Piggin entries in 1901 Census


The following is a preliminary sort based largely on 595 names found in the online index available from the Public Records Office. Many people are still missing. The extracts have been arranged in rough geographical order only. We are going to need a collective effort from the whole family to purchase all the images (75 pence apiece) so we can add addresses, relationships, middle names, employment relationships, piece numbers, names of masters (and in some cases servants) and so on. You can purchase the images online at the above site using your credit card.

You can tell which pages still need to be inspected by looking at the strange errors by the PRO transcribers (grover for grocer, assitant for assistant) or by examining the piece-number column. If it says "Approx. No", then no one has yet checked that entry. The approximate numbers were computed from Jeffrey Knaggs's list using Stephen T. Miller's technology. The piece numbers are largely accurate, but the calculated folio numbers are not. If you want to search a piece on fiche, try within two folios either side of the calculated folio number. If that is not successful, start at the beginning of the piece.

If you buy an online image, please save it and let me have a copy. These are big files (200 KB) but easy to send as e-mail attachments. My advice: don't waste money buying the PRO website's "transcription details" (50 pence a shot): the transcriptions are imperfect and we will gain more out of the 75-pence image. Printouts of fiche images are also welcome. Microfiche copies of parts of the census can be examined for free at many English records offices.

Census taken in England and Wales on 31 March 1901

Public Records Office series RG13

piece/folio/schedule or page

Name, surnameRelationCondSex/AgeOccupationWhere Born

Kensington registration district

Number 002   
34 Seymour Place, Kensington pswardes.htm 0037/87/10
William J PIGGIN head M M 64 harness maker Norwich NFK
Hannah PIGGIN wife M F 59 Milton OXF
Elizabeth PIGGIN daughter S F 29 housemaid domestic Battersea LND
22 Seymour Place pswardes.htm 0037/88/11
William PIGGIN head M M 34 harness maker Battersea LND
Alice PIGGIN wife M F 35 Lambeth LND
Alice PIGGIN daughter S F 1 Kensington LND
Walter PIGGIN brother S M 18 harness maker Pimlico LND
somewhere in Hammersmith fulham.htm Approx Piece No. 39/158
Ada PIGGINS boarder F 20 monthly filaments Nottinghill LND

Fulham registration district

Number 003   
somewhere in Fulham fulham.htm Approx Piece No. 54/161
Fredrick PIGGINS head M 45 bricklayer Nottinghill LND
Clara A PIGGINS F 37 bricklayer ... Stowey SOM
Arthur F PIGGINS son M 18 bay in bake house Nottinghill LND
Martha M PIGGINS daughter F 16 electric light factory Fulham LND
Florence E PIGGINS daughter F 10 electric light factory Fulham LND
Walter J PIGGINS son M 9 electric light factory Fulham LND
Ivy PIGGINS daughter F 7 electric light factory Fulham LND
Dorothy PIGGINS daughter F 5 electric light factory Fulham LND
Gwen PIGGINS F 5 electric light factory Fulham LND

Chelsea registration district

Number 004   
somewhere in Chelsea m~gedney.htm Approx Piece No. 77/203
Kate PIGGINS F 20 cook domestic Waplode Fen LIN
Emily PIGGINS servant F 19 housemaid domestic Waplode Fen LIN

Marylebone registration district

Number 007   
somewhere in Marylebone nflitchm.htm Approx Piece No. 113/162
Thomas PIGGINS head M 44 gentleman groom NFK
Mary PIGGINS F 42 Oxford OXF
Edith PIGGINS F 10 Marylebone LND
George PIGGINS M 7 Marylebone LND
Frederick PIGGINS M 4 Marylebone LND

Islington registration district

Number 010    1B
location not stated, but somewhere in Upper Holloway Approx Piece No. 159/163
Thomas J PIGGEN head M 26 postman Norwich NFK
Emma PIGGEN wife F 33 Brompton LND
Edith PIGGEN daughter F 0,58 Islington
Number 010   
somewhere in Islington Approx Piece No. 168/152
John PIGGIN head M 52 traveller HRT
Location not stated; this piece contains 10 institutions in Upper Holloway sub-district. Ancestry gives parish as Islington tbecklay.htm Approx Piece No. 170/119
John PIGGIN inmate M 88 ret milkman Wilston HRT

Hackney registration district

Number 011   
somewhere in Hackney scorowa.htm Approx Piece No. 213/161
Edward PIGGIN M 54 shop keeper hosier & glover Braintree ESS
somewhere in Hackney Approx Piece No. 214/142
Gertrude PIGGON F 22 general domestic Leeds YKS
somewhere in Hackney y~london.htm Approx Piece No. 220/195
George PIGGIN head M 50 packing case maker Bethnal Green LND
Dorcas PIGGIN wife F 44 Shoreditch LND
Robert PIGGIN son M 16 journeyman baker Shoreditch LND
William PIGGIN son M 13 Clapton Park LND
Beatrice PIGGIN daughter F 8 Clapton Park LND

St Giles registration district

Number 012   
somewhere in St Giles & St George Bloomsbury Approx Piece No. 239/136
William PIGGINS head M 33 licensed shoe black Paddington LND
Clara PIGGINS wife F 27 Paddington LND
somewhere in St Giles In The Fields & St George Bloomsbury scorowa.htm Approx Piece No. 239/45
Frank H PIGGIN head M 27 butcher Chesham BKM

Holborn registration district

Number 014   
somewhere in City Road area, St Lukes Parish y~london.htm Approx Piece No. 259/81
James R PIGGIN head M 49 fruit dealer green St Lukes LND
Jane PIGGIN wife F 46 St Lukes LND
Wm PIGGIN M 19 St Lukes LND
Albert PIGGIN son M 17 green fruit assistant St Lukes LND
Ernest PIGGIN son M 12 Hackney LND
somewhere in St Luke area of Finsbury y~london.htm Approx Piece No. 261/120
Sarah PIGGIN head F 49 charwoman City LND
Rose PIGGIN F 17 card box maker St Luke LND
Albert PIGGIN son M 12 scholar Hackney LND

London City registration district

Number 015    2
location not stated, but apparently in Middle Temple, Farringdon Without Ward Approx Piece No. 264/194
Charles PIGEN M 42 lodging house keeper Hornsey MDX

Shoreditch registration district

Number 016   
somewhere in Shoreditch jwestcty.htm Approx Piece No. 274/166
Ellen PIGGINS servant F 39 domestic servant Devonport DEV

Bethnal Green registration district

Number 017   
somewhere in Bethnal Green Approx Piece No. 292/181
Samuel PIGGINS head M 64 shoemaker St James Norwick
Harriet PIGGINS F 66 Bermondsey

Stepney registration district

Number 020   
somewhere in St Mary Stratford Bow Approx Piece No. 339/152
Jonathan G PIGGIN head M 24 brewers cooker Norwich NFK
Francis C PIGGIN wife F 25 Bow LND
Flora PIGGIN F 1 Wandworth SRY
somewhere in St Mary Stratford Bow oreuben.htm Approx Piece No. 340/162
Richard G PIGGIN head M 30 builders labourer Norwich NFK
Elizabeth B PIGGIN wife F 29 Barking LND
William G PIGGIN son M 6 Bow LND
Stanley R PIGGIN son M 4 Bow LND
Archibald M PIGGIN son M 0,83 Bow LND

Wandsworth registration district

Number 026   
somewhere in Wandsworth oreuben.htm Approx Piece No. 483/204
Robert PIGGIN head M 23 cooper in brewery Norwich NFK
Emma J PIGGIN wife F 23 Birningham WAR

Camberwell registration district

Number 027   
location not stated, and cannot be established from PRO site Approx Piece No. 503/155
Frederick Charles PIGGIN attendant M 32 asylum attendant instit s Carnarvon Llandudno

Lewisham registration district

Number 029   
somewhere in St Paul Deptford h~scot.htm Approx Piece No. 531/150
Edward G PIGGINS head M 30 ... manager Chatham KEN
Mary L PIGGINS wife F 30 dressmaker L Sydenham KEN
Winifred PIGGINS daughter F 8 Camberwell LND
Edward PIGGINS son M 3 New X LND
somewhere in Lee Approx Piece No. 547/188
May PIGGON F 11 pupil London LND
somewhere in Lewisham p~halhul.htm Approx Piece No. 556/146
Alice Elizh PEGGIN boarder F 29 dressmaker Bowling YKS

Farnham registration district

Number 034   
location not stated, but clearly in one of nine Military Camp institutions at Aldershot Approx Piece No. 612/164
Nelson PIGGON M 18 driver field depot London LND

Croydon registration district

Number 039   
somewhere in North Wimbledon Approx Piece No. 657/192
Eliza PIGGIN F 82 Belvedere KEN
somewhere in Thames Ditton Approx Piece No. 669/146
Nellie PIGGINS F 35 nurse domestic Village Hill KEN

Dover registration district

Number 065   
somewhere in Township Folkestone scorowa.htm Approx Piece No. 847/154
Rebecca PEGGIN servant F 51 house keeper domestic Braintree ESS

Chichester registration district

Number 085   
somewhere in Chichester Approx Piece No. 969/111
Christabe PIGON F 25 Hollington SSX

Basingstoke registration district

Number 109   
somewhere in Aldershot Military in Stanhope and Wellington Lines Piece No. 612/
George PIGGIN 27 Norwich NFK

Reading registration district

Number 120   
somewhere in Winkfield Approx Piece No. 1163/96
Sarah PIGGON F 46 ladiesmaid Hacknells NTT
somewhere in Sunningdale Approx Piece No. 1166/137
Louisa PIGGIN servant F 37 domestic servant Skeffington LIN

Windsor registration district

Number 124   
In Clewer and New Windsor area Approx Piece No. 1169/136
Trooper Jas PIGGIN soldier M 20 soldier 1st life guards London LND

Edmonton registration district

Number 130   
somewhere in Willesden m~gedney.htm Approx Piece No. 1223/171
Thomas PIGGINS boarder M 24 hair dresses assistant Babraham [Snettisham?] CAM
somewhere in Hornsey scorowa.htm Approx Piece No. 1238/156
Herbert PIGGIN head M 49 secretary of public company Braintree ESS
Elizabeth PIGGIN wife F 33 Enfield MDX
Gwendoline PIGGIN daughter F 9 Hornsey MDX
somewhere in Tottenham oreuben.htm Approx Piece No. 1246/205
Walter PIGGIN head M 56 cooper Norfolk NFK
Jane PIGGIN F 53 Norfolk NFK
Amelia PIGGIN F 20 corset hand machinist Norfolk NFK
Ruth PIGGIN F 16 india rubber factory hand Essex ESS
somewhere in Tottenham tbecklay.htm Approx Piece No. 1253/177
Edward A PIGGIN head M 38 copper plate printer Farringdon LND
Clemtina PIGGIN wife F 36 Hornsey MDX
Edward J PIGGIN M 12 Frinsbury Park LND
Harry PIGGIN son M 10 Frinsbury Park LND
Walter PIGGIN son M 8 Frinsbury Park LND
Alexander PIGGIN son M 6 Holloway LND
John A PIGGIN son M 4 Holloway LND
William PIGGIN son M 2 Holloway LND
somewhere in Wood Green oreuben.htm Approx Piece No. 1258/200
Thomas PIGGIN head M 47 railway porter Norwich
Ann PIGGIN wife F 32 Old Caton
Alfred PIGGIN son M 9 Woodgreen MDX
somewhere in Southgate Approx Piece No. 1267/134
Ann B PIGGINS F 23 general servant domestic Norwich NFK

Amersham registration district

Number 141   
somewhere in Chesham scorowa.htm Approx Piece No. 1333/164
George PIGGIN head M 53 grover Braintree ESS
Rebecca PIGGIN F 52 Chesham BKM
George PIGGIN M 29 grocers assitant Chesham BKM
Leonard PIGGIN M 23 clerk in brewery Chesham BKM
Nellie PIGGIN F 21 dressmaker Chesham BKM
Fred PIGGIN M 19 assitant in boot shop Chesham BKM
May PIGGIN F 17 assitant in fancy shop Chesham BKM
Albert PIGGIN M 12 Chesham BKM

Wisbech registration district

Number 185   
somewhere in Wisbech St Peter Approx Piece No. 1555/120
Elizabeth PIGGINS head F 74 retired butcher St Johns NFK
somewhere in Wisbech St Peter Approx Piece No. 1556/110
Harriett PIGGINS head F 69 living on own means Spalding LIN
Harry PIGGINS son M 35 carpenter & joiner Spalding LIN

West Ham registration district

Number 186   
somewhere in West Ham h~scot.htm Approx Piece No. 1567/146
Samuel PIGGINS head M 26 order clerk commercial Chatham KEN
Naomi A PIGGINS wife F 25 Plaistow ESS
somewhere in Cann Hall h~scot.htm Approx Piece No. 1610/170
Caroline PIGGINS head F 58 household work Chatham KEN
Joseph PIGGINS son M 23 commercial clerk Chatham KEN
Rupert E PIGGINS adoptedson M 11 Poplar LND
somewhere in Leyton Approx Piece No. 1614/133
Edith PIGGIN head F 27 Stratford ESS
Stanley PIGGIN son M 3 Stratford ESS
Alfred PIGGIN son M 1 Stratford ESS
somewhere in Walthamstow y~london.htm Approx Piece No. 1632/144
Robert PIGGIN head M 22 mounter walking stoker St Lukes LND
Martha PIGGIN wife F 21 Clerkenwell LND
Martha PIGGIN daughter F 1 Walthamstow ESS

Orsett registration district

Number 190   
somewhere in Stanford Le Hope Approx Piece No. 1662/148
Mary PIGGINS F 68 Mucking ESS

Tendring registration district

Number 195   
somewhere in Great Clacton m~gedney.htm Approx Piece No. 1695/121
Elizabeth A PIGGINS F 25 photographic assist Walsall STS

Braintree registration district

Number 199   
somewhere in Braintree scorowa.htm Approx Piece No. 1727/122
Alfred PIGGIN head M 61 grocer shopkeeper Braintree ESS
Lucy PIGGIN wife F 62 Bury St Edmunds
Lucy A PIGGIN daughter F 32 Braintree ESS
Nora E PIGGIN F 28 Braintree ESS
Constance W PIGGIN daughter F 24 Braintree ESS
Florence M PIGGIN daughter F 22 Braintree ESS
Hubert PIGGIN M 20 grocers assistant Braintree ESS

Ipswich registration district

Number 205   
somewhere in St Helens y~london.htm Approx Piece No. 1781/162
Harriet PIGGINS head F 62 lodging house keeper Boxted SFK
Alice PIGGINS daughter F 40 Ipswich SFK

Yarmouth registration district

Number 219   
somewhere in Yarmouth Southern Approx Piece No. 1810/186
Alice PIGGIN servant F 18 general servant domestic Norwich NFK

Flegg registration district

Number 220   
somewhere in Rollesby Entire qflegg.htm Approx Piece No. 1818/128
Robert PIGGEN M 44 farmer Martham NFK
Annie PIGGEN F 34 Gt Yarmouth NFK
James PIGGEN M 22 farmers son Martham NFK
George PIGGEN M 20 carpenter Martham NFK
Robert PIGGEN M 17 ordinary agricultural labourer Martham NFK
May PIGGEN F 14 Martham NFK
Annie PIGGEN F 9 scholar Martham NFK
John PIGGEN M 6 scholar Martham NFK
Gladys PIGGEN F 3 scholar Rollesby NFK
Albert PIGGEN M 0,66 Rollesby NFK

Norwich registration district

Number 225   
unique Approx Piece No. 0/0
Pamela PIGGIN head 53 Norwich NFK
Rose PIGGIN daughter 3 Norwich
Mary PIGGIN wife 45 Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich Approx Piece No. 1834/132
Thomas PIGGIN head M 42 ... Norwich NFK
Sarah PIGGIN wife F 42 Norwich NFK
John PIGGIN son M 20 ... Colchester ESS
Thomas PIGGIN son M 17 iron moulder Norwich NFK
Arthur PIGGIN M 15 Norwich NFK
Walter PIGGIN son M 13 Norwich NFK
Herbert PIGGIN son M 12 Norwich NFK
Harry PIGGIN son M 10 Norwich NFK
Sarah PIGGIN daughter F 7 Norwich NFK
Alfred PIGGIN son M 6 Norwich NFK
William PIGGIN son M 4 Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich Approx Piece No. 1834/133
Harry PIGGIN head M 25 insurance agent pearl Norwich NFK
Ellen PIGGIN wife F 27 vegetables shop keeper Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich Approx Piece No. 1834/134
Robert PEGGIN head M 26 ... Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich Approx Piece No. 1834/135
Bessie PIGGEN wife F 26 sea heaver Norwich NFK
Bessie PIGGEN F 14 Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich antecede.htm Approx Piece No. 1835/136
Job PIGGIN head M 32 shoe maker Norwich NFK
Emily PIGGINS wife F 25 Norwich NFK
Emily PIGGINS daughter F 2 Norwich NFK
Rose PIGGINS F 0,25 Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich oreuben.htm Approx Piece No. 1835/137
Richard PIGIN lodger M 40 bricklayer Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich p~halhul.htm Approx Piece No. 1835/138
Millis PIGGIN head M 51 labourer iron foundry Norwich NFK
Ann C PIGGIN wife F 50 Norwich NFK
Martha A M PIGGIN daughter F 30 boot fitter Norwich NFK
Millis PIGGIN M 27 boot maker Norwich NFK
Sarah A PIGGIN daughter F 23 boot machinist Norwich NFK
Alice PIGGIN F 21 boot machinist Norwich NFK
Rosetta L PIGGIN daughter F 18 boot fitter Norwich NFK
Henry J PIGGIN son M 15 errand lad port Norwich NFK
Herbert A PIGGIN son M 8 Norwich NFK
John E PIGGIN son M 4 Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich Approx Piece No. 1835/139
Hannah PIGGIN head F 34 boot trade Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich Approx Piece No. 1836/128
Joseph PIGGIN head M 30 shoemaker Norwich NFK
Clara PIGGIN wife F 27 Norwich NFK
Ernest J PIGGIN son M 2 Norwich NFK
Reginald PIGGIN M 1 Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich oreuben.htm Approx Piece No. 1838/137
Walter PIGGIN head M 28 cooper Hellesdon NFK
Elizabeth PIGGIN F 28 Hellesdon NFK
somewhere in Norwich antecede.htm Approx Piece No. 1838/58
James PIGGIN head M 56 market gardener Norwich NFK
Elizabeth PIGGIN wife F 58 Norwich NFK
Henry PIGGIN nephew M 21 labourer general Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich antecede.htm Approx Piece No. 1838/89
George PIGGIN head M 50 boot sole serving machine Norwich NFK
Mary PIGGIN F 48 Norwich NFK
Henry PIGGIN M 22 boot sole serving machine Norwich NFK
Edith PIGGIN daughter F 17 boot sole serving machine Norwich NFK
Walter PIGGIN son M 14 barn makors apprentice Norwich NFK
Alice PIGGIN daughter F 12 Norwich NFK
Albert PIGGIN son M 9 Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich Approx Piece No. 1838/94
Jane PIGGIN head F 64 drapers hawker Malta
somewhere in Norwich Approx Piece No. 1840/142
Robert PIGGIN head M 50 water crels hawker Swardeston NFK
somewhere in Norwich oreuben.htm Approx Piece No. 1840/143
Henry A PIGGIN head M 53 brush finisher Norwich NFK
Ellen PIGGIN wife F 55 Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich p~halhul.htm Approx Piece No. 1841/160
William PIGGIN head M 48 ... Norwich NFK
Louisa PIGGIN wife F 33 Greenwich KEN
John PIGGIN son M 16 Norwich NFK
Harry PIGGIN son M 13 Norwich NFK
Mary PIGGIN daughter F 10 Norwich NFK
William PIGGIN M 6 Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich Approx Piece No. 1841/161
Sarah PIGGIN head F 74 Norwich NFK
Sarah J PIGGINS granddaughter F 15 dressmakers apprentice Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich Approx Piece No. 1842/131
Charles PIGGIN brother-in-law M 30 Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich Approx Piece No. 1842/163
Robert PIGGIN head M 60 fish hawker Norwich NFK
Elizabeth PIGGIN wife F 53 Norwich NFK
Alice PIGGIN F 20 boot machinist Norwich NFK
Ernest PIGGIN son M 16 boot m clicker Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich Approx Piece No. 1842/40
May PIGGEN F 17 domestic servant Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich Approx Piece No. 1842/42
Roulen PEGGEN M 49 chat woman Norwich St Gregory NFK
Fred PEGGEN M 51 dealer hawk Norwich St Gregory NFK
somewhere in Norwich oreuben.htm Approx Piece No. 1845/169
Reuben R PIGGIN head M 73 bootmaker mans Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich Approx Piece No. 1845/170
William J PIGGIN head M 29 printer press man Norwich NFK
Ellen L PIGGIN wife F 25 Hull YKS
Ethel M PIGGIN daughter F 2 Norwich NFK
somewhere in Norwich oreuben.htm Approx Piece No. 1847/186
Pamela PIGGIN head F 35 washing Norwich NFK
Arthur PIGGIN son M 25 oster groom Norwich NFK
Martha PIGGIN daughter F 18 tailoress Norwich NFK
Horace PIGGIN son M 16 boot finisher Norwich NFK
William PIGGIN son M 12 Norwich NFK
Maud PIGGIN F 10 Norwich NFK
Frederick PIGGEN M 28 railway carter Norwich NFK
somewhere in Hapton Entire Approx Piece No. 1864/128
William PIGGIN head M 75 market gardener Norwich NFK
Sarah PIGGIN wife F 72 Mulbarton NFK

Freebridge Lynn registration district

Number 236   
somewhere in Harpley Entire nflitchm.htm Approx Piece No. 1884/118
John PIGGINS head M 30 teamster on farm Grimstone NFK
Bertha PIGGINS wife F 24 Congham NFK
Ernest PIGGINS son M 2 Flitcham NFK
Gertrude PIGGINS daughter F 0,33 Harpley NFK
John PIGGENS head M 62 horse keeper on farm West Newton NFK
Richard PIGGENS father M 80 pensioned gardens laborer West Newton NFK
Emma PIGGENS sister F 52 West Newton NFK

Weymouth registration district

Number 264   
location not stated, but piece comprises shipping and navy at Portland Approx Piece No. 1998/208
Ed PIGGINS crew M 16 boy 1st class Bristol GLS

Bristol registration district

Number 320   
somewhere in Bristol bulwell.htm Approx Piece No. 2368/191
John FOWLER M 40 schoolmaster Liverpool LAN
somewhere in Bristol bulwell.htm Approx Piece No. 2372/146
Frederick C PIGGINS head M 29 musical instrument & phonagraph dealer Hucknall ...
Josephine Grace PIGGINS wife F 31 London LND
Doris Josephine PIGGINS daughter F 0,33 Bristol GLS
Elizabeth E PIGGINS F 65 none Scotter LIN

Barton Regis registration district

Number 321   
location not stated, but apparently Horfield Barracks l~army.htm Approx Piece No. 2405/39
Alfred PIGGINS M 24 private army Bristol GLS

Stafford registration district

Number 359   
somewhere in Goldenhill e~pottry.htm Approx Piece No. 2588/107
Samuel PIGGIN brother-in-law M 21 house painter Tunstall STS
somewhere in Tunstall e~pottry.htm Approx Piece No. 2591/146
Leonard W PIGGIN head M 26 shopkeeper chemist Burslem STS
Marion PIGGIN wife F 24 Burslem STS
somewhere in Hanley e~pottry.htm Approx Piece No. 2601/115
James PIGGIN head M 39 joiner Stoke STS
Emma PIGGIN wife F 38 Hanley STS
Frederick PIGGIN son M 13 Bristol GLS
somewhere in Hanley (CB) (Part) e~pottry.htm Approx Piece No. 2602/127
William PIGGIN head M 49 potters handler Wolverhampton STS
Mary A PIGGIN wife F 46 dressmaker Hanley STS
Ellen J PIGGIN F 19 potters transferrer Burslem STS
Ada PIGGIN daughter F 12 Hanley STS
Frederick C PIGGIN son M 7 Hanley STS

Walsall registration district

Number 372   
somewhere in Walsall Approx Piece No. 2697/128
Patrick PIGGON boarder M 30 general farm labourer Ireland
John PIGGON boarder M 26 coal miner Ireland
somewhere in Walsall m~gedney.htm Approx Piece No. 2701/180
Henry PIGGINS head M 36 window glass dealer Dunstable BDF
Mary A PIGGINS wife F 36 Walsall STS
Frank R PIGGINS son M 11 Walsall STS
Jessie PIGGINS daughter F 9 Walsall STS
somewhere in Walsall m~gedney.htm Approx Piece No. 2703/183
Edwin PIGGINS head M 60 gardener Sutton Marsh LIN
Agatha PIGGINS wife F 62 Parson Drove CAM
Catharine PIGGINS daughter F 23 dressmaker Walsall STS
Edwin PIGGINS head M 34 tailor Long Sutton LIN
Emma PIGGINS wife F 35 Rushall STS
Sydney PIGGINS M 10 Walsall STS
Harry PIGGINS son M 8 Walsall STS

Upton on Severn registration district

Number 380   
somewhere in Kempsey l~army.htm Approx Piece No. 2787/57
Charles PIGGINS head M 34 sgt drummer army Aldershot HAM
Sarah PIGGINS F 24 none Bromsgrove WOR
Ethel PIGGINS F 3 none Devonport DEV
Charles PIGGINS M 1 none Norton WOR
somewhere in Kempsey l~army.htm Approx Piece No. 2787/58
S PIGGINS head M 65 sup barrack sergeant army s corps Cambridge CAM
Teresa PIGGINS F 59 none Karachi India

Foleshill registration district

Number 391   
somewhere in Bedworth kfoleshl.htm Approx Piece No. 2785/1019
Jane PIGGON head F 46 office cleaner Shilton WAR
William PIGGON grandson M 7 Shilton WAR

Billesdon registration district

Number 402   
Workhouse, Leicester Road, Billesdon leicester.htm 2955/18v
Mary Ann PIGGIN inmate W F 76 in no occupation Little Bowden NTH
West Lane, Billesdon leicester.htm 2955/26r
Elizabeth PIGGIN head W F 70 charwoman Tilton LEI
Duffield Terrace, Billesdon leicester.htm 2955/28v
Albert PIGGIN son S M 0,83 Billesdon LEI
Alice PIGGIN daughter S F 3 scholar Billesdon LEI
Elizabeth PIGGIN wife M F 35 Billesdon LEI
Herbert PIGGIN son S M 9 scholar Skeffington LEI
John PIGGIN son S M 11 scholar Skeffington LEI
Lizzie PIGGIN dau S F 7 scholar Billesdon LEI
Louisa PIGGIN daughter S F 13 Skeffington LEI
Samuel PIGGIN head M M 40 skavinger worker Skeffington LEI
Willie PIGGIN son S M 5 scholar Billesdon LEI
Cold Newton leicester.htm 2955/38v/4
Thomas PIGGIN head W M 71 agricultural labourer Hungarton LEI
Sikes Cottage, Skeffington leicester.htm 2955/88v/7
Alfred PIGGIN grandson S M 14 Skeffington LEI
Lucy C PIGGIN daughter S F 35 laundress Skeffington LEI
Mary PIGGIN wife M F 79 Skeffington LEI
William PIGGIN head M M 70 shepherd on farm Skeffington LEI

Ashby-de-la-Zouch registration district

Number 406   
somewhere in Woodville c~thulst.htm Approx Piece No. 2969/188
James PIGGIN head M 45 Thulston DBY
Jane PIGGIN wife F 43 Moira LEI
John PIGGIN son M 20 clay miner Moira LEI
Thomas PIGGIN son M 18 sanitary pipe liner Woodville DBY
Fanny PIGGIN F 66 earthenware lathe turner Woodville DBY
somewhere in Woodville e~pottry.htm Approx Piece No. 2970/69
Frederick J PIGGIN head M 51 potters manager Wolverhampton STS
Ada PIGGIN wife F 47 Stockton On Tees YKS
Ethel Ada PIGGIN daughter F 17 school teacher Swadlincote DBY
Frances PIGGIN F 14 Swadlincote DBY
Millicent E PIGGIN daughter F 10 Swadlincote DBY
somewhere in Woodville not identified
Mary J PIGGIN servant 22 Moira LEI

Loughborough registration district

Number 407   
somewhere in Cossington c~thulst.htm Approx Piece No. 2980/148
William PIGGIN head M 59 farmer Elvaston DBY
Mary Ann PIGGIN wife F 51 Highical SAL
Jane PIGGIN daughter F 21 mother help Derby DBY
John James PIGGIN son M 19 waggoner farm Derby DBY
Richard PIGGIN son M 18 farmers son Derby DBY
Ernest Edward PIGGIN son M 16 farmers son Derby DBY
Percy PIGGIN M 13 farmers son Derby DBY
Alfred PIGGIN son M 12 Derby DBY
Daisy PIGGIN daughter F 11 Derby DBY
Violet PIGGIN daughter F 9 Derby DBY
Frank PIGGIN son M 6 Derby DBY
Harry PIGGINS page M 15 domestic servant page Allenton DBY

Barrow-on-Soar registration district

Number 408   
Brook Street, Sileby leicester.htm 2980/119r/27
Arthur PIGGINS son S M 6 Sileby LEI
Ernest PIGGINS son S M 4 Sileby LEI
John F PIGGINS head M M 27 brick maker Sileby LEI
Mary A PIGGINS wife M F 26 Sileby LEI
Willie PIGGINS son S M 2 Sileby LEI
Cemetery Road, Sileby leicester.htm 2980/124v/38
Arthur PIGGINS son S M 9 Sileby LEI
Gertrude PIGGINS daughter S F 19 Griswold knitter Sileby LEI
Harrold PIGGINS son S M 3 Sileby LEI
Henrietta PIGGINS daughter S F 17 Griswold knitter Sileby LEI
Isabella PIGGINS wife M F 41 Sileby LEI
Thomas PIGGINS head M M 53 brickyard foreman Rearsby LEI
William PIGGINS son S M 25 shoemaker Sileby LEI

Leicester registration district

Number 409   
35 Marjorie Street, Belgrave leicester.htm 2988/143/12
Joseph PIGGINS head M M 52 baker journeyman Rearsby LEI
Mary Ann PIGGINS wife M F 51 Sileby LEI
Charlotte PIGGINS daughter S F 23 cardboard box maker Mountsorrel LEI
Thomas W PIGGINS son S M 21 wood last maker Leicester LEI
Florence I PIGGINS dau S F 13 errand girl Leicester LEI
Joseph PIGGINS son S M 10 Leicester LEI
Maud M PIGGINS dau S F 18 boot fitter Leicester LEI
250 Beaumanor Road, St Peters Parish, Belgrave leicester.htm 2994/12/15
George PIGGINS head M M 38 farm labourer Billesdon LEI
Emma PIGGINS wife M F 33 Nottingham NTT
George H PIGGINS son S M 0,08 Belgrave LEI
19 College Street, Leicester leicsant.htm 2995/31/17
William PIGGINS head M M 66 retired rly inspector Leicester LEI
Jane PIGGINS wife M F 65 dressmaker Groby LEI
Edith ROUSE servant S F 16 general servant (domestic) Groby LEI
36 Churchill Street, Leicester leicsant.htm 2995/78/28
William PIGGINS head M 34 railway clerk pass dept Leicester LEI
Elizabeth A. PIGGINS wife F 35 Ampthill BDF
Charlotte Lilley PIGGINS daughter F 11 Leicester LEI
Francis William PIGGINS son M 9 Leicester LEI
Arthur Henry PIGGINS son M 6 Leicester LEI
Elizabeth Mabel PIGGINS daughter F 2 Leicester LEI
somewhere in Anstey Approx Piece No. 2983/142
Tom LIGGINS head M M 42 agricultural labourer Arnsby LEI
Rachel LIGGINS M F 43 Naseby NTH
Arthur W. LIGGINS M 17 shoe pressman Shearsby LEI
Alfred E. LIGGINS M 15 shoe finisher Lutterworth LEI
Rachel M. LIGGINS F 13 shoe fitter Arnsby LEI
Lueen E. LIGGINS F 11 Kilby Bridge LEI
George H LIGGINS M 9 Oadby LEI
Tom LIGGINS M 5 Anstey LEI
Eliza LIGGINS F 1 Anstey LEI
somewhere in Leicester Formerly St Margarets leicsant.htm Approx Piece No. 2996/172
Caroline PIGGINS head F 36 millinery shop Rugby NTH
somewhere in Formerly St Margarets Leicester Approx Piece No. 2998/182
Harriett PIGGIN head F 33 dressmaker Norwich NFK
William PIGGIN son M 10 Norwich NFK
somewhere in Leicester Formerly Knighton m~gedney.htm Approx Piece No. 3001/156
Alice PIGGINS servant F 28 general domestic Long Sutton LIN
somewhere in Leicester Formerly Knighton c~thulst.htm Approx Piece No. 3003/178
Edith PIGGEN servant F 23 housemaid domestic Hulland Ward DBY
somewhere in Leicester Formerly St Margarets leicsant.htm Approx Piece No. 3006/552
Lucy Ann PIGGINS boarder F 40 overlooker boot trade Leicester LEI

Stamford registration district

Number 413   
Stamford 3020/63
somewhere in St Mary mbottsfd.htm Approx Piece No. 3020/81
Florence PEGGINS servant F 26 working housekeeper Folkingham

Spalding registration district

Number 415   
Spalding 3032/129
Spalding 3032/135
Spalding 3032/162
Spalding 3032/22
somewhere in Spalding m~gedney.htm Approx Piece No. 3032/214
Charles PIGGINS lodger M 25 agl labourer Whaplode LIN
Abigal PIGGINS head F 55 charwoman Spalding Common LIN
David PIGGINS son M 18 packer for animal meal ... compy Whaplode Fen LIN
Lydia M PIGGINS daughter F 16 servant domestic Whaplode Fen LIN
Lizzie PIGGINS servant F 15 servant domestic Whaplode LIN
Florence A PIGGINS servant F 23 general domestic Halleachfen LIN

Holbeach registration district

Number 416   
Sutton Bridge 3037/46
somewhere in Holbeach m~gedney.htm Approx Piece No. 3035/58
Arthur PIGGINS head M 29 horsekeeper on farm Whaplode LIN
Charlotte PIGGINS wife F 23 Whaplode Drove LIN
Kate PIGGINS daughter F 1 Tydd St Giles CAM
Arthur PIGGINS M 0,16 Fleet Fen LIN
somewhere in Gedney m~gedney.htm Approx Piece No. 3036/124
Fred PIGGINS head M 36 grocer and general dealer Gedney Dyke LIN
Elizabeth M PIGGINS F 35 Gedney Dyke LIN
Thomas O PIGGINS son M 11 Gedney Dyke LIN
Stanley PIGGINS son M 8 Gedney Dyke LIN
George F PIGGINS son M 2 Gedney Dyke LIN
somewhere in Gedney m~gedney.htm Approx Piece No. 3036/125
George PIGGINS head M 39 farmer Gedney Dyke LIN
Amy A PIGGINS wife F 36 Gedney Dyke LIN
Ruth PIGGINS daughter F 12 Gedney Dyke LIN
Ada PIGGINS daughter F 10 Gedney Dyke LIN
Sidney PIGGINS son M 7 Gedney Dyke LIN
Nelson PIGGINS son M 6 Gedney Dyke LIN
Frederick PIGGINS M 28 agricultural laborer Holbeach Fen LIN
somewhere in Long Sutton m~gedney.htm Approx Piece No. 3037/118
Thomas PIGGINS head M 54 ordinary agricultural labourer Long Sutton LIN
Susannah PIGGINS wife F 52 Dersingham NFK
Fred PIGGINS son M 16 pupil teacher Long Sutton LIN
David PIGGINS son M 14 boot sellers errand boy Long Sutton LIN
Flora PIGGINS daughter F 10 Long Sutton LIN
Mary Ann PIGGINS sister F 82 living on own means Kirton LIN
somewhere in Sutton Bridge m~gedney.htm not yet established
Susanah PIGGINGS servant 30 Long Sutton LIN

Boston registration district

Number 417   
Boston 3044/105
Boston 3044/49
Boston 3044/68
somewhere in Boston mspaldng.htm Approx Piece No. 3044/179
William PEGGINS head M 22 painter Boston LIN
Phoebe F PEGGINS wife F 21 Boston LIN
Harry PIGGINS boarder M 19 assistant in bookshop Sutton Marsh LIN

Nottingham registration district

Number 432   
somewhere in Pinxton bulwell.htm Approx Piece No. 3136/166
James B PIGGIN boarder M 26 coal mine surveyor Nottingham NTT
somewhere in Ilkeston bulwell.htm Approx Piece No. 3151/140
James PIGGIN father M 52 living on own means Lenton NTT
somewhere in Beeston bulwell.htm Approx Piece No. 3153/177
Hannah PIGGIN head F 52 Hucknall NTT
Henry PIGGIN son M 22 fitter steam engine Hucknall NTT
Florence PIGGIN daughter F 24 shawl knotter Hucknall NTT
somewhere in Hucknall Torkard bulwell.htm Approx Piece No. 3156/165
Alice PIGGIN head F 46 Hucknall Torkard NTT
Hannah M PIGGIN sister F 43 living on own means Hucknall Torkard NTT
Eleanor W PIGGIN sister F 41 Hucknall Torkard NTT
somewhere in Hucknall Torkard bulwell.htm Approx Piece No. 3157/154
Henry A PIGGIN head M 33 retail butcher Hucknall Torkard NTT
Harriett K PIGGIN wife F 35 Tewerton SOM
Phyllis PIGGIN F 3 Hucknall Torkard NTT
Cecilia K PIGGIN daughter F 2 Hucknall Torkard NTT
somewhere in Nottingham bulwell.htm Approx Piece No. 3165/182
Eleanor PIGGIN visitor F 23 dress maker Hucknall Torkard NTT
Edith PIGGIN visitor F 23 dress maker Hucknall Torkard NTT
Sarah PIGGIN niece F 10 Nottingham NTT
Edith M PIGGIN granddaughter F 6 Nottingham NTT
Emily K PIGGIN granddaughter F 4 Nottingham NTT
somewhere in Nottingham Approx Piece No. 3174/198
Ada PIGGIN stepdaughter F 24 cigar maker New Basford NTT
George H PIGGIN stepson M 23 cabinet maker New Basford NTT
Gertrude PIGGIN stepdaughter F 21 box maker New Basford NTT
somewhere in Nottingham bulwell.htm Approx Piece No. 3174/199
William West PIGGEN head M 45 clerk lace warehouse Hucknall Torkard NTT
John Henry PIGGEN son M 15 electric mechanic Nottingham NTT
Lionel PIGGEN son M 10 Nottingham NTT
somewhere in Nottm Approx Piece No. 3179/143
Frederick PIGGIN head M 38 machine smith Nottingham NTT
Emma PIGGIN F 31 Nottingham NTT
Frederick PIGGIN M 13 Nottingham NTT
Elizabeth PIGGIN F 11 Nottingham NTT
Francis PIGGIN M 9 Nottingham NTT
Mabel PIGGIN F 7 Nottingham NTT
Arthur PIGGIN M 3 Nottingham NTT
Albert PIGGIN M 2 Nottingham NTT
somewhere in Nottm bulwell.htm Approx Piece No. 3185/187
John PIGGIN head M 52 brick manufacturer Stapleford NTT
Fanny PIGGIN wife F 38 Nottingham NTT
Eleanor PIGGIN daughter F 17 Nottingham NTT
John Loverseed PIGGIN son M 15 Stapleford NTT
Fred PIGGIN M 13 Stapleford NTT
Florence PIGGIN F 0,92 Nottingham NTT
Henry Ar PIGGIN son M 11 Stapleford NTT
somewhere in Nottingham bulwell.htm Approx Piece No. 3188/559
Thomas Stanley PIGGIN head M 65 estate agent Alfreton DBY
Fanny PIGGIN wife F 53 Gedling NTT
Fanny PIGGIN daughter F 24 Nottingham NTT
Stirtevant PIGGIN son M 21 solicitors articled clerk Nottingham NTT
Thomas T PIGGIN son M 19 ironmongers apprentice Nottingham NTT
Frank PIGGIN son M 19 builders apprentice Nottingham NTT
Frederic PIGGIN son M 9 Nottingham NTT
somewhere in Nottingham unclear
Isaac PIGGIN head 46 Norwich NFK
Mary A PIGGIN wife 42 Derby DBY
Annie PIGGIN daughter 16 NTT
Florence Joan PIGGIN daughter 11 Nottingham NTT
Kate PIGGIN daughter 7 Bestwood NTT
Eliza PIGGIN daughter 5 Bestwood NTT
Leonard PIGGIN son 1 NTT

Shardlow registration district

Number 436   
somewhere in Alvaston and Boulton Almost certain an error for George
Gloria PIGGIN son 30 Alvaston DBY
somewhere in Elvaston c~thulst.htm Approx Piece No. 3206/208
Arthur PIGGIN alone M 58 labourer +gardner Winshil DBY
Thomas PIGGIN lodger M 53 garden labourer Thulston DBY
somewhere in Alvaston And Boulton c~thulst.htm Approx Piece No. 3207/16
William PIGGIN head M 72 forge labourer Alvaston DBY
George PIGGIN M 30 railway labourer Alvaston DBY
Emma Jane PIGGIN sister F 27 Salford LAN
Phoebe PIGGIN F 4 Crewton DBY
Frederick Wm PIGGIN M 15 apprentice gas filter Crewton DBY
somewhere in Alvaston And Boulton c~thulst.htm Approx Piece No. 3207/30
William PIGGIN head M 42 labourer iron works Alvaston DBY
Annie Maud PIGGIN F 40 Derby DBY
Phoebe PIGGIN F 17 hosiery machinist Crewton DBY
George Wm PIGGIN son M 15 apprentice bricklayer Crewton DBY
Sarah Eliz PIGGIN daughter F 13 Crewton DBY
Brittania Fran. PIGGIN daughter F 11 Crewton DBY
Ernest S PIGGIN son M 8 Crewton DBY
John Thomas PIGGIN son M 7 Crewton DBY
Mary PIGGIN daughter F 5 Crewton DBY
Joseph Allen PIGGIN son M 2 Crewton DBY
somewhere in Alvaston c~thulst.htm Approx Piece No. 3207/72
Mary PIGGIN head F 69 lace mender Alvaston DBY
somewhere in Long Eaton m~gedney.htm Approx Piece No. 3209/405
Charles PIGGIN head M 52 stone mason Long Sutton LIN
Mary Eliz PIGGIN wife F 34 Nottingham NTT
Walter PIGGIN son M 20 stone mason Nottingham NTT
Grace PIGGIN daughter F 8 Long Eaton DBY
Amy PIGGIN daughter F 1 Long Eaton DBY
Robert PIGGIN head M 54 farmer Stapleford NTT
Annie PIGGIN wife F 51 butcher Dale Abbey DBY
Frank PIGGIN son M 19 butchers assistant Long Eaton DBY
Lizzie PIGGIN daughter F 17 Long Eaton DBY
17 Church Street, Spondon c~thulst.htm Approx Piece No. 3212/225
William PIGGIN head M 29 coachman domestic Derby DBY
Elizabeth PIGGIN wife F 32 Callow DBY
Harry N PIGGIN son M 2 Spondon DBY
Winifred PIGGIN F 0,58 Spondon DBY

Derby registration district

Number 437   
55 Parliament Street leicester.htm 3219/176/9
William PIGGINS head M M 41 van driver Rearsby LEI
Ellen PIGGINS wife M F 40 Burkby LEI
Arthur PIGGINS son S M 15 errand boy Scraptoft LEI
Hilda PIGGINS daughter S F 12 Scraptoft LEI
Ethel PIGGINS daughter S F 9 Humberstone LEI
Bernard PIGGINS son S M 7 Ireland
Ellen PIGGINS daughter S F 4 Ireland
location not stated, but somewhere near Cornmarket or Albion Lane c~thulst.htm Approx Piece No. 3213/139
Joseph PIGGIN head M 50 refreshment house keeper Thulston DBY
Eliza PIGGIN wife F 63 Derby DBY
Amelia Mawbey PIGGIN daughter F 26 school teacher Derby DBY
somewhere in Derby bulwell.htm Approx Piece No. 3215/170
Joseph PIGGIN head M 34 butcher Derby DBY
Harriet PIGGIN wife F 34 Shepshed LEI
George E PIGGIN son M 11 Osmaston DBY
Frances PIGGINS F 8 Colwich STS
somewhere in Derby derby.htm Approx Piece No. 3218/189
Joseph PIGGIN head M 36 butcher salesman Derby DBY
Eliza PIGGIN F 35 Derby DBY
Alice PIGGIN F 14 Derby DBY
Agnes PIGGIN F 13 Derby DBY
Millicent PIGGIN F 11 Derby DBY
Hannah PIGGIN F 10 Derby DBY
Mabel PIGGIN F 8 Derby DBY
Joseph PIGGIN M 6 Derby DBY
Doris PIGGIN F 2 Derby DBY
somewhere in Osmaston unknown number
Thomas A PIGGIN head 27 Littleover DBY
Mary H PIGGIN wife 28 Chellaston DBY
Alice PIGGIN daughter 1 Osmaston DBY

Belper registration district

Number 438    /4
somewhere in Crich b~crich.htm Approx Piece No. 3231/17
Ann PIGGIN head F 72 Nottingham NTT
George PIGGIN son M 41 wire drawer Crich DBY
Martha PIGGIN son's wife F 35 Netherscal LEI
Alice PIGGIN granddaughter F 5 Preston LAN
somewhere in Crich b~crich.htm Approx Piece No. 3231/28
Samuel PIGGIN head M 58 general labourer Crich DBY
Mary PIGGIN sister F 71 Crich DBY
William PIGGIN nephew M 32 general labourer Crich DBY
Lizzie PIGGIN niece F 31 Crich DBY
Mary Ann PIGGIN grandorgreatniece F 10 Crich DBY
Philbe PIGGIN F 3 Crich DBY
somewhere in Crich b~crich.htm Approx Piece No. 3231/61
John PIGGIN head M 49 limestone quarryman Crich DBY
Sarah Ann PIGGIN wife F 40 Dalesthorpe DBY
Samuel PIGGIN son M 14 Crich DBY
Annie Alex PIGGIN F 11 Crich DBY
Thos PIGGIN son M 8 Crich DBY
Sarah E PIGGIN Q lacks mid initial F 2 Crich DBY
somewhere in Crich b~crich.htm Approx Piece No. 3231/63
John W PIGGIN nephew M 23 manager victualler Manchester LAN
Number 438   
somewhere in Crich possibly matches man in Qinetic aged 58, but check
Samuel PIGGIN head 55 Crich DBY
somewhere in Crich to investigate
John PIGGIN head 42 Crich DBY

Chester registration district

Number 450   
The Village, Wybunbury leicester.htm 3360/115/16
George William PIGGIN head M M 42 police constable Skeffington LEI
Emily PIGGIN wife M F 37 Southport LAN
George William PIGGIN son M 13 Northwich CHS
Alfred E. PIGGIN son M 12 Hartford CHS
Ernest F. PIGGIN son M 7 Wybunbury CHS
Gordon R PIGGIN son M 1 Wybunbury CHS
Victor PIGGIN son M 0,42
somewhere in Ashton Upon Mersey b~crich.htm Approx Piece No. 3322/173
Elizabeth A PIGGIN head F 56 dressmaker Crich DBY
William W PIGGIN son M 20 drapers assistant C On Manchester LAN
somewhere in Toxteth Park Approx Piece No. 3440/139
Elizabeth S PIGON F 37 high school mistress Ireland

Wigan registration district

Number 460   
35 Derby Road, Huyton bulwell.htm 3511/63/55
Charles Howard FOWLER head M M 35 electrical electroplater Durham DUR
Mary FOWLER wife M F 36 Langley WOR
Elizabeth MILLINGTON serv M F 21 maid
somewhere in Wigan c~thulst.htm Approx Piece No. 3557/165
John PIGGIN head M 47 baker provision dealer Alvaston DBY
Margaret PIGGIN F 48 Wigan LAN
John PIGGIN son M 22 confectioners assistant Wigan LAN
William PIGGIN son M 20 grocers clerk Wigan LAN
Phobe PIGGIN F 18 milliner Wigan LAN
Margaret PIGGIN daughter F 14 dressmakers apprentice Wigan LAN
somewhere in Worsley qflegg.htm Approx Piece No. 3654/161
Mary Ann PIGGINS servant F 80 housekeeper domestic Little Ormesby NFK

Manchester registration district

Number 468   
somewhere in Manchester c~thulst.htm Approx Piece No. 3745/147
Joseph PIGGIN head M 41 railway carter Alviston DBY
Sarah Eden PIGGIN F 41 Spondon DBY
Sarah Ann PIGGIN daughter F 18 labourer tenter mill Alverston DBY

Oldham registration district

Number 471   
150 Coppice Street, Oldham bulwell.htm 3811/174/42 (?)
Frederick FOWLER head M M 39 bank cashier York YKS

Preston registration district

Number 478   
somewhere in Preston b~crich.htm Approx Piece No. 3962/121
John A PIGGIN head M 43 steam engine maker turner Crich DBY
Ann PIGGIN wife F 40 Netherseal LEI
John PIGGIN son M 18 steam engine maker driller Derby DBY
Martha E PIGGIN daughter F 16 dressmaker Preston LAN
Frederick G PIGGIN son M 11 Preston LAN
Joseph PIGGIN son M 8 Preston LAN
Ellen PIGGIN daughter F 2 Preston LAN

Halifax registration district

Number 498   
12 Launceston Street, Halifax with six other people p~halhul.htm 4123/93/25
Daniel J McCARTER head M M 53 bootmaker/knitter Tynford Hants
Walter J PIGGING boarder S M 25 wood sawyer Bradford YKS
somewhere in Halifax Approx Piece No. 4138/132
William Hy PIGGINS head M 54 labourer in flax department St Johns Newfoundland

Bradford registration district

Number 499   
10 Kelvin Street p~halhul.htm 4143/167/28
Joseph H. PIGGIN boarder S F 33 woolsorter Norwich NFK
157 Paley Road, West Bowling p~halhul.htm 4143/183/21-22
Joseph PIGGIN head M M 56 shoemaker Norwich NFK
Elizabeth PIGGIN wife M F 55 Sleaford LIN
Evelyn PIGGIN daughter S F 21 woolsorter Bradford YKS
Wilfred PIGGIN son S M 15 tram ---? Bradford YKS
Amy JEFFREY daughter S F 26 dressmaker Sleaford LIN
Ellen JEFFREY daughter S F 22 domestic servant Sleaford LIN
Fanny JEFFREY daughter S F 16 dressmaker Sleaford LIN
Harriet JEFFREY daughter S F 28 domestic servant Sleaford LIN
Mabel JEFFREY daughter S F 20 drapery packer Sleaford LIN
somewhere in Bradford p~halhul.htm Approx Piece No. 4143/191
Edith PIGGIN F 27 shirt hand dress makers East Bowling Bradford YKS

Ecclesall Bierlow registration district

Number 511   
somewhere in Brightside Bierlow mspaldng.htm Approx Piece No. 4373/140
Mary A PIGGINS head F 59 Sheffield YKS
Kate E PIGGINS daughter F 25 drapers assistant Sheffield YKS
Lillie A PIGGINS daughter F 18 ledger clerk merchant Sheffield YKS
somewhere in Attercliffe Cum Darnall b~crich.htm Approx Piece No. 4385/163
Joseph PIGGIN head M 27 carter iron & steel works Crich DBY
Emma PIGGIN wife F 26 Lea DBY
Joseph Fredk PIGGIN son M 1 Crich DBY

Sheffield registration district

Number 512   
somewhere in Sheffield Approx Piece No. 4366/136
Arthur PIGON M 47 cutler pen knife Sheffield YKS
Florence PIGON F 22 book binder Sheffield YKS
Eliza PIGON F 19 Sheffield YKS
Arthur PIGON M 17 carver and fluter Sheffield YKS
Mary PIGON F 11 Sheffield YKS
William PIGON M 8 Sheffield YKS
somewhere in Sheffield Approx Piece No. 4370/137
Elizabeth PIGGINS F 15 edge tool warehouse girl Sheffield YKS

York registration district

Number 519   
somewhere in Denaby Approx Piece No. 4407/170
Charles PIGENS brother M 26 general air cottages Spalding LIN
somewhere in Township Skinningrove Approx Piece No. 4565/106
Herb PIGGINS boarder M 21 labourer blast furn N K NFK
somewhere in Skelton nflitchm.htm Approx Piece No. 4567/230
James PIGGINS head M 60 ironstone miner Flitcham NFK
Margret L PIGGINS wife F 62 Flitcham NFK
somewhere in Hutton Approx Piece No. 4593/70
C PIGGINS servant F 20 under nurse domestic Walsall WOR

Durham registration district

Number 553   
somewhere in Knitsley Entire qflegg.htm Approx Piece No. 4667/173
Thomas PIGGINS head M 31 coal miner hewer Yarmouth NFK
Mary PIGGINS wife F 25 Consett DUR
Thomas PIGGINS son M 5 Consett DUR
Ellen PIGGINS daughter F 4 Consett DUR
Mary PIGGINS daughter F 3 Consett DUR
George PIGGINS son M 1 Consett DUR
Maud PIGGINS daughter F 0,08 Consett DUR
somewhere in Consett qflegg.htm Approx Piece No. 4670/164
Eleanor PIGGINS granddaughter F 0,08 Consett DUR
John A PIGGINS visitor M 21 plasterer Ryton DUR
Eleanor PIGGINS head F 54 Yarmouth NFK
Bejamin PIGGINS M 29 plasterer Yarmouth NFK
George PIGGINS M 19 plasterer Catchgate DUR
Robert PIGGINS M 15 engine minder steel mill Consett DUR
somewhere in Jarrow rtynesid.htm Approx Piece No. 4740/182
Arthur PIGGIN head M 46 rollers labourer Swardestone NFK
Sarah A PIGGIN wife F 44 Sterringham NFK
Robert PIGGIN son M 15 rivetters heater Jarrow DUR
John W PIGGIN son M 12 Jarrow DUR
William PIGGIN son M 7 Jarrow DUR
Pembly PIGGIN F 16 rope maker back minder Jarrow DUR
Joseph PIGGIN son M 4 Jarrow DUR

Monmouth registration district

Number 585   
somewhere in Newport Approx Piece No. 4960/211
George PIGGINS M 30 ... Birmingham WAR
somewhere in Abercarn Approx Piece No. 4967/112
Richard PIGON M 36 coal miner under ground Follcum SOM
Mary PIGON F 31 ... Pembrook Harfordwart
David PIGON M 13 coal miner under ground Monmouth Risca

Royal Navy registration district

Number 639   
location not stated, but the Jeffery Knaggs page explains this was aboard the cruiser Niobe at Gibraltar. m~gedney.htm Approx Piece No. 5328/135
Edward PIGGINS member of crew M 17 boy first class Long Sutton LIN

Duplicate from Ancestry registration district

somewhere in Audley to check
Joseph F PIGGIN head 28 Tunstall STS
Ellen PIGGIN wife 27 Birmingham

The page references comprise the piece number, the folio number and sometimes a page number.

Based on 650 entries found in the Qinetic index commissioned by England's National Archives. An extraction of 509 entries from the index in September 2005 allowed us to add the "relationship to head of household" field (the Qinetic index only labelled the heads of household, but not the other roles), but no new persons were found. Corrections have been made to obvious transcription errors and county names have been standardized to Chapman Codes. Extractions of actual entries were then conducted by Paul Taylor, Les Piggin and Judith.

More precise page references for Holbeach R.D. are as follows: Fleet 3035/36, Gedney 3036/85, Gedney 3036/81, Gedney 3036/101, Long Sutton 3037/74, Long Sutton 3037/65, Sutton Bridge 3037/46 (Piggings).

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