Ockbrook Piggin: Ancient Origins

Descendants of
John Piggin of Ockbrook, Derbyshire
born before 1550, wife's name unknown
died about 1594
See the Google Map showing Ockbrook.
For a comprehensive listing of early Ockbrook land and legal records, see the documents page.
For the location of Piggin Wood and Piggin's Grange at Ockbrook, see the Place-Names page.
I. Robert I
* before 1573 (a later document terms him "second son": Cameron's Place-Names of Derbyshire mentions a 1562 Parish Transcripts entry for Robert Pygyn)
First mentioned in 1594 indenture for Ockbrook property inherited from his father John.
% Katherine --- (she may be the Katherine P. who died 1639 at Ockbrook)
+ 1619
Will: Robert Piggen of Ockbrook 1619 September 27, yeoman
1. eldest son Robert (messuage in Ockbrook and cottage in Borrowash)
3. wife Catheryne, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Isabell, three sons John, Richard, Arthur, daughter Jane, daughter Catherine, daughter Lucy
long inventory, very fragile and faded
The Pares collection contains a 1620 indenture granting a wardship of Robert II to Katherine
A. Robert II
* soon after 1602: described in will above as eldest son
% --- ?
+ c1671
Will: Robert Piggin of Ockbrook 1671 April 7, yeoman: lists:
son Robert, daughter Katherine, son William, son John, son Thomas, son Richard
son Christopher Bentley, son Robert Wilson, sister Kath. Reed
bequest to Eliz. Coote
Executor: son Robert Piggin
Supervisor: Richard Piggin of Ockbrook
Witnesses: Christopher Bentley, etc.
Signed R.B.
Inv. by Richard Piggin (X), John Piggin, Tho. Piggin (X), etc.
Total £344.18.8d
In addition, a Robert Piggin is mentioned in the 1639 will of one Richard Osborne of Ockbrook: note that the Lucy below married an Osborne.
Robert III
* year unknown
% Pascha --- ? (a Pascha Piggin died 1702 in Ockbrook)
+ 1701: he appears to have died childless
He conducted an inventory 1685 on a Smedley estate;
he may be author of following will:
Robert Piggin of Ockbrook 1701 July 4, yeoman:
wife (not named)
cousin Rob. Wilson
cousin Mary Johnson
cousin Pascha Anndell
cousin Judith Bonsall
nephew Robert Piggin - exec
Inv. by Rob Rowland, Fr. Goodwin, Steph. Grongnet vic. Ockbrook
Total £805.6.2d
% George Redshaw of Dalbury, 1672 Ockbrook
William, may have married in 1678,
and may have been the Ockbrook William who was subject of admon.: William Piggin of Ockbrooke 1681 Aug 15
Adm to Tho. Piggin, brother
X Tho. Piggin, Robert Piggin
Inv. by William Bennet, Rob. Piggin, John Piggin
Total inv. £107.8.8.d
N.B. a Katherine Piggin - his wife? - died 1680 Ockbrook
* 1678 Ockbrook
* 1680 Ockbrook
William of Elvaston (m. Anne Gudkin) could plausibly be a son of the William at left
John, ancestor of Spondon branch
may be the one who married Millicent Redshaw 1665 Dalbury and then Judith Hibbart 1677 Spondon
(check! I have the marriage in 1657 and a child Robert born 1660!) May have witnessed 1681 will and done 1684 inventory (see Anne Smedley will/Spondon).
Will of John Piggin of Ockbrook 1695 April 26, yeoman, land in Spondon
1. daughter Judith - her uncle Rob. Piggin and brother John Pigin to consent to her marriage
2. daughter Mary Johnson - her son John Johnson
3. kinsman Robert Wilson - his brother Elias Wilson
5. son John Piggin - exec. Brother Robert Piggin and kinsman Henry K----, overseers
Witnesses: (illegible) and Jane Piggin (X) and John Johnson
Inv. by Robert Piggin senior, Robert Piggin junior and John Johnson
Total £249.4.2d
* 1667 Spondon
% Katherine Darby 1708 at Derby St. Peter (she remarried 1728 at Church Wilne to John Bentley)
Will of John Piggin of Spondon, 1726 October 4, yeoman, will made 14 March 1723/4
1. wife Catherine
2. daughter Catherine
Mentions John Johnson of Oakbrook.
See also the Spondon website where this family is listed among the Spondon farmers.
* 1709 Spondon
% Francis Goodwin (record not found)
Parents of John Piggin Goodwin baptised 11/10/1726 at Spondon. They also had 6 other children up to 1741 (research by Liz Reading)
* 1669 Spondon
Man left could plausibly be father (wife Eliz) of William of Elvaston and Elias of Elvaston, q.v.
* 1671 Spondon
% Robert Bonsal 1696 Spondon (I have Ockbrook as location)
* 1673 Spondon
% John Johnson 1690 Spondon
John Johnson
* 1691 Spondon
Ancestor of Anne Branson: see family tree
% Christopher Bentley
% Mary ---
He and son signed a bond in 1691 to repay £20: "Thomas Piggin and Robert Piggin jr. of Ockbrook to Elizabeth Bennet of Spondon"
Will: Thomas Piggin of Ockbrook 1696 Oct 16, yeoman:
son Robert, daughter Mary Bingham
Brother Robert owes him money from their father's legacy
Inv. by John Piggin, Robert Piggin, Tho. Bingham
Total £120.00.4d
Robert IV, heir to his uncle Robert III
* 1663 Ockbrook (or *1680 at Spondon?)
% Jane Statham, 1683 Duffield (she remarried John Johnson 1706/7 Ockbrook)
One possible will is that of Robert Piggin of 1701. The other is:
Will of Robert Piggin of Ockbrook 1706 May 21 (charity mentioned in White)
2. wife Jane
3. late uncle Robert Piggin
4. cousin Robert Wilson, cousin John Piggin, cousin Edw. Buxton
6. Thomas, son of sister Brigham
7. my honoured mother Mary - she to pay to Dorothy wife of Henry Barber
8. cousin John Piggin, son of my late uncle John Piggin
9. my wife and cousin Robert Wilson executors. Cousin Edw. Buxton the elder and Richard Lewis supervisors
Inv. total £791.14.4
Entry dealing with Ockbrook charities from White’s 1857 Directory of Derbyshire (transcribed by Neil Wilson): Robert Piggin, in 1706, gave 40s. per annum to the poor of the parish, out of a farm in Chaddesden, which is distributed on Good Friday.
% Thomas Bingham
Thomas Bingham/Brigham
possibly died 1678 Ockbrook
dau, possibly Dorothy, who married Robert Wilson Robert Wilson
* 1687 W. Hallam
Robert Wilson
* 1688 W. Hallam
B. Elizabeth
* >1602 <1619
possibly died 1632 Ockbrook
C. Isabell (from will?)
* >1602 <1619
D. John (inventarizer of his brother's estate?)
* >1602 <1619
E. Richard (executor of his brother's will?)
* >1602 <1619
(possibly husband of Rachell who died 1679 Ockbrook)
Will of Richard Piggin of Ockbrook 1679 May 9:
to only daughter Catherine Piggin - sole exec - Witnesses: Wm Bennet, John Piggin, Pascha Piggin
Inv. by Robert Piggin, John Piggin £92.2.2d
* 1646 Ockbrook
F. Arthur (from will?)
* >1602 <1619
G. Jane (from will?)
* >1602 <1619
H. Katherine
* >1602 <1619
% --- Reed
(may have died 1679 Ockbrook)
J. Lucy
* >1602 <1619
% James Osborne 1640 Ockbrook
* 1643 Ockbrook
* 1648 Ockbrook
who married 1687, may be related

Based on a chart by Tina Negus (number 5 by my numbering, I. in Tina's)).

The website dealing with Spondon mentioned above is now located at:

Anne Branson's website is at

Notes by Tina Negus:
(1): Assuming Robert died 1619 relatively young - Lucy (probably youngest child) married 1640, probably aged about 21 and born about 1618/1619 (?) just before he died
(2): Assuming that Robert, eldest son of Robert (d. 1619) is the same as the Robert who died 1671
(3): Assuming Richard who died 1678 is also son of Robert who died 1619, and cannot possibly be our highwayman since he was very much alive in 1679
(4): Possible that Richard son of Robert (died 1671) is our highwayman. On Robert's will of 1671 it is probable that the Richard who acted as his supervisor and inventory appraiser was testator's brother rather than his son. I suspect that the highwayman hailed from Ockbrook, since Richard was an Ockbrook Piggin name, and also that was where he bolted to when challenged and was able to make his escape.
(5): on the other hand it may be that Richard died 1678 also had a son called Richard as well as a daughter Catherine, but didn't leave him anything as he was a bad lot.
(6): A bit of a problem with Robert (died 1701 Ockbrook). It is not really clear which generation he belongs to. Also, Pascha (his wife?) appears to have died 1702 Ockbrook; but a cousin Pascha Anndall is mentioned in Robert's will of 1701, so who is she? I cannot find any such name on the IGI, or marriage. So It must be an unusual name, surely?
(7): I suspect that Ockbrook/Spondon Piggins are linked to Elvaston/Thulston Piggins as they are so close by.
(8): Lucy married 1646 James Osborne. Sarah Piggin the widow of William (died 1690 Elvaston/Thulston) mentions Osbornes in her will, but I have not as yet tried to check them out
(9): Richard Piggin with three hearths recorded on Hearth Tax Register 1662. He must have been relatively wealthy (presumably this Richard died 1678). Also note Robert with two hearths (the Robert who died 1671?)
(10): I don't know who the Katherine Piggin was who married William Piggin in 1678, but she didn't last long nor contribute any male Piggins to the line. I guess she was a "cousin". Piggin history shows several examples of cousin marriages.

This family may have been Catholic, but the more likely explanation is that it had some kind of land dealings with a Catholic landowner. See Derbyshire Record Office document Q/RR/15/1/7-9, which relates to messuage and land in Ockbrook, messuage cottage and land in Spondon and persons named Willoughbey, Bingham, Piggin and Mundy, 1744, enrolled Jan 18 Geo II [1745]. This material is in a collection headed Registration of Papists' Deeds and Wills. The headnote states: After the Jacobite rebellion of 1715, by the Act of 1 Geo I c 55 (1715) papists were obliged to register their names and real estate with the clerk of the peace and to subscribe the entry either personally or by attorney... The description of estates is often very detailed giving tenants or occupiers names, rents etc. It is possible therefore that the named Piggin was simply the tenant of a Papist. Search using the Access to Archives site:

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