Piggin entries in 1841 Census


Census taken in England and Wales on 6 June 1841

Public Records Office collection HO 107


Name, surnameAgeOccupationWhere Born


Market Place 193/11
John PIGGIN 30 grocer another English county
Mary PIGGIN 26 Derbyshire
Thomas PIGGIN 5 Derbyshire
John PIGGIN 10mo Derbyshire
Elizabeth JOHNSON 14 f(emale) s(ervant) Derbyshire
Nesbit Row 193/33
Samuel PIGGIN 83 agric(ultural) labourer Derbyshire
Samuel PIGGIN 35 gardener Derbyshire
William PIGGIN 25 labourer Derbyshire
The Street 193/18
Weightman or Deightman family
Lydia PIGGIN 63 charwoman Derbyshire
location unspecified b~crich.htm 188/10
William PIGGIN 35 shoemaker Derbyshire
Ann PIGGIN 35 Derbyshire
John PIGGIN 12 Derbyshire
Mary PIGGIN 11 Derbyshire
Phebe PIGGIN 5 Derbyshire
Ann PIGGIN 3 Derbyshire
Joseph PIGGIN 1 Derbyshire
Thomas BUNTING 18 shoemaker's ap. Derbyshire


location unspecified 592/
Thomas PIGGIN 45 ag(ricultural) lab(ourer) Leicestershire
Ann PIGGIN 40 Leicestershire
Thomas PIGGIN 12 Leicestershire
Daniel PIGGIN 10 Leicestershire
Ann PIGGIN 6 Leicestershire
Eliza PIGGIN 2 Leicestershire
location unspecified 591/
William PIGGIN 50 gardener Leicestershire
Ann PIGGIN 50 charwoman Leicestershire
Ann PIGGIN 25 charwoman Leicestershire
Scraptoft Hall 591/
Daniel DOGGET?? PIGGIN?? 28? another English county
Mary PIGGIN? 20 Leicestershire
location unspecified 593/
Ann PIGGIN 70 Leicestershire
Next door to Fox and Hounds 593/
William PIGGIN 45 ag(ricultural) lab(ourer) Leicestershire
Lydia PIGGIN 45 Leicestershire
Samuel PIGGIN 15 Leicestershire
George PIGGIN 13 Leicestershire
William PIGGIN 11 Leicestershire
Lydia PIGGIN 8 Leicestershire
Mary PIGGIN 5 Leicestershire


address unknown mbottsfd.htm 618/11/6
Gedney Common mbottsfd.htm 600?/
George PIGGINS 25 farmer
George F. PIGGINS 4
Mary Ann PIGGINS 1
Long Sutton
Lutton Marsh mbottsfd.htm 600?
William PIGGINS 40 grazier
Elizabeth PIGGINS 30
William PIGGINS 10
George PIGGINS 9
Frederick PIGGINS 6
Elizabeth PIGGINS 5
Esther PIGGINS 4
Edwin PIGGINS 5mo
Edward BRACONBURY 25 m.s.
Ephraim ALCOCK 16 m.s.
Jane PARKER 25 f.s.
John JARRAD 14 f.s.


Burlington Rd
George PIGGINS 15 bricklayer same county


Repps Rd, Martham 766/2/22
Thomas PIGGIN 40 B Layer Norfolk
Sarah PIGGIN 40 Norfolk
Sarah PIGGIN 15 Norfolk
Ann PIGGIN 10 Norfolk
Thomas PIGGIN 8 Norfolk
John PIGGIN 20 Brk Lay Norfolk
Elizabeth PIGGIN 20 Norfolk
Ann PIGGIN 2 Norfolk
St.Faith Workhouse 783/11/28/5
Hoveton St John
(from Geoff Lowe index) 784/12
Barrack St, St James (Pockthorpe township?) 789/
Millis PIGGIN 45 weaver
Martha PIGGIN 50
Martha PIGGIN 20
Mary Ann PIGGIN 15
Millis PIGGIN 15
Matilda PIGGIN 12


Arnold /7
Red Hill 855/5/9v
Stirtevant PIGGIN 30 hosier Nottinghamshire
Jonathan PIGGIN 20 ind(ependent means) Nottinghamshire
Jane PIGGIN 60 Nottinghamshire
William BERRISFORD 45 fwk
other framework knitters (fwk)
Basford /10
Folly Lane 856/5/35v36r
James SAXTON 50 stocking(maker) Nottinghamshire
Mary WATSON 60 housekeeper another English c
Robert PIGGIN 45 wheelwright Nottinghamshire
Robert PIGGIN 10 wheelwright Nottinghamshire
Peter HARTINGSTULL 50 hatmaker another English c
Mapperley Cottage 856/1/11v12r
John REDGATE 55 indep(endent means) Nottinghamshire
William PIGGONS 25 Nottinghamshire
Joseph BROWN 35 ind(ependent means) Nottinghamshire
Elizabeth BROWN 30 Nottinghamshire
John Redgate BROWN 6 Nottinghamshire
William James BROWN 4 Nottinghamshire
Jonathon Redgate BROWN 2 Nottinghamshire
Elizabeth Redgate BROWN 10 mo Nottinghamshire
Mary SOUTHAM 20 f(emale) s(ervant) Nottinghamshire
Truman Yard 856/5/36v
Isaiah GREEN 25 hatmaker Nottinghamshire
Matilda GREEN 25 also three Green children Nottinghamshire
Eliza PIGGIN 28 hat trimmer Nottinghamshire
Diana PIGGIN 5 Nottinghamshire
Two Mill House 856/6/17v
Richard COOPER 40 cotton stocking maker Nottinghamshire
Mary COOPER 50 plus 2 Cooper and 2 Coupe children
John COUPE 20 hatter
Andrew COUPE 13 cotton stocking maker Nottinghamshire
Samuel PIGGIN 60 smith Nottinghamshire
Bulwell /3
New Row 856/9/24v
Thomas ROSE 30 ag(ricultural) lab(ourer) Nottinghamshire
Elizabeth PIGGIN 20 Nottinghamshire
Piggins Yard (8 households) 856/8/12v
Frederick PIGGIN 40 ag(ricultural) lab(ourer)
Cester PIGGIN 45 ag(ricultural) lab(ourer)
Hucknall Torkard /5
Broomhill Lane 858/2/7rv
Thomas PIGGIN 30 cott(on?) stocking m(aker) Nottinghamshire
Mary PIGGIN 30 Nottinghamshire
Mary PIGGIN 4 Nottinghamshire
Main Street 858/2/28r
John PIGGIN 47 butcher Nottinghamshire
Elizabeth PIGGIN 50 Nottinghamshire
James PIGGIN 15 Nottinghamshire
Ann PIGGIN 12 Nottinghamshire
Nottingham St. Mary Ward /1
Pitcher Gate 870/8/10r
John LAWSON 30 joiner Nottinghamshire
Henry PIGGIN 15 joiner's apprentice Nottinghamshire
Stapleford /
Nottingham Road 861/19/07
Frederic PIGGER 20 butcher Nottinghamshire
Eleanor PIGGER 20 Nottinghamshire


location unspecified 876/8
Thomas PIGGIN 65 agric(ultural) labourer Oxfordshire
Tabitha PIGGIN 65 another English county
Harriet CREED 20 Oxfordshire
Eliza CREED 10 Oxfordshire
James CREED 1 another English county
Susan EADLE 10 Oxfordshire

In the 1841 Census, ages were in principle rounded down to nearest 0 or 5. However some of the ages above are in fact more precise.

The most complete page references above tell you first of all the piece (bundle of notebooks), then the book number, then the folio (piece of paper). In many cases I have noted whether the front or back of the folio is meant (r=recto, v=verso).

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