The Broads: Piggin Antecedents

18th century origins of the Piggin family living in the Norfolk Broads east of Norwich
No early research has been done on this family yet, but note that there must have been a Piggin family at Filby in the mid-18th century, going by the vital data reproduced on the Flegg Island website (see below). Possibly this Piggin family derives from the old-established Piggin family of Burlingham.
Robert Piggin married Elizabeth Parr 1787/01/05 at Filby
Elizabeth Piggen, aged 39, wife of Robert (late Elizabeth Parr) was buried at Filby 1787/05/01
Robert Piggin married Sarah Dawson 1793/08/11 at Filby
Additional events kindly supplied by John Brown that are possibly connected:
Caister on Sea Marriage
22nd August, 1728 - John Pigg and Martha Daines
Filby Marriages
1751/10/02: Miles Bessy and Elizabeth Piggin
20th February, 1711 - Mary Pigeon and John Philpott
Hemsby Marriage
12th September, 1759 - Jonathan Piggin and Sarah Gidney
Ormesby St. Margaret Marriage
7th February, 1763 - William Pingain(?) and Ann Barns
Note also a burial at Rollesby St George of a Robert Piggen:
This was referenced on the or NAOMI database, which has since lapsed. (see )

Clock- and Watchmakers (several of their timepieces still exist)
born about 1735
+ 1818 aged 83 at Hoveton St. John
See also wills page. Who was Hannah PIGGIN, married in 1756 to Benjamin Helsden at Hoveton St. Peter?
born about 1761
+ 1843 aged 82 at Hoveton St. John
Who was Mary Piggin who married in 1825: Spouse: Gastien? Goshen? Brady. Place: Hoveton St John
Elizabeth PIGGINS
* 1787 Hoveton St John
+ 1870 aged 84 at Hoveton St. John (or is this a widow?)
* 1788 Hoveton St John
John, watchmaker and jeweller
* 1790 at Hoveton St John
% Elizabeth Dyball, 1815.12.12 by licence at St Andrew's Norwich (entry 30: see Norfolk Genealogy 14, page 171)
she had died by time of 1851 census: Post Office Street, Parish of St John Maddermarket, Norwich. At that time his 22-year-old niece Sarah Dyball was his assistant and his 17-year-old nephew Edward Dyball was his apprentice
+ ? (but see wills page re 1856 will)
* 1792
+ 1808 aged 16 at Hoveton St. John

A wide range of information about Flegg and its former residents used to be found on John Brown's excellent (Flegg Island) website.

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