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This page is by way of a note: many 18th- and 19th-century records and indexes appear to contain the name "Pigon". In almost all cases this will be revealed to be a reference to the Pigou families. At various periods the letters n and u were almost indistinguishable in handwriting. A Pigou family tree has been well researched by Tim Tomlinson in England.

With the kind help of Tim Tomlinson (January 2002) and contributions from Larry Pigou of Blenheim, New Zealand, as well as Elizabeth Pigou-Dennis (December 2004) and Alejandro Milberg (November 2008), I compiled this page to help in distinguishing the Piggin from the Pigou entries. If by chance it should be of help to members of the Pigou family, all the better. False transcriptions of Pigou as "Pigon" can be blamed on a variety of indexers including staff of the General Registry Office (GRO), contributors to the International Genealogical Index (IGI), Vital Records Index (VRI) and the Federation of Family History Societies 1881 Census Index (FFHS) and me: click the button at left if you want to hide the notes about these conflicts.

Descendants of
Frederick John Pigou
% Louise Esther Charleville Minchin 1788
Lived at Hill Street, Berkeley Square. She died 1812.
I. Georgina Pigou 1789-1868
% Hugo Charles Maynell-Ingram 1819 < IGI entry: Pigon
II. Frederick William Pigou 1790-1863
III. Henry Minchin Pigou 1791-1874
% Elizabeth Bird, 1814
% Elizabeth Pigou, 1848
Frederick John Pigou
% Margaret Catherine Johnson < FFHS index entry: Pigon
Frederick Alexander Preston Pigou < FFHS index entry: Pigon
~ 1838/05/01, Ashted Saint James the Less, WAR < IGI entry: Pigon
% Margaret Purrier
+ 1905
Frederick Hugo Pigou
1866-1942 < FFHS index entry: Pigon
% Annie Barrington Payne, 1891 < GRO index entry: Pijou
Frederick Arthur Pigou
Robert Henry Pigou
Hugo James Pigou
John Clarence Pigou 1907-1964
* 1907d < GRO entry: Pigon
% 1940 in Surrey SW < GRO entry: Pigon
Mary Isabel Pigou 1867-1948
Ella Egremont Pigou 1869-1955 < FFHS index entry: Pigon
% --- 1906b, Dartford < GRO entry: Pigon
Harold John Pigou 1874-1954 < FFHS index entry: Pigon
Meynell Henry Pigou 1875-1965 < FFHS index entry: Pigon
Isabel Pigou 1877-1954 < FFHS index entry: Pigon
% Arthur Burnett Carter, 1916c, Dartford < GRO entry: Pigon
Florence Eliza Charlotte Pigou 1841-1913
~ 1841/08/13, Rugby Saint Andrew, WAR < IGI entry: Pigon
Cecilia Susanna Hall Pigou 1840-1914
Frances Meynell Pigou 1843-1913
~ 1843/10/18, Rugby Saint Andrew, WAR < IGI entry: Pigon
% James Watt, 1880b, Hastings < GRO entry: Pigon
Robert Pigou 1816-1841
Louisa Hester Pigou 1819-
Charlotte Pigou 1820-
Henry Clarence Pigou 1821-1899
rector of Wyke Regis, Dorset: see 1881 census < FFHS index entry: Pigon
% Catherine Louisa Way
Mary Eliza Pigou 1856-1925
~ 1856/05/11, Wyke Regis, Dorset, England < IGI entry: Pigon < 1901 Census: Ancestry index: Pigon
Henry Lewis Pigou 1859-1867
~ 1859/07/17, Wyke Regis, Dorset, England < IGI entry: Pigon
Arthur Pigou
% Cecilia Charlotte Jane Johnson
Ella Frances Emma Pigou 1845-
% --- 1868b < GRO entry: Pigon
Amy Annie Key Pigou 1846-1923
Constance Harriet Emma Pigou 1848-1908 < FFHS index entry: Pigon
Clarence George Scott Pigou 1850-1905
% Nora Frances Sophia Lees 1850-1902a < her GRO entry: Pigon
Living in Kent at 1881 census < FFHS index entry: Pigon
+ 1905d, Kensington < GRO entry: Pigon
Arthur Cecil Pigou 1877-1959, the Cambridge economist, never married < FFHS index entry: Pigon
Gerald Arthur Pigou 1878-1957 < FFHS index entry: Pigon
Kathleen Marie Pigou 1881-1955
Harriet Eliza Pigou
* 1824
+ 1899b Weymouth < GRO entry: Pigon
Emma Pigou
* 1826
+ 1894c Weymouth < GRO entry: Pigon
Georgina Catherine Pigou 1828-1889
IV. Louisa Pigou 1794-1873
V. Clarence Pigou 1799-1858
Evidently served with either the East India Company or the British Army in Calcutta, Bengal

Robert Richard Pigou, brother of Frederick John Pigou (above)
* 1768
% 1825
+ 1852b, Bradfield < GRO entry: both Pigon and Pigou

Descendants of
William Henry Pigou
(closely related to family above)
% Elizabeth Arabella Comyn 1792
I. Harry Pigou 1793-1833, captain in India
% Margaret [MacDonald]
Robert 1814- (eldest son) was married in NSW to Mary, may be connected to Flora Jessie Pigou who married in NSW in 1865
Elizabeth Arabella 1815-
% Edward Baker Bere
Kate 1817-1831
Louisa 1817-1855
% Charles William Duffin
William Harry 1818-1858
% Clara Elizabeth ---
Edward William 1851-1901, Protector of Immigrants in Jamaica William Eric A. 1878-1953
Florence Isabel 1859-
Edward 1818-1850
Henry 1821-1856
% Mary Elizabeth ---
Henrietta 1822-
% James Gordon
Margaret 1823-1852
Jessie 1825-
% George Drury (major-general)
Thomas Philip 1835-1840 (1825?)
John Duff 1827-1870
II. Elizabeth 1795-1879
III. Lawrence Pigou -1876
% Elizabeth ---
IV. William George Pigou
* 1798
2nd lieutenant, 83rd Foot Regiment, invalided out in 1816
% Jane Mildred Smith 1823 at York Saint Michael-le-Belfry, YKS < IGI entry: Pigon
+ 1853 Dublin
Arthur Comyn Pigou
* 1826, location unknown (eldest son)
% Jemima Frederica Norris
1853c, St George Hanover Square District < GRO entry: Pigon (St Michael's Church Pimlico)
+ 1902d, aged 78, Isle of Wight < IGI entry: Pigon
Frederica Ernestine Mildred Pigou
~ 1855/03/29, Alverstoke, HAM < IGI entry: Pigon
Henrietta Jemima Pigou
~ 1857/07/08, Alverstoke, HAM < IGI entry: Pigon
+ 1929a, Isle of Wight < GRO entry: Pigon
Mary Beatrice Pigou
* 1859d, Portsea (Portsmouth, Hampshire) < GRO entry: Pigon
+ 1915b, Isle of Wight < GRO entry: Pigon
Evelyn Elizabeth Pigou
Robert Arthur Comyn Pigou
For NZ descent, see Pigou family reunion 1886-1993 Blenheim.
A copy is available from Society of Genealogists Library, London: Family history tracts, vol. 208.
Reginald Pigou 1862-?
Arthur Pigou 1864-1921 < FFHS index entry: Pigon
Gerald Pigou 1865-1927 < FFHS index entry: Pigon
Cecil Henry Pigou
~ 1869/10/06 Alverstoke, HAM < IGI entry: Pigon
Ernestine Mildred Pigou 1830-1891
Caroline Pigou 1830-1881
Frances Elizabeth Pigou 1831-1881
Francis Pigou
one-time vicar of Halifax and dean of Bristol,
author of Phases of My Life
Mildred Ernestine Pigou
* 1860d Kensington < GRO entry: Pigon
(properly Mildred Emma Pigou 1860-1938)
Ernestine Pigou 1863-1941
Francis William Pigou 1867-1867
Emma Gertrude Pigou 1837-1906
% Simson Hicks Ricketts 1855b, Cheltenham district < GRO entry: Pigon
Clement Pigou 1840-1885

Descendants of
Thomas Pigou
apparently a very distant cousin of the families above
I. John Pigou 1790-1839
% Margaret Emma Driver 1824
Emma Harriet Pigou 1825-1839
Francis Pigou 1829-1869
Henry Pigou 1831-1910, rector of Long Bredy, Dorset
% Katherine Symms
1881 census: The Rectory, Long Bredy < FFHS index entry: Pigon
Margaret Emma Letrob Foster Pigou
* 1865a, Hemel Hempstead < GRO entry: Pigon
boarding at an address in Kent in 1881 census < FFHS index entry: Pigon
+ 1925
Henry La. T. Pigou
* 1869, Little Bredy, Dorset (see census)
1901 census index: preparatory mason (master?) <indexed as "Henry PIGON"
% Charlotte Agatha Bellars, 1915, Canterbury < GRO entry: Pigon
+ 1945a, Kensington <indexed as "Henry La. D. PIGGON"
II. Francis Pigou 1794-1832

For further information about the Pigou family, write to:
Mr Tim Tomlinson
21 Forge Drive
Claygate, Surrey

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