Pigin of Badsey and Worcestershire Mysteries

Instances of the "Pigin" spelling among the Pidgeon Families of the Vale of Evesham in Worcestershire
(this family group has the number E7; note that Badsey is fairly close to the home of the E2 group in Stratford-on-Avon)
The preponderance of "Pidgeon" in the Badsey parish records suggests the "Pigin" entries are merely a variant, not a true Piggin. The "Pigin" variant is confined to a 60-year period 1540-1600. See the website
Robert PIGIN of Badsey Richus PIGIN1540/11/10
Willielmus PIGIN
Agneta PIGIN 1562/12/13
Willimus PIGIN 1565/12/25
Edwardus PIGIN
Katarina PIGIN 1598/02/21
Note that a Katherine PIGEON was buried at Badsey 15 Nov 1614
Amy, daughter of Edward PIGEON, baptised 12 Jun 1602 at Badsey, WOR
Elena PIGIN 1569/04/05
Johes PIGIN 1573/07/06
Robertus PIGIN
Elinora PIGIN
Margareta PIGIN
John Pigin of Badsey Margareta PIGIN
Margeria PIGIN
Richard Pigin of Badsey Edwardus PIGIN

~ 1560/10/06

Richardus PIGINE
~ 1580/10/02
Antonius PIGIN
~ 1581/12/24
~ 1583/10/12
~ 1584/02/17
% Thomas James
11 Aug 1614 (Named as Anne PIGEON)
Alicia PIGIN
~ 1588/10/25
Richardus PIGIN
~ 1591/01/30
Elizabeta PIGIN
~ 1591/03/09
Franciscus PIGIN
~ 1592/02/03
Robtus PIGIN
~ 1593/08/25
Elizabethe PIGGEN
~ 1596/04/09
~ 1600/02/03
~ 1600/08/23
Margaret PIGEON, daughter of Thomas PIGEON, baptised 10 Nov 1602 at Badsey
Giles PIGEON, son ofThomas PIGEON, baptised 22 Aug 1604 at Badsey
Most likely this is Gyles, the father of: Gyles PIDGEON
~ 1628/11/10 Badsey, WOR
(Note that IGI has erroneous spelling PIDEON for latter).
William PIGEON, son of Thomas PIGEON,
baptised 15 May 1606
John PIGEON, son of Thomas PIGEON, baptised 26 May 1608 at Badsey
Ricdus PIGIN1562/08/12
Alicia PIGIN 1542/07/05
Rcdus PIGIN 1543/09/15
Willmus PIGIN 1544/03/19
Robtus PIGIN 1552/07/13
Edward (parentage unknown) William PIGEN
~ 1623/01/19 Worcester Saint John Bedwardine, WOR
children of William Piggin of Bretforton
Joseph PIGIN
married Helinor
John PIGGON 1662/04/12
William and Anne Mary PIEGON 1675/02/13
John PIGGON 1683/12/02
Possibly the same as
John PIGEN who married Sarah Haywood, 1708/11/27 at Alvechurch, WOR

Piggin Families of the Kidderminster area (E6) (distant from above!!!)
Will of John Piggin of Kethermyster, Worcester (alternate spelling of Kidderminster?)
Section 1558-1583 of Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 31 Lyon (ref.: Index Library vol 18)
Merregy PYGGYN married Thomas Waterson, vicar of Wolverley, WOR
See 2001 letter from Margaret:
Source: Notts. Family History Journal, April 2000
a Thomas PIGGINS married Margaret LOW 1758/02/13 Upper Arley, WOR (near Kidderminster)
% Ann ---
of Old Swinford
~ 1783/03/08
~ 1785/02/03
William PIGGEN
~ 1786/07/16
% Sarah ---
of Old Swinford

~ 1789/09/13 Old Swinford, WOR
% Simon Starr 1808/11/05 Kidderminster, WOR
~ 1792/03/09 Kidderminster, WOR
~ 1795/12/25 Old Swinford, WOR
~ 1804/08/21 Kidderminster, WOR
same Jacob?
% Harriet
Mary Bromfield PIGGIN
~ 1816/01/05 Kidderminster, WOR
Sarah Rose PIGON
~ 1826/03/27Kidderminster, WOR

E2: Stratford area
John: father of Elizabeth PIGGEN ~ 1544 Charlecote
Mawde PIGGEN % Flodder, Thomas 1553/06/06 Charlecote
Robert PIGINE father of Michl. PIGINE 1579/03/06 Snitterfield, WAR
Richardus PYGGYN 1562/04/20 Noblet, Agnes Stratford on Avon Holy Trinity, WAR
Elyzabeth PYGGEN 1609/10/05 Nycolls, Rychard Stratford on Avon Holy Trinity, WAR
Children of William PIGGIN of Stratford on Avon:
Hugh PEGGEN 1615/06/26
Margaret PIGINE 1618/03/05
Richard PIGINE 1618/03/05
Edwarde PIGGIN 1619/05/27
Mathaeus PIGGIN 1620/06/18
Elizabetha PIGGIN 1622/02/06
Marie PIGGIN 1624/07/11
Richard PIGEN % Alice Tubb 1615/10/10 Butlers Marston, WAR
Edward PIGEN: father of Martha PIGEN ~ 1615/02/04 Butlers Marston, WAR
It seems clear that these too are instances of "Pidgeon" crudely spelled. David Turner has kindly noted for me the following from the Quarter Sessions Trinity 1625:
'Alice Pidgeon, wife of Edward Pidgeon, was coming to Butlers Marston upon Friday last to her brother (blank) Tubb and Rowland Greeneway, her brother in law, where she was lodged, and left at Butlers Marston'... her two children, one of which was born there, and the parishioners have had to maintain them since. Tubb and Greenway ordered to bring Alice back to Butlers Marston 'and in the meantime ... (not having land to be taxed with by the yard land) shall pay with the rest of the inhabitants towards the said charge'
Children of George and Elizabeth PIGEN of Pillerton Priors:
George PIGON 1719/11/01
James PIGON 1722/09/02
Hannah PIGON 1725/07/25
Daughter of Thomas and Charlott Pigen: Saley PIGEN ~ 1779/05/07 Combrook, WAR
Marriage of Thomas PIGGIN to Ainge, Sarah 1783/05/04 Combrook, WAR
Mary PIGGAN to Richards, Isaac 1793/08/12 Wootton Wawen, WAR

E3: Hereford, Withington and Hentland (Madley)
Children of Henry PIGGIN of Madley (Hentland baptisms)
Willms. PIGIN 1566/04/
Thomas PIGIN 1578/10/09
Children of William PIGGIN of same, who married Voyle, Elizabetha 1605/11/04 Hentland, HEF
Johes. PIGGYN 1606/11/23 (1634/04/14 married An Keynton at Hereford Saint Nicholas, HEF)
Elizabetha PIGGYN 1609/04/19
Katerini PIGGYN 1611/09/22
Jacobus PIGGYN 1613/09/20
Thomas PIGGIN 1616/06/09
Anna PIGINGE 1619/01/09
Other marriages in that area:
Margeria PIGGIN 1605/02/25 Rodd, Jacobus Llangarren, HEF
Anna PIGGIN 1601/05/03 Ballard, Richardus Llangarren, HEF
Mary PIGON 1706/08/28 Walton, Thomas Withington, SHR

E4: Ludlow (only two entries)
Elinor PIGGIN 1570/07/23 Dixon, Charles Ludlow, SHR
Thomas PYGGIN 1577/02/24 Huntt, Mary Ludlow, SHR
(Thomas PIGGINS gave receipt in 1582 for £44 in fines paid at the order of the Council of the March of Wales. This was based in Ludlow. See PRO online index.)

E5: the Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Telford axis (includes parishes of Shifnal and Ryton)
Hendry or Hary Pyggin married Mary ab Edward 1633/09/03 Shrewsbury Saint Chad, SHR
their children include:
Mary PIGGIN ~ 1639/12/19
However a comprehensive list of their children compiled by Ian Pidgeon shows this was a Pidgeon family:
1634 (Pygon), 1642 (Pigeon), 1644 (Pigeon), 1647 (Pidgion), 1648 (Pidgion), 1649 (Pidggion), 1650 (Pidgeon), 1650 (Pidgen), 1650 (Pidgen), 1650 (Pidgen), 1651 (Pidgion), 1655 (Piggion).
Henry Piggion, a weaver, buried 1662/03/ 31 St. Chads.
See Ian's Marriages:
William PIGIN 1683/02/02 Fox, Dority Shrewsbury Saint Alkmund, SHR
Mary PIGON 1685/09/05 Jukes, Richard Shrewsbury Saint Julian, SHR
Elinar PIGON 1685/11/21 Bakxter, Nathaniell Shrewsbury Saint Julian, SHR
Son of John and Jane PIGGIN
William PIGGIN ~ 1667/11/17 Madeley, SHR (rather young to be the groom above!)
Daughter of Jacob and Sarah in same parish 133 years later:
Mary PIGGIN ~1800/10/12 Sarah Madeley, SHR
William PIGGIN of Shifnal married 1683/11/05 Feilds, Mary
they had two children:
William PIGGIN 1684/08/24
Elizabeth PIGIN 1686/12/19
Miscellaneous children:
of Thomas and Ann: Ann PIGING 1740/10/26 Ryton by Shifnal, SHR
of Matthias and Mary: Thomas PIGGEN 1794/07/27 Kemberton, SHR
of Andrew and Anne: Trikina PIGIN 1780/03/05 Little Wenlock, SHR
of William and Anne: William PIGGIN 1738/10/15 Llanyblodwell, SHR
Miscellaneous marriages:
Francis PIGGIN 1771/12/30 Mulliner, Mary Shifnal, SHR
Martha PIGGEN 1803/10/28 Evans, Thomas Kinnerley, SHR
Robert PIGEEN 1726/06/23 Garland, Mary Broughton by Wem, SHR
at Sheffhales (Sheriffhales), SHR:
baptisms of a Piggen and a Piggin associated with the burial of one of them, spelt Picken. All 1808 to 1811. Ian Pidgeon suggests these are probably the "piggin(g)" pronunciation, not "Pidgeon".
And 150 years later:
Catharine PIGGIN born 1876b Oswestry
Note too that Frederick Piggin stated at the 1881 census that he had been born (circa 1826) in Worcester town. However his father would appear to have come there from Sheffield.

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