Fragmentary Norwich Piggin Family

Descendants of
William or Walter PIGGIN of Norwich
% Sara ---

Note: The 1901 census does have a William and Sarah Piggin, aged 75 and 72 respectively, living at Hapton. They had been at Swardeston in the 1861 and 1871 census with children Rebecca, etc but no Thomas. So they are surely not connected to the Thomas at the right.
I. Thomas, house painter
His history through the census is difficult to track, particularly as there was another Thomas Piggin of similar age at Heigham, and the following construction implies that he "lost" four years of age:
  • 1871 census: 16-year-old draper, son of Reuben and Emma, at Market Lane, St Peter Mountergate, Norwich
  • 1881 census: 25-year-old prisoner in County Jail
  • 1891 census: 32-year-old painter at St. Martin at Oak, Norwich
  • 1901 census: 42-year-old father of large family
They were possibly living at 13 Magpie Road, Norwich, in 1910.

* 1855b Norwich
% Sarah Westgate 1880c Norwich
+ 1934d aged 78, Norwich

This differs significantly from the family tradition, according to which Thomas:
% Anne --- , family tradition is that the sons of this first marriage moved to London, one went to United States
% Hannah? ---
A. John
* not located
1891 census states his age as 9, 1901 census has him aged 20
went to America, according to family tradition
B. Thomas
* 1884/03/15? (reg 1884b Norwich, Thomas William) (The 1891 census states his age as 9, not 7. However 1901 census has him aged 17 (iron moulder))
% --- 1906, Norwich ("Thomas William Piggin") (partner Ellen Mirah Oakes or Helen Elizabeth Brock)
+ 1969d, Norwich Outer
C. Arthur (not mentioned in family tradition, but this name is given in 1891 census, aged 7, in 1901 census aged 15)
D. Walter
* 1888a, Norwich (in 1901 census aged 13)
% Maud Roberts 1910
He had been living at 15 Magpie Road. Walter and Maud lived at Valpy Avenue.
He said he was one of eight brothers serving in the British forces during World War I.
+ 1951c, Norwich
E. Herbert (mentioned in family tradition)
* ?
(1891 census has him aged 1, 1901 census has him aged 12)
F. Harry
* 1891/11/21 Norwich (1901 census has him aged 10)
% Mabel Town (1896-1979) 1915c, Preston
+ 1975c, Norwich
G. Sarah
* ?
(aged 7 in 1901 census)
% --- Groom
H. Alfred
* ?
(aged 6 in 1901 census)
(possibly the Albert born 1895a at Norwich?)
J. William
* 1897/05/11? (aged 4 in 1901 census)
% --- Batson
+ 1970c? Norwich
H. Anne? Ellen?
an Ellen M.M. * 1898
II. William
III. Caroline

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