Halifax Piggin Antecedents

Milless PIGGEN the fourth, silk weaver
* 1793/03/10 Norwich Saint Martin at Oak, NFK
% Martha Warner, 1811/09/12 Norwich Saint James Pockthorpe, NFK
Living with their daughter Matilda only at 1851 census, White Horse Yard, Barrack Street, Norwich St James.
* 1812/02/18 Norwich Saint James Pockthorpe, NFK ("Piggon")
* 1815/02/12 Norwich Saint James Pockthorpe, NFK ("Piggon")
presumably died as the name was re-used below
Jos. Warner
* 1817/10/23 Norwich Saint James Pockthorpe, NFK ("Piggon")
* 1821/05/27 Norwich Saint James Pockthorpe, NFK ("Piggon")
% William Webster 1843c Blofield
* ? (both living in 1851 at White Horse Yard, Barrack Street, Norwich, reference HO/107/1813/330)
Mary Ann Warner
* 1824/05/09 Norwich Saint James Pockthorpe, NFK ("Piggen")

Mary Ann had a child before she married. The father of the child was William Webster, her brother-in-law, a foundryman and apparently a neighbour.

% Samuel Gotts 1848/04/21 (her father described as Milles Piggin, weaver)
+ year unknown
I. Joseph PIGGIN, shoemaker
* 1845d/09/21, Pockthorpe (September 21st, 1844 according to family bible)
% (1) Elizabeth Winter (1845-1897) in 1867, Norwich
one ch + inf: Alice Elizabeth 1869-1870 Bradford
% (2) Elizabeth Jeffrey ( -1920) (a widow with previous children of her own)
1875: living at 7 Wadsworth Street
1881 census: still living at 7 Wadsworth Street (This was off Wakefield Road, Bradford. Les was able to find the exact site of this street, now under a factory. In Bowling census district.)
1891 census: living at 3 Harker Street
1901 census: living at 157 Paley Road, West Bowling
+ 1925a/03/17, Bradford "aged 79"
description: a shoemaker living at 149 New Hey Road
buried Bowling Cemetery 1925/03/19
A. Joseph Henry
* 1868/02/27 Norwich
+ 1939/02/18 Bradford
B. Alice Elizabeth
* 1871b/05/20, Bradford
+ 1957/12/14, Hampstead
C. Edith Minnie
* 1873c/07/17, Bradford
% Arthur Jones 1902, Bradford
+ 1951
D. Walter John
* 1875b/05/25, Bowling district (family bible says May 29)
% Lucy Walters ( -1936) 1906, they lived at Halifax
% Nellie Maud Lumb ( -1976), 1937
+ 1949a/03/12, Halifax
E. Evelyn "Molly"
* 1879d/09/20, Bradford: "Eveline"
% Willie Theakston, 1932 at Bradford
+ 1960d, Bradford
F. Redgair
* 1883b, Bradford
+ 1897c/09/21, Bradford. Last address: home of his parents, 3 Square Street, close to Harker St and Wadsworth St.
G. Wilfred
* 1885d/10/01, Bradford
% Lucy Hartley (1882-1957)
+ 20 April 1956, Pasture Lane, Lidget Green, Bradford.
Millis the fifth, whitesmith
* 1826/11/19 Norwich Saint James Pockthorpe, NFK ("Millis PIGGIN")
% Sarah Ann Dawson 1846a, Norwich (Bride's surname Dawson, father's surname Houghton)
1851 census: Barrack Street, St James, Norwich ("Piggen")
+ ?
I. Martha
* c1845
II. Millis the sixth, of St. James Pockthorpe, Norwich
* 1849a at Norwich
% Ann Christmas Green (c1851-1927), 1870, Norwich St Martin at Oak, NFK (IGI)
brewer's labourer living at Norwich St Saviour in 1881, iron foundry labourer in 1901 (mistakenly indexed as Charles 1881, Willis 1901)
living at 35 Willis St, St Pauls, when son enlisted (see CWGC database)
+ 1925c at Norwich
A. Martha Ann M.
* 1870d Norwich
% --- ---- 1903d Norwich
B. William Joseph, printer
* 1872a Norwich
% Elle Louisa Olley 1897d Norwich
+ 1951
C. Millis the seventh, bootmaker
* 1874b, Norwich
+ 1902b, Norwich
D. Sarah Ann, boot machinist
* c1877c Norwich
% --- 1906d, Norwich
E. Alice Jane, boot machinist
* 1879d Norwich
% --- 1904c, Norwich
F. Rosetta, boot fitter in 1901
G. Henry, errand lad in 1901
H. Herbert Arthur
* 1892
+ 1917 in Flanders while serving with Royal Irish Rifles
J. John
III. Sarah
* c. 1856 Norwich
IV. Mary, rush braider
* 1858/04/10 Norwich (see IGI) ( "Piggons")
V. Joseph, shoemaker
* 1870 Norwich
% Clara Warren Freestone, 1898, Norwich
Ernest J 1899-...

Reginald 1901-...
* 1829/02/01 Norwich Saint James Pockthorpe, NFK
% Downing Cattermer 1855/05/29 at St James Pockthorpe
Living next to parents in White Horse Yard in 1861
Widowed by 1871 and living Bakers Yard, Barrack St
William Joseph Warner
* 1832/01/01 Norwich Saint James Pockthorpe, NFK ("Piggen")
Possibly the father of (right):
I. William Warner, a cousin of Millis
* 1851b, Norwich
% Louisa Matilda Parry, 1882 Greenwich
+ 1938b, "aged 88", Norwich
A. John William
* 1885d, Norwich
+ 1904c, Norwich
B. Harry (Henry Charles?)
* 1889a, Norwich
C. Mary Matilda L.
* 1891c, Norwich
+ 1911d, Norwich
D. William Warner
* 10 December 1894 Norwich
% --- Todd, 1918c, Norwich
+ 1974
Joseph William Warner
* 1835/02/15 Norwich Saint James Pockthorpe, NFK ("Piggen")
* 1839a Norwich?
Otherwise may have been father of 1854 child:
Joseph, ~ 2 July 1854, St Augustine, Norwich, parents: Joseph and Ann
* 1835/02/15 Norwich Saint James Pockthorpe, NFK (possibly the 44-year-old in London in 1881 census)

Additional notes

The families of White Horse Yard seem to have stayed put over a period of many years, intermarrying, all equally poor, and unlikely to move any further than a yard or two along Barrack Street.

A mystery: Who was Thomas "Piggins" born at Halifax, 1874b?
and who was Jessie Piggin, born 1908b, Sheffield: any relation?

This page is largely based on family research conducted by Les Piggin and Edith Leach. Both were kind enough to share their findings.

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