Wandsworth Piggin Family

Jonathan (or John) Piggin
* circa 1795 near Norwich
% Mary Ann Barnes ("Mary") at St Augustine 1820.02.21 (see Norfolk Genealogy Index)

In the 1841 census they appear as a group of five people living at Thorofare Yard: John Piggin, 45, labourer, Mary Ann, 40, and Charlotte, Matilda (?) and William.
In the 1851 census, the family is at Castle Ditches: John Piggen, 59, weaver, Mary A, and only William, 14, is at home.

At the 1842 marriage at right, he is described as John Piggin, weaver. At the 1863 marriage right, his trade is given as "printer", although this is questionable: he may have been the John Piggin that died aged 66 in Norwich in 1856.

Is a connection possible to the address Barnes Yard, where other members of Piggin family lived in Norwich?

At least some entries (e.g. Charlotta and Benjamin christenings) give his name as "Jonathan", and the inheritance of "Jonathan" by the son strongly suggests this is the correct name. But this man is apparently not the contemporary Jonathan Piggin who married a Mary Lake.
Charlotta ("Piggen")
~ 3 September 1820, Norwich
% Frederick Townshend, weaver 1842
* circa 1826 in Norwich area (baptismal record not located)
~ 2 January 1831, Norwich St Michael Coslany (not in 1841 census)
~ 7 April 1833, Norwich St Michael Coslany (not in 1841 census)
William Jonathan, harness maker
~ 1837/04/02 at Norwich Saint Michael Coslany, NFK
He is listed as 4-year-old (William) in 1841 census
% Hannah Banwell 1863a, Marylebone
(she may be the one that died aged 68 in 1910 at Kensington)
Four children died in infancy:
  • William 1863-1866
  • Mary Ann 1874-1875
  • Sarah 1874-1875
  • Alfred 1879-1879 (of measles)
They were living at:
  • 156 Meryick Rd, Battersea at time of an 1876 birth
  • at 16H Block Peabody Buildings, St George Hanover Square district, London, at time of 1881 census
  • at 34 Seymour Place, Kensington in 1901
+ 1902a aged 65 at Kensington
I. John
* 1865a Marylebone
II. William
* 1867b Wandsworth
% Alice Notley 1899
+ 1945a, aged 77, Fulham
III. Henry
* 1868d Wandsworth
IV. Elizabeth
* 1872b Wandsworth
housemaid living with her parents at 1901 census
V. Ada
* 1876b/03/31 Wandsworth
% Arthur William Notley (brother of spouse above) 1899 St George Hanover Square
living at 73 Ifield Road, Kensington at 1901 census (RG13/0036/186/53)
+ 1945a Wandsworth aged 68
VI. Walter
* 1882c, St George Hanover Square (Pimlico)
this man may have married 1910 at Kensington: a Rhoda D. Piggin (c1880-1925) left a will with probate to Walter Piggin, metalworker,
he may have remarried --- Jones 1927: four years later, Alice Maude Mary Piggin (1885-1931) left a will with probate to same Walter Piggin, metalworker

With especial thanks to the Judith Treanor for help in this compilation.

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