numbered as above.
John Piggin 1842 Hucknall Torkard NTT
borrower, lived 1794-1880, named in following "release":

for £85 to J.G. (as mortgagee) and £25 to T. and M.S. by J.P.:-- 2 messuages (as 139) near to Julian Cross, in Stapleford --: recites 139, mortgages and further charge (dated 5 May 1819 and 1 April 1820) endorsed with schedule of title deeds.
1842 July 11

Number 150 in series DDD (Dowson, Wadsworth & Co (solrs), also filed as "DD.D"?) at Nottinghamshire Archives
Frederick Piggin 1860 Stapleford NTT
borrower, lived 1818-1887, named in following "release":

for £49 to E.S. and £43 to T.S. and M.S. by F.P.:-- messuage near Julians Cross in Stapleford (Pinfold Land, N.); use of pathway and well --: recites previous indentures and order of Court of Chancery (date 3 November 1860).
1860 December 21

Number 151 in series DDD (Dowson, Wadsworth & Co (solrs), also filed as "DD.D"?) at Nottinghamshire Archives
John Piggin 1875 Hucknall Torkard NTT
borrower, lived 1794-1880, named in following:

Indenture of lease & release for transfer of mortgage:

  1. Thos. Lowe
  2. Rich. Jackson
  3. Jas. Ball of H. Torkard, farmer
  4. John Fox of Nottm., gent.

for £200 1 & 2 to 4 & 4, messuage at Hucknall Torkard. Sigs., seals of 1, 2, 3. Parch. 1838 March 9 & 10

Endorsed transfer of above:

  1. John Piggin of H. Torkard, butcher
  2. Rev. John Hankin Godber of Nottm.
  3. Wm. Rich. Smith of Ashbourne, Derbs., gent.

1 to 2 & 3
Sigs., seals of all
1875 September 1

207. a. & b. in deeds collection of Acton, Simpson & Hanson, solicitors, Nottingham
Nottinghamshire Archives, reference DD/AN

National Archives, England

proprietor of land in Essex: probably Edward James Smith Piggin (1848-1935)

Record in Deeds and Awards of Enfranchisement

Piece Title: Manor of Nazeing: E. Piggin

Date: 1911, Feb. 21

In PRO, Kew. Document reference: MAF 9/88. This class comprises deeds and awards of enfranchisement of land made under the Copyhold Act 1841 to 1894. The pre-1882 records were created by the Copyhold Commission.
George Piggins 1846 LIN

landowner at Gedney

# named in piece entitled: Gedney: dispute between George Piggins and Charles Bertie concerning possession of land and right of way

In PRO, Kew.
Document reference: CRES 2/468 Office of Woods, Forests and Land Revenues and predecessors: Unfiled Correspondence and Papers: Lincolnshire 1846-1847

# purchaser of land at Gedney by copyhold

Document entitled: Manor of Gedney Welby alias Scroope: G. Piggins

Lincolnshire, 1860, Feb. 14

In PRO, Kew. See
Document reference: MAF 9/156 These are deeds and awards of enfranchisement of land made under the Copyhold Act 1841 to 1894. For papers concerning title prior to 1900 see MAF 20. For correspondence and papers see MAF 48. For registers see MAF 76. Until 1882 these are records of the Copyhold Commission.

# vendor of land at Gedney

Document entitled: Purchase of land at Gedney from Mr G Piggins

Lincolnshire, Wingland Estate, 1862-1868

From series: Crown Estates Commissioners and predecessors: Registered Files on Estates Remaining in Crown Possession after 1940 In PRO, Kew. See
Document reference: CRES 35/980


unidentified London businessman

# L. Piggins by direction of Messrs. Pelefield & Co. Crown 1822, June 17: King Street, St. James: assignment of 1,000-year lease of vaults under street

3 docts. Document reference: CRES 38/1362: Crown Estate Commissioners and predecessor: Title Deeds etc of Properties Acquired, and Sold or Leased, by the Crown

# The New Street Commissioners L. Piggins 1822, Aug. 29 Swallow Street (Nos. 65, 66, 66a) and King Street (Nos. 30, 31, 73): certificate for securing 2706 10s. charged on land revenue of Crown.

1 document. Document reference: CRES 38/1369
In PRO, Kew. See

U.S. General Land Office

William PIGGINS 1858 WI

patentee of 80 acres in Kewaunee Co., Wisconsin from U.S. General Land Office by signature dated 1858/02/22. Obtained through Menasha Land Office.

Document Number 22216.
online version at, seen 1998/05/25

Portland Manuscripts at University of Nottingham

William Piggin 1870 Hose, LEI

landowner 1815-1880

# purchaser of land in Notts. by copyhold
Enfranchisement of land in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, with related correspondence; 4 Oct. 1876-7 Dec. 1876 (4 items, paper)
First Party: Arthur Charles Greville of Hillingdon, Middlesex, Esq., late a colonel in HM Army; and Edward Bailey of 5 Berners Street, Middlesex, Esq.
Second Party: William John Cavendish Bentinck Scott, Duke of Portland.
Third Party: William Piggin of Hose, Leicestershire, gentleman.
Copy draft enfranchisement (dated 1 Nov. 1876) by (1) and (2) to (3) of four parcels of land totalling 12a. 0r. 16p., adjoining Newgate Lane in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, copyhold of the Manor of Mansfield.
Reserves minerals.
Consideration: 41 13/- by (3) to (1).
Related letters [Pl E12/7/2/3/5/2-4] from J.J. Handley to Messrs Baileys, Shaw and Gillett.

Forms part of the archival bundle Pl E12/7/2/3.
- from online catalogue

# Also in: Returns of Owners of Land: Leicestershire 1870
Address: Hose
66 acres, 3 roods, 23 perches; Value: 61

from online reference (Bottesford site?) (from Paul Taylor 1999/10)

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