Fulham Piggins Antecedents

Descendants of
a doctor's assistant called PIGGINS of Nottingham who "married beneath him"
The dates of birth and death of the ancestor mentioned above are unknown.
One more elaborate account has it that Fred, right, was the illegitimate son of (an aunt?) of Jesse Boot, the industrialist
It would be more plausible however to suppose that he was the son of the George Piggins, aged 15, bricklayer, listed in the 1841 census as living at Burlington Rd, Fulham. Of this George we only know that he was born in the county where he lived (Middlesex?).
William FREDerick, of Everington St, Fulham; he had some connection to Boots
* 1855 or 1856 at "Nottingham": no record of birth found, perhaps born in London (at age 25 in 1881 he said he had been born in Kensington, and at age 45 in 1901 he said he had been born in Notting Hill!) or illegitimate

% Mary Bagley (1860-1887), 1878 Kensington, mother of A, B,C, one child died inf.:
  • Beatrice 1886-88

% Clara Routley (c1863-1930), 1889 Fulham, mother of D, E, F, G, H, J, one ch. + inf.:
  • Wm. Chas. 1889-18__

1881 census listing at RG11 0034/47/47: 9 Silchester Terrace
1891 census listing at RG12/47/163r/153

+ 24 June 1935b, aged 79, Fulham, buried in family grave at new cemetery, Sheen nr. Richmond
A. Ada
* 18 October 1880, Kensington
lived Canonbury Square, Islington
+ 3 July 1970c, Enfield (Highlands Hospital), spinster. Will: £1986
B. Ar. FREDerick
* 1882d, Fulham
+ 22 October 1954d, aged 72, Fulham, bachelor. Will: £2216
C. Martha Margaret "Maggie"
* 1884c, Fulham
+ 1904b, Fulham, aged 19 of consumption
D. Florence Edith M.
* 2 November 1890d, Fulham
% Joseph Allan, 1914 Devonport, Devon
+ ?
E. Walter J.
* 1892b, Fulham
% Mempsie Turner (1890-1969) 1916 Fulham
+ 1962c, Battersea
F. Ivy
* 25 November 1893
(no record found, but she is in the 1901 census aged 7)
% Alfred Maugham, 1929
she lived at Heston, then as widow at Horsham, Sussex
G. Dorothy G.
* 1896a, Fulham
% Arthur Honeybunn, 1921 Fulham
she lived at Billinghurst, taught at village school in Shipley near Horsham
+ 1985
H. GWENdolyn Beatrice, lived as widow at Horsham, Sussex
* 1897, Fulham
% George Braybrook, 1926, no issue
J. Harold C.
* 23 June 1901
% Winifred Anne Smith (1904-1976) 1927
+ 4 March 1976
II. brothers or sisters of Fred? the family tradition is that Fred had sisters called Grace and Beatrice

With especial thanks to Alan Piggins and Pamela Southin who kindly shared so much of their research.

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  • * ... born
  • ~ ... baptized
  • % ... married
  • + ... died/buried
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