Town of Derby: Piggin Publicans

Descendants of
John Piggin
publican of Derby (so identified in 1842 marriage record (below)
innkeeper of The Anchor, the White Swan Inn (?? and The Wellington, Litchurch (1861)??)
* c. 1810, Derby

% (1) Frances Hanson at Duffield, 14 July 1832; she died 1840c, Derby: death notice in The Derby Mercury 1840/09/23: On Sunday last, aged 35 years, Frances, wife of Mr. Thos. Piggin, of the Anchor public-house, St. Peter's-street, in this town, much respected.
% (2) Hannah Barnes (c. 1808-1884c) of Normanton, Derby, 1842/11/16 (his condition given as bachelor, publican at Morledge. Notice in The Derby Mercury: Marriages. On Wedneday last, at St. Peter's church, by the Rev. Wm. Fisher, Mr. Thomas Piggin, to Miss Hannah Barnes, both of this town.)
they lived in Parish of St. Peter, Derby

+ 1870c aged 60 at Derby: The Derby Mercury: Deaths. Piggin - ON Sunday last, after a very long illness, Mr Thomas Piggin, aged 61, formerly of the White Swan Inn, St. Peter's-street, Derby; much regretted.

There are numerous mentions in The Derby Mercury of his activities in the Loyal Band of Hope Lodge of the Midland United Order of Odd Fellows. His bar at the White Swan Inn, St. Peter's Street, was their lodge-house. A tribute in The Derby Mercury notes, "The deceased had taken an active part in the society's affairs since its commencement, which is about 20 years ago, he having been treasurer to his lodge and one of the general trustees to the funeral fund up to the time of his death. His advice and counsel were eagerly sought for in any differnence that might arise, as his whole conduct was marked by a strong desire to do justice to all, and his loss will be long felt by htose who have worked with him in the interests of Oddfellowship."

His legal affairs include a minor conviction in 1853: Before the Mayor, Dr Bent and J. Sandars, Esq. Sunday Drinking - Thomas Piggin, of the White Swan, St Peter's-street, was summoned for keeping his house open during the hours of Divine service on the preceding Sunday afternoon. -- Police-constable Shaw stated that at 25 minutes past three on Sunday afternoon he found seven persons drinking brandy and water in defendant's large parlour; some of the parties were strangers, others were Derby men, and the remainder members of the Repton troop. - Defendant said three were travellers and if any drink was supplied to the others it was done unknown to him. ... This was the first complaint which had been lodged against the house, and defendant was ordered to pay 5s. and costs. (The Derby Mercury)
I. Frances
~ 7 July 1833, St Peter
% Joseph Francis Rose 1853
+ ?
II. John
~ 8 February 1835, St Peter
+ ?
III. Emma
~ 30 December 1836, St Peter
1861 census: single, aged 22
% Thomas Osbourne, publican of Prestbury CHS, 1871
+ ?
IV. Mary Ann
* 1840a, Derby
~ 25 February 1840, St Peter
% --- ---, 1865b, Derby
+ ?
V. Thomas
* 1843c, Derby
+ 1881d, Derby
VI. Lydia
* ? birth record not located
~ 27 August 1847, Derby St. Peter
at 1861 census: "scholar", aged 13
+ ?
??? Frances
birth record not located: perhaps this is an adult baptism of above Frances?
~ 27 June 1852, Derby St Peter
+ ?

Descendants of
an as-yet unidentified Piggin from Shardlow village
I. Joseph Piggin, butcher
* about 1864 in Shardlow
% Eliza Hardy (c. 1865-?) on 1885/07/06 at Derby, said to have had ten daughters.
lived at 26 Forester Street, Derby at 1891 census, also listed elsewhere as restaurant keeper at St. Peters Churchyard, Derby. Issues of The Derby Mercury in 1891 identify his restaurant as the Shaftesbury Coffee Rooms.
They subsequently moved to Manchester
+ ?

At his marriage there is no mention of him having a father. Here are a couple of possible leads:
  • Perhaps Joe was the 9-year-old boy in the Shardlow Union Workhouse (son of Hannah) at the 1871 census, maybe born 1862 in Derby and dying 1938 aged 74 at Barton (Lancashire?). Hannah may have been a daughter of Josiah Piggin of Elvaston.
  • Perhaps he was another boy named Joe who was born 1859 in Shardlow, mother Mary, and died 1938 in Manchester South aged 78.
A. Alice
* 1886c, Derby
B. Agnes
* 1887c, Derby
% --- Turner, 1912, Prestwich
C. Millicent Hardy
* 1889c, Derby
% --- 1909, Derby
D. Hannah Eliza "Nancy"
* 1890d, Derby
% Norman Underwood, 1915, Derby
E. Mabel
* 1892d Derby
% --- Bradley, 1915 Prestwich
F. Joseph Hardy, butcher as were four of his sons
* 1 May 1894, Derby
% Dorothy Burgess 1915 Chorlton
+ 1976b Trafford (Manchester)
G. Doris
* 1898c, Derby
H. Leonard Hardy
* 1901/10/25 Derby
emigrated to Australia
adopted surname Hardy (see London Gazette 1945)
% Irene A Fraser 1926 in Melbourne
* 1981 Adelaide
J. Gladys
* 1904/08/29, Derby
% Abe Serree, 1932
+ 1995
K. Grace
*1905d, Derby
% --- DaCosta Manchester 1929
% --- Culley 1933
+ ?
L. Phyllis I.
* 1911b, Derby
% --- Winson, 1933
II. Amelia Mawbey, spinster, certified teacher number 32996
* 1874c, Derby (her father Joseph had married Eliza Mawbey on 1873/11/06 at Derby Saint Werburgh)
she lived 53 Crompton Street, Derby
+ 6 July 1921c, Derby
Will £128 names Joseph, restaurant keeper, as executor

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