Walsoken Piggins Antecedents

Descendants of Stephen Piggins
coachman of Walsoken, estimated year of birth about 1790,
married to Ann Holman
The office of coach driver in this period is wonderfully described in the person of Sam Weller's father in The Pickwick Papers.

Stephen's location in Wisbech would suggest a connection to the Fens Piggins family who partly settled in Wisbech, but it is entirely possible that Stephen came from the Broads family. Two indications: the Punchard family tree in the Visitations states that Elizabeth (below), born 1820, was the daughter of Stephen and Ann Piggins of Great Yarmouth, and there is an 1849 will at Norwich Archives for a "Stevens Piggin the elder of Great Yarmouth."
~ 1810/04/04 Wisbech St Peter
Mary Ann
~ 1811/07/04 Wisbech St Peter
Stephen Piggins
~ 1812/09/20 Wisbech St Peter
The Cambridgeshire Family History Society's Baptism Index 1801-1837 lists Stephen Piggins, born 1812, son of Stephen and Ann (no address given), in Wisbech St. Peter. (Thanks to Sharlene Chase for finding this, and to Carol Markillie for the extraction.)

In The Times in January 1834: On Tuesday evening last, between 6 and 7 o'clock, the son of that well-known "whip" Mr. Stephen Piggons, who regularly drives the Defiance coach from Cambridge to Wisbech, eloped from Chatteris with the youngest daughter of the late Thomas Skeels, Esq. of Stoney. Every requisite arrangement appears to have been well managed, the fugitives driving off at full speed for Ely, where it is supposed they got into the Red Rover night coach to London. The young lady, who is about 17 years of age, is possessed of good property. We have been since informed that the friends of the youthful couple have followed them, in order to arrange the affair in an honourable and satisfactory manner. -- Cambridge Chronicle.

% Sarah Skeels
Two dates given for this event in IGI:
1834/01/22 at Westminster Saint Martin in the Fields and 1834/01/25 at Cambridge Saint Andrew the Great
To conduct serious research, the actual records (or microfilms) will need to be checked.

The Bankrupt Directory 1820-1843 by George ELWICK lists a public advertisement Dec 29, 1837 of the bankruptcy of one PIGGINS Stephen, jun., Cambridge, brewer

+ 1875a Bristol district aged 62
Stephen Skeels
* 1836, St Andrews, Cambridge, record not located, but the Cambridgeshire Family History Society website lists a birth in 1836 of Stephen S. Piggins, son of Stephen & _______ of East Rd. in Cambridge St. Andrew the Less (thanks to Sharlene Chase for finding this).
SSP served in 28th (Gloucestershire) Foot Regiment of the British Army 1854-1876 (WO97-2077)
% Theresa Sarah Fennell (1842-1909: she born East Indies) 1859 in Bombay (see FIBIS transcript)
living at Pershore at 1881 census
+ 1915a, Leeds, aged 79
See also Biography page
I. Sarah
* c1862 in India (see 1881 census)
% Samuel Smith, 1881
% Lewis Timson, 1896
II. Charles
* 1866c Farnham/Aldershot (father serving in 28th Regiment)
Joined 2nd Battalion of Worcester Regiment on 1880/08/18 aged 14, regimental no. 2506; seemingly not in England in 1881: Ian Cruttenden says the 2nd Battalion was at Kinsale in Ireland 1 July 1881.
Eventually became drummer-sergeant 1st Battalion of same; date of discharge after 1903.
In 1910 he was a timekeeper at an electrical-engine works in Birmingham. He re-enlisted 1914/09/19 in the 6th (special reserve) Battalion of the Worcester Regiment, no. 6/9303; discharged 1917/07/16 (sickness)
% Sarah Walters (1877-?), 1893, Upton
+ 1925b, Birmingham S. district
A. Ethel Margaret (not married)
* 1897 Plymouth (father serving in 29th (Worcestershire) Regiment)
+ 1966
B. Charles Redvers
major in Berks. Royal Regt. (no. 48787 RAOC) See WWI and WWII commissions in London Gazette
* 1900a, Upton?
% Helen Kathleen Richards (c1902-1967), 1925
+ 1950
C. Eileen Claire
* 1903c, Upton
% John "Jack" Martin, 1925
+ 1972
D. Gerald Keith
* 1910
III. Theresa
* 1869b, Newport/Isle of Wight (father serving in 28th Regiment)
% William Walrend Graydon, 1890, Pershore (Kempsey, Worcs., March 3 1890)
+ ?
IV. Stephen Skeels
* 1872a, Farnham/Aldershot (father serving in 28th Regiment)
% Bessie Wyatt, 1904/10/27, Bristol
+ 1917c, Bristol, aged 45
A. Stephen Sidney S.
* 1905/08/12, Bristol
% Marjorie Kate Rogers, 1930
+ 1974
B. Gladys
* 1906d, Bristol
% George Smith of Tetbury, 1960, n.i.
C. Ivy Lilian
* 1908b, Bristol
% Harry James, 1931
D. Theresa Sarah (Tessie)
* 1909d, Bristol
% --- ---, two children
E. Violet Phyllis S.
* 1912c, Bristol
% "Stermie" Archer, 1934
F. Henry Herbert Skeels
* 1913, Bristol
emigrated to Queensland, Australia
% Queenie ---
G. Annie
V. Mary
* 1874d, Clifton/Bristol (father serving in 28th Regiment) (however 1881 census claims her birthplace was Somerset)
% James Henderson Tyack at parish church, Kempsey 1896/12/17 (Pershore district)
VI. Alfred S., served as drummer boy in 28th Regiment 1891-1903 (WO97-5692), discharged after offence (see Old Soldiers page)
* 1876c, Clifton/Bristol (father serving in 28th Regiment)
% --- --- (Griffin or Winnicott?), 1904, East Stonehouse
+ 1924b, Upton, aged 47
VII. Arthur Henry S.
served as bandsman (private) in 1st Royal Dublin Fusiliers 1893-1911 (WO97-5692)
* 1879b, Pershore, Worcs.
+ in India? discharged at Ahmeddragar, Deccan, for guard's job on Great Indian Peninsular Railway
VIII. Ernest Frank H.
* 1885b, Clifton, christened 1885/06/21 at Horfield
+ 1917a at Plymouth aged 32
~ 1814/08/22 Wisbech St Peter (entry number 280, parents at Trafalagar Row, Wisbech St Peter, father coachman)
Benjamin Holman P.
~ 1816/03/24 Wisbech St Peter (entry number 590, parents at Elm Street, Wisbech St Peter, father coachman)
% Emma Seager, 1859
+ 1899c aged 84 at Ipswich, Suffolk
I. Alice Elizabeth Ann, lodging-house keeper
* 1861a, Ipswich
+ 1929a, "aged 64"
II. Benjamin William
* 1865b, Ipswich
~ 1821/06/17 Wisbech St. Peter
From Parish Register, Bap #1574, LDS Film 1040587: d/o Stephen & Ann PIGGINS, Timber Market, Wisbech, Coachman
News report in Ipswich 1841-06-19: Married. 14th inst. at Whitton, by the Rev. Edward Woolnough, Mr John Punchard, of this town, to Elizabeth, 2nd daughter of Mr. Stephen Piggins, of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.
~ 1823/07/14 Wisbech St. Peter
From Parish Register, Bap #2053, LDS Film 1040587: Susan d/o Stephen & Ann PIGGINS, Walsoken, Coachman
~ 1825/07/26 Wisbech St. Peter
From Parish Register, Bap #152, LDS Film 1040587: d/o Stephen & Ann PIGGINS, Walsoken, Coachman

Son of
William Piggins, victualler of Market View, Wisbech St Peters
and wife Ann
William, butcher
~ 1819/01/18 at Wisbech St Peter, Cambridgeshire
% Elizabeth Addison (c1819- ) of St Johns, Norfolk
year of death unknown, possibly 1890b aged 70 at Kings Lynn
In the 1851 census, there is an entry (no. 1767/199/9) for their household at Walsoken, Wisbech
In the 1881 census the place of residence is 12 Marshland Road, Walsoken
I. Susan
* 1845b/03/23 at Walsoken, Norfolk (full name Easter Susan Ann indicates she was born at Easter)
% Robert Henry Osborn 1867d, Wisbech
+ 1932
II. William
* c1850, Walsoken, Norfolk (probably William *1847c Wisbech)
+ 1851 Oct 24
III. Mary Ellen
* 1849d, Walsoken, Norfolk (Wisbech district)
% --- 1875c, Wisbech
+ ?

My thanks to George MacPherson, Peter Skeels-Piggins and Lorraine Povey who kindly provided many of the important details for this chart. The errors and uncertainties are my own. Carol J. Markillie and Sharlene Chase did the early research for these lineages.

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